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Anyone got spare's . Heard yesterday I didn't get any off club , even though applied for original fixture .


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Kinhell thats good in less than 1/2 hour.

O'Leary massive luck.Had to put a team together when G G fucked off .No choice but play kids , worked well stuck with them and we stuck with him till he was found out for being tacticley hopeless .Go's with a shit load of money, gets a start at Villa gets found out again gets another pay off.
Nice work if you can get it ,one pay off like that would sort you for life .

Wenger, every football fan I know can see Arsenal lack a spine in their team .He persists with light weight players,Id get Kevin Davies up top ,cost nought .
Our Larry , all the lads on here have been saying for over 12 months that we need a dominant midfielder , but Larry and staff seam oblivious to it.
Fergie couldn't set a team up to beat us,if they would of attacked us down the flanks with pace they'd of pissed on us.
I'm sure more on here have examples of other managers short commings .
Their a bunch of con men not worth a shite.


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old yeadonian wrote:

Like I said..it helps if you can defend crosses!!

Going back to Brentford , Orient and the like.


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I have watched it from day 1 ,like it but not sure why .Anyone tried to explain it to someone who hasn't seen it ?


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gorefidel wrote:
Blue Lou Boyle wrote:
Revieswhites wrote:

He never said, but he said his lad is a bit put off now.

really sad to heard that

grown blokes effing and jeffing infront of nippers roll:rolleyes:

Terrible. Specially when they tell the wife.

Remember one of mine asking over the dinner table "why do they call the ref a winder"lucky she miss herd .


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I also think our defenders don't help with keeping possession , a lot of times they just seam to punt it anywhere even when not under pressure .A lot of times last night they put the ball into areas were there was no white shirt and made it easy for the dumbrians to come back at us .
Their manager let us back in the game with his subs ,taking  our mate Kavanagh and the big fella up front off.


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Not a bad thing  if he signs till end of season .A player everyone hates when in opposition .Didn't we once make him look like Van Baston when Leicester walloped us in the prem. ?


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Watched 1st 1/4 ,sky + the rest .Wizzed through it today .Try to watch it every year .enjoy the specticle , not arsed about run of the mill games .
H/T was The Who, I thought they were poor ,Daltrey's voice ok ,Townsend didn't look like he was playing his guitar .Seen em years ago, certainly wouldn't pay money to see whats left of them now .


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gorefidel wrote:
white dragon wrote:

I was 50 last Sept. put myself in the 46-50 bracket , not with the old fuckers in the 50-55 group .

Yeah, that 46-50 range doesn't feel old. Although the 50 bit is a bit scary. Hit the mid point in a few months, not looking forward to it. When do you start lying about how old you are then?

Just to birds and age surveys .
Worked with a guy who was 55 but had a passport age of 48 to get work overseas.


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Blue Lou Boyle wrote:

not feeling much love for the East Stand

I think its good for families . Moved my season ticket from the Kop first year it opened got my 2 young girls tickets free 1st year and £40 each 2nd year best value ever at E R . Then Wilco lost the plot , picked my matches ever since.
1st season ticket I ever had S/S upper 77 or 78 , £28, same price I'm paying to watch Oldham in same area .


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I was 50 last Sept. put myself in the 46-50 bracket , not with the old fuckers in the 50-55 group .


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Over the last few years Ive sat all over the ground {6 to 12 times a season at E R } 1st choice is the west stand . kop with seats is just to cramped.
Next game I can make is Oldham , cat. A ? not paying £32 for that, so S S upper  ,only £4 less but wtf.


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Blue Lou Boyle wrote:

I need to see the save on telly but last night that save from Bale(?) that was deflected looked BETTER than Gordon Banks'

Watched it this morning , in real time looked a great save , slow mo dosn't do it justice.But not in the Banks class.


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West stand  west stand give us a song.
Part time supporters.


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Got home from work just in time for 2nd half last night ,just watched 1st half now.We done well against a very lively Spurs team.Casper has looked world class in our games against prem. opposition .After they scored we battled hard for the equaliser .Huddleston was given far to much room and time to dictate play in 2nd half.
Fun while it's lasted , now lets get down to the big job.


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The Last Waltz wrote:

Chesterfield? Beat by Boro I think.

Thought it was one or the other,got me chesters mixed up.


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Colchester I think got to semis mid 90's.


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gorefidel wrote:
Blue Lou Boyle wrote:
white dragon wrote:

So should we go 5 in midfield ?

think you can only play that if your striker can hold the ball up Viduka style

with someone like Beckford you can't

Agree with that. I was thinking more 3 in midfield with Snodgrass playing off the front 2. Need good fullbacks for that though and someone who can hold the centre.

I always think 5 in mid is a bit negative , but away at places like Norwich , Charlton and Saints it might work.


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Howson can win you a game and has done , you'd never say that about Doyle.But I would like to see Howson  involved for 90 mins ,as he does tend to go missing and in center mid you can't, thats what I like about Kilkenny always looking for the ball , but both of them need an enforcer along side them.So should we go 5 in midfield ?

Seen em in manchester ,early 80's , was it the men in black tour , good night as I remember.
Isn't Hugh Cornwal a lords tavener, not very punk that.But then again Lydon went in the jungle.Maybe it was the great rock n roll swindle ?


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john charles is god wrote:

I'm glad we're in the English football league pyramid. We've given the cunts our coal, iron, tin, steel and gold for years so the least they can do is let us play their football teams every week

And water at a cost of flooding a village so the scousers could have a wash.


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david harvey's monkey wrote:

did you see him screaming "you're finished" at rio ferdinand last night?

Interesting to know how many scum he told to fuck off in 90 mins ?

Just flicked to it on 2nd red .Guy could of had 3 reds for 1 tackle .2 footed,off the ground and late.