Quite like the jacket that turns into duffel bag that's already sold out - rest of its a bit iffy. If owt like MA Strum that's owned by the same bloke it'll be well made but made in China. I'll struggle to part with 500 quid when the people sewing it are on £1.50 a day.Bonevillle was a great functional aand affordable marine look label that fit in just under Stone Island and C P on the price front, I think they've missed the point.

You must be kidding


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Northside were quite good musically but lyrics were shocking. Still off tomorrow though , always a good laugh at the Brudenell.


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Please explain, surely owning a boat gives the opportunity to wear some right clobber?

I go to the pub looking like I've stepped off a yacht and I'm 70 miles from the coast. Then again I am a cunt I suppose


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so you could have people with learning difficulties,drug problems,alcoholics,mentally unstable in the room next door

Sounds like those going on our stag do


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Any thoughts UK or abroad weekend of Sat 26th April. No activities - just an affordable (eg not Vegas) 3 day bender for around 30 cranks in the 35 to 45 age bracket. Would consider music festival if there's something going on in Europe. Cheers


Just found a pair of these under the spare bed I bought a few year back.


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I'd have worn some adidas Greta waitz if they'd done a size 9, does that help?


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If anyone's got a spare going for this please PM me as I've managed to lose mine cheers

Overweight, obnoxious, name dropping talent vacuum who fucked much younger ex:Grange Hill actresses?

It seems you've got my number sunshine.


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tongue_tied_danny wrote:

I'm off to Belgium soon and I intend quaffing plenty of this...


The bottom of the glass is rounded to stop the carriage driver putting his ale down and not tending to the horses. Fact.

Aldi Malbec really good about £7


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Definitely a grower.

Liev Schreiber hasn't done much - hopefully his character takes off, seeing as it's the main one.

Eddie Marsan is excellent as always, great to see him get a Hollywood job (nearly said gig then but remembered i'm from West Leeds)

Voight is brilliant. looking forward to seeing how this series pans out.


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Pretty sure Wonga.com were doing ad's with a Stuart Hall voiceover after he got sent down.

its a measure of these lovely loan people (run by those Conscientious and mainly non-fans of the British South Africans who moved here after the demise of apertheid)


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Don't consider it.

I stupidly did in the 90's - got talking to the trainer in my Gym who actually sold/adminstered anabolics, he gave me a book on it - I read Chapter 1 and give it back.

You do enough with cigs/drink/drugs/fatty food to fuck your organs up - one single prolonged dosage will permanently fuck all your organs up and in turn you'll become an absolute twat.

Get on the MetR-X and lift the heaviest weights you can and you'll soon bulk up safely.


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well fucked off this not about my scalextrics


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I've got that light green original it's a fucking belter


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Had  a few bits.

Wish I'd got one of them multi pocket jackets they did - they looked good.

Lovely summer lightweight beige crew neck sweater, and some of the best shorts I've ever had are the best of the bunch.

Will be sporting them come rain or shine tomorrow. The shorts not the jumper.


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Try Zalando.com - got our little un a belting polo for 9 quid inc postage with the old fashioned logo bage sewn on. Ace.


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Managed to pick up some proper ones other month, but the 90's one that were a dark blue. Really good nick.

Look the fucking business.

Could be standard garb for all the home-grow rich fuckers in the Barley Mow Bramley for A/W i reckon? Money talks cos a lot of those ugly Y3'd up chav fuckers have A1 fit birds with stomach's like Jessica Ennis with massive knockers.

Not like it was in the 90's when you could get a decent mobile for £15 from a smack rat on a Friday teatime whilst I was getting my big bag of weekend gary's, nailing on a Sunday pm post club come down blowie from one of the porky local sloshies.

Happy Days.


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Didn't you see the Henri Lloyd polos at £19?

Great quality and defo worth a punt.


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Tried their IPA in bottles and it's shit.

Big pack steak mince  (veal if you want to go Mulberry Street style)
small pack pork mince
3 celery sticks - peel the stringy bits and chop fine
2 big carrots - chop fine
2 big onions - those white italian ones at Morrisons are good - chop fine
3-5 cloves smoked garlic (again Mozzas but non smoked is ok). Chop in half and remove the green centre.
3 cartons best quality chopped tomatoes - its ok if these are mixed with garlic/herbs/olive oil. Doesnt' matter.
2 Knorr Rich Beef stockpots
3/4 to one bottle red wine - I usually use an Aldi Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. White wine is good too. Apple wine is best if you can find it!
Pack of field mushrooms or Portobellos
Pack of Chestniut mushrooms
Jar of best quality red pesto
2 teaspoons of Balsamic
Tablespoon herbes de provence
2 bayleaves
Flat leaf parsley
Dried Chillies

Finely chop the veg. Gently fry carrots for a min, add the celery for a min, add the onions and fry til soft. Add the crushed or finely sliced garlic for 2 mins. Add the Pesto and turn the heat up so it fries hard for a min or two - don't let it burn. If in doubt add some water or wine or oil.

Add the wine, turn down a touch but let bubble til the harsh alcohol smell goes away.

Add the stock, tomatoes and herbs.

in the meantime fry off the meat in batches in anotherr pan - try to get a bit of colour on the beef.

Add the meat to the veg. Add the stock, add enough water just to cover the ingredients, add about 20 grinds of pepper and
simmer for 1 - 3 hours.

Gently fry the mushrooms in a little butter and add to the sauce for 10 mins.

To serve. Add salt to taste. The stock pots are quite salty so you might not need much.

Reginetti or Tagliatelli is good. Spaghetti or Linghuni is fine.

Cook the pasta til a minute off being done then mix with the sauce and finish the cooking in the sauce.

I bung on fresh parsley, parmesan, crumbled red chilli and freshly ground nutmeg.

otherwise mix with par-boiled Ziti or Penne, or Fusilli (try De Cecco it's the best I've found), layer like a Lasagne but with Mozzarella, fresh parsley, parmesan and Ricotta in between each layer and bake for 45 mins.

Whooooosh. Your lasses knickers have just fallen off.

Absolutely nailing this at the moment, cheap can of bitter up a free range chickens jacksie (i'm going to try a can of Barley Wine next week), its the moisture that keeps it juicy + the yeast in the beer gives flavour and colour).

Make a rub from garlic powder and onion powder, maybe some smoked paprika and salt and pepper and bash in. Dunns River All purpose carribean seasoning also works a treat. Then drizzle in olive oil and add fresh thyme. I'd never use powdered shit for marinades before I started watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Network and now I'm hooked.

Stick some sliced Chorizo down the chicken breasts. This melts and adds flavour/moisture.

Cook on a decent kettle barbecue, Webers are the best, push all coals to one side , stick the bird over a drip tray on the other and regulate heat to 160 degrees using the air vents, extra coals and soaked maple or oak wood chips. You'll have to check the temp every 10 mins or so. I soak the chips in pear cider for added flavour. Fuck about adding or taking away the heat, depending on chicken size will take 1 hr 20 to 2 hrs. REally crispy skin, really juicy bird.

This dish will get you laid.