Fair play to him .


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Just seen this . Best wishes to him and your family.

Gary Mac is a good shout for his number 2. After the humiliation of last week , I thought stevie g would of give the job a swerve.
The teddy bears are miles behind Celtic.


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Chester we’re doing ok , then went full time mid season.


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Chaka Khan- Climb every woman.


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Blue suede sambas , blue French connection cargo shorts, salmon John rocha tee , seiko sport watch . Just back from a weekend in Pwlleli and I’ve still got some sand in my shoes.


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albert herbert hawkins wrote:

It may not be popular to say so but... Whilst this squad are clearly no set of World beaters I believe they where capable of better than they have delivered. They where certainly capable of delivering 12 more points than we currently have and that would have had us still vying for the last play off spot. That we do not and are not is to my mind squarely down to the management, whichever head coach plus the back room staff. Persisting with 4 2 3 1 when clearly we do not have a 1 up to us playing that way is the glaringly obvious error. Managers need to make the best use of the resources at their disposal, if they did not then they are not doing their job. Neither of our managers this season has earned their corn.

Blunders by our number 1 and 2 keepers must of cost 12 points. If we can flip saiz for 4 mill or more , I’d snatch their hand off.
When your struggling in bad runs as we have been. Go 442 , 2 solid banks of 4 knowing their jobs and doing it , simple.


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Apologies, I was being pedantic.
Its possible, requires some patience.


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placidcasual wrote:

Pearce, OConnor, BPF were great!

What if the U23’s turn out to be the master plan that Orta set put to acheive

Them 3 were there before Orta


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I thought the back 5 did well . We are toothless up front , every fucking one of em , eckuban , roofe, grot and lassoga , give em their cards now.


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Loose Lips wrote:

Back to Merseyside Pennington.

Ta, la.

I disagree. Better than cooper .


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Fair play we’re having a good go .


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Young Pearce is doing well .
We now seam to be playing with no centre forward.


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Jack grealish, how much would you love to put him in the stand ?


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Wrexham might not make playoffs, can’t buy a win atm.


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Looked like he picked the team out the hat on the bus down.
Anita , has he ever played in midfield for us ? Not a left back, he’s more one footed (right) than barardi . Dallas not a right back and with grott at right midfield in front of him was exposed.
Phillips did ok . Eckuban missed a good chance at 1-1. Couple of good balls into the box , nobody attacking the space , unlike Preston for thier 2nd . Both keepers pulled off a couple of good saves. I like BPF , miles better than the other pair.
Tried one of them, potato and butter pies , won’t bother again.


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Grot will never make a footballer.


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Also ,somehow I’ve never been to  Deepdale .


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Tuesday night. Going, as shift falls right and big allocation, enables me to attend. Can’t se us getting owt.


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His dad played 3 times for us and he spoke well of Revie .
RIP Butch

Warnob’s Cardiff are now 8 points clear of 3rd placed Fulham and 27 points better than us. I’m going to be so pissed off watching that smug twats face when he gets them up.


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In cheddar since Thursday, pissed down virtually the whole time . Highlight, went to Wilkins cider farm were Joe Strummer used to frequent . Help yourself to a couple of glasses of cider out the barrels in the barn with the locals. Bought 5 litres and a slab of extra mature cheddar and some mustard horseradish.


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Was in Wells cathedral Saturday, stunning building. I also like a church.


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U K true crime and The Great Albums , are what I’m listening to atm. The uk true crimes guy , is a Leeds fan apparently.