I hate liverpool but tell me who is a better player in the world ?


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We did bugger all to stop  Kavanagh
How many times could you have said that  over the last 5 or 6 years.
Every time he plays against us he makes the pitch his own
We've being crying out for a player of his like since Batty and Dacourt,and all the highly paid managers and coaches thats been at E R over time can't see it.


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I hope its not Poyet. He would not be a long term appointment .
If he did well and got us up.He would fuck off to the first higher placed club that came knocking.
If he didn't do well he'd be gone this time next year .
Also he was part of the set up that put us in this league.
Boothroyd,Davies,or maybe Darren ferguson .
Later today we could have Mark Hughes.


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Darren Ferguson into 8 to 1 with skybet.


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Gutted, I wish him all the best for the future.


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I would like to stick with McAllister for this season and next.Give him time to build his team.This side is in the position they are because they as a team are not good enough.Everyone is willing them to be in an automatic promotion place,but their not up to it.
Imagine promotion with our defense in the championship , look how Doncaster and Forest are struggling .Swansea went up playing good football and won the league by right and are doing ok.
Two half seasons is no time to give a manger.
The bad thing was going down to this league .If it takes another season,well as long as we come out of it with a team capable of good standard championship football so be it.


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Been in there about 3 years ago when my daughter was working out there.Cracking Sunday dinner.Fucking scummers.


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His hair is red and fuzzy and his body's black and blue,for the sake of Leeds United he would break himself in two.


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Just watched goals on the championship ,not quiet as I described .Their first was not an own goal ,Richardson and Lucas did fuck it up.
Moore's goal was a good strike but he only ran about 5 yards and let rip from about 20.
Without Beckford we are not much of a threat.


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Here goes my first attempt at a match report.
We scored early off I think our first corner,flick on at the near post Enoch put it a way.We never pushed on from from there I can't remember another attempt on their goal in the  first half.We couldn't command the midfield.Their goal came from a free kick cross,Lucas and Richardson went for the ball lobbed in to the far post got in each others way ball ends up in our net.I thought it was a Richardson own goal but could be wrong.
Second half they score early Moore cuts in off the left allowed to run 20 yards hits it from about 25 yards,in off the post,a good strike.Then we did have a go put them under a bit of pressure.Thought a goal would come but we needed a bit of fortune witch has deserted us.Becchio scored but was disallowed .The reff did his best to make sure we did not get to near their goal,blowing up against us at every chance he could.
Snodgrass was my m.o.m always causing them problems and put a lot of good balls in.
Killkenny made a difference when he came on for the last 20 with some neat passing.
Richardson is no captain.
Rui did ok
Becciho and Enoch did not realy get a good chance .There was one when a ball went in they both go up for it and becciho took it off enochs head.
I thought their no 5 was class at the back .
Ref was piss poor.
Bit of a fracas in the main stand when it looked like 2 or 3 Leeds had been pointed out and ejected.
All in all we deserved a draw but needed a win,other top sides will go there and not conceed one goal as they are not a potent attack.


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Going tomorrow without a ticket , pay on the gate and hope to get through to our side .Unless anyone has a spare ,then p m me .Don't have to leave until about 1 .


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I am happy to give Macca the rest of this season and the next.He hasn't had a year yet.Then if we're still in this league.
World cup will be over and we can bring in Cappello or Mourinio might want a change from Milan.
Lets face it any manager needs time, and no manager of any note is going to drop to this level.So then you gamble on some up and coming guy and 6 months and you want his head.
Let him have 2 full seasons no matter what

How come the northampton affray team keep escapeing the clutches of the law ?


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I agree .We need stability at the helm .Macca is the right man and will get it right in the end.We now play good football,just need yo add a bit of steel to center of defense and midfield.
Lets see what January brings.


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No striker on the bench.


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It sounds like we zonal mark at corners, as liverpool did when macca was there.They also conceeded soft goals from dead balls .


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Went on Saturday.I felt midfield as a whole just wanted to sit in the midfield and knock square passes .We all want to see the ball passed around ,but someone out the mid needs to make runs to help a lone striker even get beyond that striker.The center of defense is a big worry ,no pace and the amount of times they just passed the ball to  h t players on the half way line.
I think we need a leader in our back 4 .Richardson is not a captain.
We should bully our rivals,identify the best players they have in positions we need to strengthen and nick 'em.Promotion won.


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Congratulations on winning world championship.
Not that into it ,but that last lap was something else.
Massa was a wanker in pess conf, not once did he offer any congratulations to Lewis.If the boot was on the other foot i'm sure Hamilton would have been the first to offer his.


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Give them strength


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Great actor and all round good guy.
Butch and sundance is in my all time top 10 films


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No Butler had a swing,coach had him by the throat.I  heard this about an hour after the game.
Also said coach hasn't had a penny in wages off chester in at least 2 months.


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Half time against us Butler gets told your coming off .Butler kicks off ,coach gets involved, bit of a skirmish.Butler gets 4 players to make statements saying it was all coaches fault.Coach gets peddled.
Gutted I never gave him any stick on the night.


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ObL69 wrote:

how were the twang? they seem to have lost momentum in their bid for rock stardom..

The Twang were very good . Infectious enthusiastic night .Well worth the £12.50 ticket price.



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You should go for sure.Went to old trafford Wednesday he was superb .You wont get a better show this year.Only downer was he waved a scum shirt around,he'll.probably have an arse shirt there.Yanks just don't get football.If I could afford it I'd go again on this tour.Saying that plenty of tickets going cheap outside,touts got stung on Wednesday.Had a spare ended up selling it for a fiver to a big issue seller,he came in to,
joined us standing in our seats rocking all night.
No retreat no surrender.