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Got the flights booked. 46years I have waited. I going for Easter with Mrs arches & kids.

I can’t fucking wait. I have been there plenty of times in my head but not proper. I haven’t felt this excited for a long long time!!!


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Just seen they have some more dessies in the sale. Bordeaux red anyone? What they like in the flesh?


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Anyone know if there is any difference between men’s & women’s desert boots?

I love the drumming on Union city blue or whatever it is called


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That is impressive mate. What’s your secret?


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Cracking set of legs


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space wrote:

I've always seen elasticated waistbands as an admission of defeat.

Looks for nearest railway bridge!! 32 - 34!!! I am wrestling with 36!! I will not go to a 38. Time to not eat ever again


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Come on own, up who has a pair.

I have 2 pairs of slacks as they were known, but only for work. Not to far from going to leisure wear Saga look, for my normal clothes though.

I recommend Cotton Traders classic chinos as the best exponents in the game.


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Sounds right up my strasse this.

But I have a shit load to wade through from Xmas. One for the list.

This is why this place is the best online. Thank you


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Harvest wrote:
Young Marxist at Tescos wrote:

Leave it lads, eh?

Aye, chuck beret.

Very good.

I have only seen one bloke wear one but he wasn’t French. I think he was from Yorkshire way, but lives down this way & an Audax cyclist

He sort of pulled it off. Michael Caine goggles , scruffy tshirt, waffle jacket, nudie jeans & Simple trainers & man bag. Tempted


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Anyone on here bought one & worn one?

Was thinking of going for the revolutionary look like on the cover of Pacific Street.

However a danger of looking like Frank Spencer!

Got this for Xmas.

Great book. His writing on Bowie is some of the best. I loved the bit when he was taking the piss out of Bryan Ferry & his stupid sons.

Shame he didn’t do a bit more on the glam in the early 90’s. Denim, Pulp & all that lot.


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That is just stupid. Like what the Septics used to do to European cars & them rubber bumpers


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That sounds just the ticket


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space wrote:

2018 was a fucking shocking year.  Me and the Mrs had 12 months of heartache and bullshit.  2019 better be an uptrend.

It's all the even numbered years that are bollocks.
2012 - brain aneurysm.
2014 - Dad finally succumbed to cancer
2016 - Bowie and the cull of music talent in general.
2018 - all the crap with both sons and my daughter.

Same here! & it went on forever. Bad news after bad news.

It seemed to be that only good concerts at the time took my mind of it.

Roll on 2019

Finding out I got a degree after spending 6years through college & university, after leaving school with fuck all & working fitting patio doors

Seeing my daughter as Mary in the school nativity when she was 5.

Seeing my son do a swimming gala for the first time in front of a packed pool.

My heart is full (as morrissey sang) when I think of the last two.


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Yeah I saw the Moscow symphony orchestra do Rachmaninov. Fucking ace.

Go see some, the drama & occasion is great.

I fancy going to see the planets & the Albert Hall in April.


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Safe to say these boys keep me going. 1993 & stuff

Funny how life plays out, I am pissed, time for fly tipping!

Dr Martin boots, desert boots, the Severn bridge, Lawrence of Arabia, Gertrude bell, Scott of the Antarctic, Great Britain, pen y fan, Audax & the great gable


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Sounds like a great man and very much loved. Sorry for your loss. RIP Bert


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No desert boots, I repeat no desert boots


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Late to the party as usual.

Just getting into that Idles album. Very good, especially the crescendo at the end where the singer is shouting fuck em, smash it, burn you house down. Just sums up how I feel !


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Cutsyke wrote:

If everyone who reckons they were into all those Factory bands actually was Factory would be bigger than CBS. Few grear bands and lots of mediocrity. Not sure what the greatest indie is, probably Creation?

Not many could touch Creation in the late 80’s early 90’s?
But at the end of the 90’s they signed utter shite apart from the Super Furries. Mishka anyone? No thought not


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Album - the blue hour. Suede. Their best since Dogmanstar
Book - in to the silence. About Malory & Irving up Everest. So good.
Film - I liked the Han Solo one ?
Tv - the bridge.
Gig - too hard this. Either the cure Hyde Park, Suede Hammersmith or Interpol at the Albert Hall
Song - believer/ pretender Sons of Bill or suede fly tipping.
Experience- nude swimming place in Malmo. One of the few times I have felt at peace.
Heroes- Malory & Irving, Lawrence of Arabia & Gertrude bell
2018 generally a shit year personally. Both me & my partner both lost our jobs. But kids are doing well & happy. So keep plugging away while things make less sense!


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Proper group.  Glad they are back. Weren’t the solo records crap?