0i've never felt so unenthusiastic about an upcoming WC before.. Anyway, I always like to have a bet on the Golden Boot.

Thomas Muller + Robert Lewandowski, both 33/1 could give you a run for your money.

I do. plays a mean bass, + was responsible for my fav song last year.

Quarter finals at least, seeing that they're being written off. plenty of pace upfront. Rashford, Sterling, Vardy, along with Kane, can cause the best of defences a lot of trouble. Traditional foes, like Holland + Italy missing, gives further credence that we might do better than lots of us expect.
Like someone said earlier though.I'm not really feeling it this time around.


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All a bit Di Caprio in Wolf of Wall st. Enjoyed it though.

Neil Young
Stone Roses.


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Terrible stuff.. Hope he's on the mend !!


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Mental. Can't beleive, I dont remember it happening in real time. Amazing how they got that village up + running, complete with airports in no time.
Can you imagine that happening now with the current climate regarding immigration..


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UK.  -  Edingburgh.
Europe.  - Seville.


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3-0 Derby. glad I'm on afternoons this week.

Crisis what crisis by Supertramp. It's a fucking masterpiece !!!


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Sunday league fayre !!


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Going the end of next month. Recommendations for eating, drinking, + other activities greatly appriciated.
Thanks !

Same here. Never tire of listening to it !!

Used to love that epic album, by Godley + Creme. Consequences.


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What a complete waste of space them two up front are !!


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Bit of a sesh in the Friends of ham yesterday. Five points breweries XPA isa real good tipple !


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Thanks for all that Travis !  Only recognise Pete Rock from all them names.. That's how long it's been. since I was hammering it myself.. I'll certainly check them out.


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Loaded Lux.. Not familiar with him, but then again, I rarely listen to hip hop anymore.. Quality though ! Love the expressionism. Must check the rest of these out/


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Awesome !  The Roots were the only hip hop outfit to see live.


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If I remember rightly/ They were supposed to have finished it with 2 feature length films, but the actors + screenwriters, went on strike over pay.


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3 episodes in.. Aye it's good alright, no way is it better than Deadwood though !!


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Cricket. Englands barmy army.... Probably a bunch of top gear watching cunts as well/


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Big 3 points, so the season is still alive. Would/ve been dead had we lost today.. Roofe up front on his own, not the answer. Why on earth, can't he team him up with Lassogga, + play 2 up front ?
Alioski played well, but when he gets the ball in promising posistions, he needs to drive forward with the ball. Too slow at releasing it.
Massive welcome win though !


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Few days up in Leeds. Went here twice. Superb value. " course lunch for 6.50. Had dinner off the main menu. 2 starters, 2 mains, + 2 soft drinks for £26.
On vicar lane next to the Templar. Opposite Zapp, which I think is inferior. Tastiest best value grub in town I reckon.


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There needs to be a real inquest during the international break, Something has gone badly wrong.... New manager ? I'd give it to the Barnsley fellow Hecklingbottom, who is doing a superb job there.