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Butch and Sundance
Mad Max
Bond films
Guns of naverone
Magnificent 7
From hear to eternity
Death race 2000
From my early teens 40 odd years ago


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We looked so much better with Clarke on the right and Hernandez on the left , that little back heel Hernandez played for the goal , sublime. Clarke looks like the type of winger we’ve needed for years, MB must be tempted to start him. That pass he didn’t play to Saiz , was only on for a split second, as Saiz was soon offside . BPF,  fantastic save for the pen and had a good game without it . Douglas can’t be far off a suspension with another booking.
Should of won by 2or3, someone’s going to get it , hope it’s blunts .


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Is stockdale still available?


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Mitaman wrote:

Blackman fucked in U-23s game, and so it continues...

Emergency loan required.


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Am I missing something? We are at home to Blackburn on Boxing Day.


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I know as shite as Trump is ,he hasn’t yet dragged his or our country into a pointless war , unlike most of his predecessors.
He just focused on fucking up his own country.


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MB has pulled off a minor miracle turning the ramshackle bunch that finished last season into a half decent team . But when he says he doesn’t need to add to the squad in January, I worry.
I know Izzy Brown and Banford hopefully will be fit and add to the squad . We need a better centre back than what we’ve got.


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placidcasual wrote:

Come on then, let’s a Travisesque description of the to do?

All I witnessed was a few scrotes on my platform to wolverhampton goading Leeds on the Birmingham platform. Heated, but didn’t see any blows struck.


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I give thanks that we haven’t suffered a World War in our lives and remember those did .


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I’m going to change my name to , one mick Johnna. I don’t go to that many games. But I’ve managed all our 3 league defeats. We caught them on probably their best performance of the season. The game changed in 30 seconds. We were in thier box and should of scored or at least got a shot off and threatened a goal , they go up and we are 1-0 down. The second bpf should of done better.
We left straight after the third hit the net. We are not clinical enough in and around the box and that’s no slant at Roofe. The rest of em need to have a pop. Stop playing Dallas at full back .
I must of been on the station same time as you Harvest, ref. argy bargy. We got to Birmingham about 1.30 , drank our way from new street to snow hill . Shame we didn’t bump in to each other H.


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What a night that was . I had a bruise on my arse for days, off a coppers truncheon , worries of seeing my mug on a hall of shame.
This Saturday will be my first time back since . As I’m sitting in thier family stand , I don’t expect the same experience.


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1-1 h/t . We should be at least 3 up .


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Me and my big mouth. One down again.


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Need to get the first  goal.
Hernandez  to score from outside the box 14/1.


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Breaking news is , the top/richest clubs are trying to set up a new European super league were they get to keep all the pie . Leaving the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal behind .


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Why have we stopped leaving Jansen as a free man when defending set plays ? Because it’s not fucking working.


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Another conceded from a set piece . 0-1


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Could do with 3 , will take any though. Long shot as we ain’t got that many.


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Old Wharfedaler wrote:
white dragon wrote:

Had your 2nd grandchild Tuesday.

Congrats mate and welcome to the old farts with two grandkids club!

Thanks. Number 3 due in February as well.


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Had your 2nd grandchild Tuesday.


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Totally agree about Phillips performance. Adapted well too playing deeer in a back 3 and reading when to make them interceptions was excellent.
Hernandez , we need him soooo much to play as many games as possible, majestic footballer .
Thought Klich had a good game and glad Pearce got some game time at left back.
Cooper took his goal well , placed it from the edge of the box , if others would of showed similar composure, our goal difference would be 3 better.
Good to go top after a sticky spell .


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Ipswich are shambolic to be fair. Could be 4 or 5 really.


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2-0 , breath a bit easier now .


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Stop giving interviews, straight after game on the pitch. Tell em to stuff their mom awards .


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Can’t do much of a match report as . Got in too late for thier 1st goal , went for a pint just before we scored.
BPF made a good stop first half to keep us in it. To be honest we look bang average atm. Looked like Roof got the hook for giving the free kick away that they scored off . Which sort of left us without a striker. Hernandez and Clarke made an improvement. Midfield needs a reshuffle. Getting the full backs mixed up was obviously a senior moment of MB. Blackburn keeper made a great save denying us a point.
Going behind and chasing games is getting to be the norm.