Mine is Heaven Up Here.

Copied by a few but never bettered. I love the openness of the picture like they know something is out there. Also the loneliness of it. Pretty much like life. Drummond wrote a good bit about it in his book.

It was taken a few miles from my house, at a place called Goldcliff near Newport on the Severn estuary. I like to go there at least once a year. Just a nice place to stop & think. It’s where my ashes are going to be spread when I am dead.


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Not sure if I have read this, but I deffo remember the film


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All seater venue in Cardiff. The security people where a bit heavy handed & stopped people dancing at the front? Bizarre especially as they were all in their 50’s.
Apart from that they had a decent size crowd again. It seems that they are having a bit of an upturn again, being on Jools Holland & stuff.
Still they sounded the best they had for a while, especially over the wall & all my colours which was superb. Rust was straight after it seemed to hit McCulloch & the words he was singing. After this they dipped a bit & stuck to the usual songs, albeit classics. They didn’t do ocean rain either.
I came away a bit disappointed as the magic they can create didn’t last the whole set.
I felt a bit odd driving home & when I got home I heard an owl & everything was still. As I was sleeping awake at 4 this morning I heard the owl again. When I got up to put the bins out at 7 it was murky grey & completely still. I think they still have that unexplainable effect. I dunno what it is called?


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The original version in the red screw tub


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Went to this last night. First time I have seen the horrors, but I know the odd song. Great band, with something about them. Bass player who looks as if he was in Spandau Ballet, guitarist who thinks he is in My Bloody Valentine, keyboardist who looks as if he as popped out for a pint of milk & the singer in a knee length leather coat. Great stuff.

Not going to say much on Suede as they were fucking ace. The new stuff sounds if it has been out years. They are getting better & my most favourite band ever.


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Tolley wrote:
fuzzy dunlop wrote:

Apparently Bowie was a bit pissed off when Sweet's "Blockbuster" beat  Jean Genie to number one given that they share the same riff. He called their singer a cunt when he met him.

My apologies for boring the vast majority of you, but I couldn't let the coincidence pass. The drummer from Sweet, Mick Tucker, lived across the road from where I grew up in Ruislip, and I believe the lead singer that upset Bowie, Brian Connolly, was cremated in Ruislip.

Wasn’t he a big time piss cat? I seem to remember reading they did an heavy metal album like a shit version of kiss. Who were shit as well

It was good.


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Harvest wrote:
under the arches wrote:

A lot of bands have robbed glam especially in the early 90’s Suede, Pulp, Denim, who The Fall took the piss in the track Glam Racket. Also the Goths. Any good glam tracks you lot like?

And there's a chapter on this at the end.

Gonna order that book. The rip up & start again was great. Didn’t Siouxsie & The banshees do telegram Sam?


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Currently reading the Simon Goddard book on Morrissey & the Smiths, as he did a great book on Ziggy Stardust.

Anyway on the back of it I brought Jobriath Cd who was an American shit Ziggy, but it is good stuff. So I watched Velvet Goldmine which has some good bits.

A lot of bands have robbed glam especially in the early 90’s Suede, Pulp, Denim, who The Fall took the piss in the track Glam Racket. Also the Goths. Any good glam tracks you lot like?


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We had a kid at college whose lip stuck out and was known as scoop


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Are they orthopaedic ones ?


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They are lovely. How do you buy them from Japan? The logo on the tongue is ace

I spent about 2yrs buying all the baggy bands cds I could think off. The candyskins, the Dylan’s, airhead, the Wendy’s, five thirty. Some great stuff. The only one was the my jealous god one


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Still got a full head of hair. I was thinking of peroxiding it like Bowie in his Let’s Dance phase?

Thinking of this Saturday, but it is my sons 14th Birthday so I don’t want to look a complete cunt, coz I would, & make his street cred go to zero!
So I probably won’t


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Cutsyke wrote:

Brett Anderson is a bit of a poser mind.

Good. Too many scruffy twats not making an effort in this rock n roll lark these days.

Yeah he is. A right big headed twat & pretentious. I went to his book signing this year, embarrassing I know, and he walked down the isle it was in a church. Luckily they had big doors to get his head in. I still think he is great though!

You don’t want your front men to be shy & retiring. Look at McCulloch, who also makes an effort.


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wogga wrote:

Got a call from a mate today
Forgot I'd asked him for a ticket for Suede at the Brudenell tomorrow night
Mind you it was a drunken conversation well into a pub crawl round town ( in the Duncan I think) when it was mentioned
Anyhow turns out I'm off to see Suede tomorrow night

Any good ?

You will get a biased review from me, as I love em. But this new album is their best since Dogmanstar (the best album ever made) .

Not a shit or so so song on it, like the last couple. Every song is a blinder. Tides, wastelands, to the outskirts, cold hands, life is golden. All classics.

This is Richard Oakes best album. Just listen to Flytipping & his solo at the end. Just magic. Could be their best song. Album of the year for me.


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Took my daughter to see Little Mix last year. Thinking of taking her to see Madness at the end of the year. She is 10


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Isn’t lambs wool too itchy?

I stick to cotton on crew necks

Will be spotifying tonight, but Suedes new one is out tomorrow

Music is fucking ace


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Suede London
Bunnymen cardiff
House of love Bristol
China Crisis Cardiff
Interpol Albert Hall (never been)

This has been one of my best years for concerts since Depeche Mode late last year. To finish with the Albert Hall will be great.

I am gonna buy that

That is ace. What a story


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In the shops probably suedes comeback bloodsports


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Interpols latest one. & sons of bill. All on prerelease