This is what can happen, when you give a manager time, to implement his ideas + philosophy. Would it be fair to say Pip, a fair few of you wanted your manager out, end of last season ?

Really good that ! Thanks EM.


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Took the piss last season, dominated both games. 1-2 flattered us home + away. We're a more resolute bunch this season, but we'll have to step up on recent peformances to get anything here.
Key I think is to stop Duffy from getting a grip in midfield. I'll take a point.


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Injured players returning will be most welcome. Bamford + Brown, could be crucial. Jan, though we need another centre + an experienced back up keeper.

Beware the moon lads. Stick to the road !


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I'm guessing, this will be like the Boro at home game recently. Won't be much in it. Take a scrappy 1-0 day long.


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Good luck Mol !! Quite upsetting reading all that. Hope you can turn things around !!


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Karhu now stocked in my local TK Maxx. 35 quid. Pretty cheap for those.


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Alioski = Fucking garbage !


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In Leeds nxt wknd. Might get to Belgrave to see Yussef Dayes. He's greeat !

Marc Rebillet... One two buckle my shoe. Seen that one ?  lol

Cool. Reminds me of Gary Gritness. Not him is it ?


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Show biz kids. Steely Dan. Rick Derringer.

Thumbs up !!!!


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Very good , Imo. Razor sharp script + good performances. Cool soundtrack. There'll on I player.


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Improved a bit under Bielsa. Agree with Mol though. Verging on criminal we didn't get another centre half in !


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Top work Placid !!


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Spot on Space.. Identified a problem ,Addressed it early.. Need to negate Leroy Fer, who is causing big problems in midfield.


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Don'y know if he[s on twitter.. He's off up there tomorrow. True to form he's doing a 12 hour night shift tonight.
Finishing at 6am. Shower bacon buttie, + he'll be on the 6.47 Brighton to kings Cross, where it will be JD + cokes all the way..
We work on the railway, so when he gets to Kings Cross he'll pull the guard before settting off. Show him his passes + get an upgrade to first class buckshee.
Usually out for the count then until he hits Leeds.... He's taking his misses for a change, so I think they're staying the wknd.


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I work with a fellow. Leeds fan. Lives in Findon { West Sussex }. Goes up to Elland Road for the match sometimes. Usually straight from work after a night shift, { Brighton }. On the train armed with a bottle of Jack Daniels.
Christ knows what state he's in 4 hours later, when he hits Leeds. Goes on the piss, then the match. Then does the journey home same day..
Odd thing about though, is he talks to himself an awful lot. One of his favourite random sayings is " Never mind that shit. Here comes Mongo."..... Weirdo !


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Not a big fan of Wetherspoon joints. Have we tried the Shipyard pale ale there ? Proper. 2.69 a pint.


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Sorry for your loss EM !

0i've never felt so unenthusiastic about an upcoming WC before.. Anyway, I always like to have a bet on the Golden Boot.

Thomas Muller + Robert Lewandowski, both 33/1 could give you a run for your money.

I do. plays a mean bass, + was responsible for my fav song last year.