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I was very comfortable, thank you,


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space wrote:
white dragon wrote:

Cheers lads . I’d already gone , polo, no jumper or coat.

Not even your cagoule and your flask of tea?

I know, mad I am.


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Cheers lads . I’d already gone , polo, no jumper or coat.


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Will I need a coat/jumper?


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I don’t know about Jansson , but I think I’d rather him there , than Berardi. He’s looked a bit exposed in the middle, especially in the air .


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Maybe you can make silk purses, out of sows ears.


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I am not getting carried away , after last seasons start . But we look strong.


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Probably felt he should go with the same 11. Fancy the honeymoon to continue 1-3.


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In Warwick. Spent a couple of hours on the m25 today, thank fuck that’s a once in a blue moon drive . Had a nice Thai meal tonight though.


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Spent many hours playing socket at youth clubs and coffee bars . A rule round our way was half backs couldn’t score, so if they did, it didn’t count. Anyone have that rule ? Or was it just a Wrexham thing ?
Mate found a table in a garage of a house he just moved into. Giving it to me for my grandson , can’t wait .


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Nice one , good photo too.

I was going to say this time last year blunts were gonna piss this league . But then I thought no we were .


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Canterbury. Last night. Nice place , been all over . Cathedral, abbey, herne bay , whistable. Well worth a visit.


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I thought we were tremendous. Those that were there are probably too drunk to commit.
Another false dawn or the real thing ?
That Douglas is some player .


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Had a good day . Really good friends of ours, Paul & Bev are down for the game, also staying in Canterbury. They are die hard wrexham, every home and most away games. This was their first trip to Dover. Paul is a proper beer snob , so me and Mrs WD know that we are going to be marched on a real ale trail.
We get the train to Dover, arrive 1.40 . We then pass 3 pubs looking for a place called The Lanes. One of them real ale joints that’s like drinking in someone’s front room. It was sound , great beers and when we asked about a taxi, the landlady offered to run us. She dropped us at the cricketers by the ground. Quick one then up to the ground and up it was , we were breathless by we got to the turnstiles.
Missed the first 5 minuets obviously. Pretty even first half , then Dover hit the bar. Game opens up Wrexham score up the other end through fondup, who has quickly become a cult hero with the 312 reds fans . Any thoughts on him travis ? Home side awarded a penalty, keeper makes a good save.
2nd not many chances for either side until Wrexham keeper who had looked sound all game , drops 2 crosses, one of which ends up in the net . Disallowed, probably unfairly. Last 10 mins Dover throws the kitchen sink , Wrexham weather the storm and take 3 points back to North Wales.
Our trek to the next watering hole takes us past a different 3 pubs and 20 of Dovers finest firm . We find the micro brewery , which in fairness was great, us , half a dozen London reds and a couple of locals enjoying good beers and bit of banter .
Taxi back to station, back to Canterbury, few more real ales , curry . Home (Caravan) about midnight.
Good day out .


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0-1 to the reds . Home side hit the bar , missed a pen and had a goal disallowed.
Hard shit Dover


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Much better signings, than I expected. Very positive.


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Are they visually putting more effort in , what was the gate ?


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MB seen bamford put us to the sword last season, thinks he plays like that every game.


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Dragging our Caravan down to Hastings Saturday for 5 nights, then Canterbury for 6  and 3 in Warwick on the way back .
Misses has castles and houses pencilled in for visits (which i also enjoy). I’ve got Wrexham at Dover pencilled in , as that’s when we’re in Canterbury. About 20 mins on the train. Supriseingly, when I mentioned it , she was up for it .


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under the arches wrote:

Off to Dorset in 2 weeks with my Dad, son & daughter, whilst her in doors & my Mum go to a poncy Spa.

We are off to Dorset, by Portland bill. Miles from Leeds admittedly. Last year we went to St David’s & it lashed down.

On the itinerary is the effigy of Lawrence of Arabia & where he was buried. Weymouth beach & Corfe Castle, the village where Moonfleet was based

Best crab sandwich I ever had , was in Portland bill.


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Been looking for a picture of me and mates with Paul Madeley in his testimonial season. We missed the main picture with the Shropshire branch . So 5 of us had a picture with him . I’m presenting him with a carriage clock and shaking his hand.
Not found it . But I’ve found my mum and dads birth and marriage certificates . His dog tags , demob papers, pay book , some lira from the war and other stuff I didn’t know I had.


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Sad news . Made the game look so easy.
RIP Paul Madeley.


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90Piesanhour wrote:
Harvest wrote:
90Piesanhour wrote:

Croatia v France final. Is that possible?


This is better.

Do I win a prize? Has to be better than watching England being taken apart by Belgium for the wooden spoon.....

That would of been a right price . I got 12/1 on a Brazil Germany final.


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We’re all Croatia then .