How do you lose a face


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Are your strides yellow??


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If you like a slice of Americana have a go on these. One of them that makes you think why aren’t they massive?

Good players, they look the part & great songs. Believer / Pretender is one of the best songs of the year.

Expanding Man wrote:

It's from 2015 UAE

I have never been able to get my hands in it, only when I sold my soul & went on Spotify

Their latest effort. Again on Spotify. Some cracking songs. Gonna take a bit of time with it though

Just listened to this on that Spotify thing.

Great live album from 1978 in London. He was way ahead of anybody during this time & his voice. Stunning


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All the best. Hope you feel better soon


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He is ace


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Going to watch these.

Just saw the Josh homme & Iggy Pop thing. Really good. He did all the interviews.


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I have just realised he wrote all the words on the War Memorials.

Going to go on a pilgrimage to Bateman’s later this year. This bloke is right up there. I love how flawed he was & how human. What a life paid with the ultimate price.  Just gonna start on his biography.

Kim should be taught in schools


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I love this book. The writing is like poetry.

It had a massive impact. I love the idea of stepping out the front door to embrace the world & see what is there. As I say I love it, beautiful writing.

If you are in Gloucestershire go to the Woolpack in Slad, outside Stroud. He is buried in the church across the road. They have all his books & stuff in there.

It runs with the China Crisis song Strength of Character for me as I read & listened at the same point. Both changed my outlook at that point in my time.


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Off to Dorset in 2 weeks with my Dad, son & daughter, whilst her in doors & my Mum go to a poncy Spa.

We are off to Dorset, by Portland bill. Miles from Leeds admittedly. Last year we went to St David’s & it lashed down.

On the itinerary is the effigy of Lawrence of Arabia & where he was buried. Weymouth beach & Corfe Castle, the village where Moonfleet was based


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placidcasual wrote:

Cant see how anyone would fall for his shit disguises.

I watched Bruno again, its his best film next to Borat

This is disgusting. But funny as


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I still love looking at OS maps. The details are mind blowing

Killing an Arab - The Cure

Just seen this as just started using Spotify. How am I going to do anything!!

How do you add songs?


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Run of the mill Adidas shorts, hot tuna sports direct special flip flop things that I wear to put out the bins & cut the grass with a shite old guys rule tshirt which was a birthday present half a decade a go.

Just admiring a pair of Simple trainers I bought in black. Like them you get in M&S. Brett Anderson wore them in his heroin & crack phase. So good enough for him, good enough for me.


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Put on to him by my Swedish cousins fella. Seems to be a Swedish Nick Cave, ziggy pop type. Pretty good stuff.
He is now dead though, apparently was a big deal over there. He did all the drugs & stuff. A bit like the Welsh think of Meic Stephens?

He must have been an age when he died, as he looks it! His stuff would fit in David lynch films


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Sorry to hear this.

I never know what to say. Thoughts to you & your family.


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Watched the footy.

Managed to get a bit of Goldfrap. Ace keyboard sound. Interpol were fucking ace. Best guitar band at the moment.

Saw Ride do Leave them all behind.

The cure were immense. The last band still alive I have wanted to see. thanks they were great.


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A slipper version of cotton traders slip on trainers?

Looks like something of off Star Wars & the Ewoks


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Why have 2 stages? No way I am missing Interpol & the cure to try & fit in Ride?? That’s stupid


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At work trying to look interested


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Just bought the first album, but without Terry Bickers from band camp. What ever that is?

Any way it came with a hand written note from Pete. What a nice touch. Gives you an insight in how these people make albums. These albums should have made them stacks of wedge & sold millions, but they haven’t.

I also like it that he wears the same white leather jacket, that he wore in Adorable from 20years ago. The albums are superb by the way.


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I am going to this. Can’t wait for it. What a line up.

I dunno who is on at 3 though