The bit about Stoke , the new manager has only had a few games in charge . So he’s watched all 26 of his games in charge of Luton.
Sums him up .
Love him .


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So sad , RIP brave little boy,Toby.

Heart of glass video, she was stunning.
Seen them , deeside ice rink , late 70’s.

Mitaman wrote:
Revieswhites wrote:
Mitaman wrote:

This however did make me laugh from Lampard

‘’we had a guy in the bushes before we played Leeds earlier this season and we lost 4-1.”

Yeah and this is the first time he has mentioned it, hhhmmmm

And they said the only reason they mentioned it this time is because the police were involved. Had they not been, presumably nothing would have been said.

We’ll have to stop dressing our spy’s in dirty raincoats and trilbys .


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It’s not illegal. End of .
Media will try and hound our glorious leader out the country. They will probably halt brexit debate to raise questions in Houses of Parliament about spygate.
Great performance , Frank got off lightly, should of done em 4 or 5 .


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I read somewhere 38” waist is classed as obese, 36” with Lycra keeps me under the radar.
I am working on it atm . My hardest task currently weekdays , is fastening my work pants, fair play them Koreans can sow a button on .


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Not gone there yet , but I’d be fucked without the Lycra in jeans nowadays.


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Tear to my eye .


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I’ve been vaping about 4 years. Got a cool fire iv plus . Had it about 2 years with an I sub tank . Buy my liquid on line from, union vape , 3x100 ml for about £30 . Been on 3mg for ages , tried zero ,but  missed that little hit of nicotine.


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Keg wrote:
danpiesley wrote:

It's on - the great escape - Dover nearly out the bottom four!

Wrexham. Away. 0-1. Hessenthaler you lower league legend.

Mind you Kinnear is a legend too so where does that leave us?

Went along to this game . Wrexham bossed the first half and should of been 2 up at h/t . Second half was poor and looked a o-o . Great strike , I was right behind him , as soon as it left his boot , it had goal written all over it. What a big side Dover are , they wouldn’t look out of place against the rhinos.


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Until winning the cup earns clubs 50 million quid. The Prem teams and top 10 in the championship are going to carry on treating it as an inconvenience.


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I have one of them tartan blankets on the parcel shelf of my Vauxhall Antara , in 2019.
Come to think of it , I might of had it since the 70’s. Just gets transferred from car to car.
Another top post Trav.


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Shame that . Scored the 2nd too early. They never looked like scorning until we took the lead . Roofe still had a great chances to of got us back in it. Foreshaw gave em the first and dived in for another.


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Clarke 1-1 get in


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Fuck . Hear we go again, chasing a game . 1-0


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Same starting line up .


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I didn’t know you could chip in . Been freeloading for 10 years or more.
Put some details up of how to help funds lads .
Happy new year all .


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Cheers lads , it’s the only forum I do . Get a lot of joy and great recommendations. We seam to have more lurkers than ever atm.
What they all so frightened of ?


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Is he one of us , past or present?


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I agree , get Phillips back in front of the back 4. I think a lot of the slow transition is down to Foreshaw , he always seams to have to check and turn, then pick his pass .
Just got a party 7 open .


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We can’t keep conceding early goals at home, allowing teams to get men behind the ball  .
Apart from the goals I can’t remember bpf having to make a save. Hull played a good game , won their individual battles.
Clarke might start the next 2 games.


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Merry Christmas all . Just done smoked salmon, asparagus and poached egg for Mrs dragon. Going to visit grandchildren, then step daughters for dinner and rest of the day and that’s walking distance.
Have a good one people.


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Cutsyke wrote:

Wilco. I got obsessed with them when I discovered them. If you get the chance to see them, they are brilliant.

Got hooked after hearing California Stars with Billy Bragg. He’s got a biography out , Jeff Tweedy.


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I am no longer a jinx . Fuckiig fantastiic , Jack Clarke, set us on our way . We don’t do that , do we ?