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Got 11 to 1 , worth a fiver no matter what team they put out.


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Tranmere fan I know says we're linked with signing Zoumana Bakayogo, a left back on contract  till 1st of Jan with them.They can't get hold of his agent to extend his stay.Grayson was impressed when he watched thier game with Stockport for sky and rumour is had him watched a few times.
He is 23 French and was at Milwall a couple of years ago.They rate him at Tranmere.


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soldierant wrote:
Two R's wrote:

I was quite shocked to hear the pretty loud cheer when his number came up and feel he'd every right to react.. but not so publicly with Grayson. Grabbing him in a headlock and smashing his head on the edge of the dugout was clearly overstepping the mark and it was no surprise that this villainy was met with loud jeers from the baying hordes. 
On a more positive note - I was well impressed with the team performance - particularly with the collosus Knaresbro who's bandaged bonce reminded me of Terry Butcher (but without the claret). He was first in to every challenge and the last man to leave the field.

The crowd responce was for Gradel coming on not Beckford going off

Beg to differ round me it was for Beckford goin off for sure .
Here's a thing . A lot of fans talk about Lambert as a player we should sign.
As poor a game as Beckford had he was ten times moor threatning than Lambert.


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I'm not antii Beckford.There is no need  to cheer when his number is raised to be subbed or boo as he leaves the field.
He was giving a v at the side of his head to the kop as he let the field and then waved away Greyson's offer of a hand.
I hope he says says sorry today,shame some of our fans can't apologise as well.


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Beckford never challenged for a header all game,Gradel replaced him,first chance he gets challenges in the air against defender that Beckford has let have free headers all game.Gradel wins header ,keeps them under pressure and we score.
I thought Beckford should be subbed but didn't think Greyson would , but our boss dosen't shy and makes another good change .
Onwards and upwards.

Martin may get a start in goal today.


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Agree with most reports ,confident enough in his squad to play a game without half his first choice team.Oldham could have notched early doors with crosses that flashed across our goal,overall we were comfortable.Vokes I like , holds the ball well and brings players in.Would be behind Becks and Bechio in the pecking order but in front of the others,as for looking slow there were times last term when Bechio looked like he was running on the spot when in a race with defenders.Not that I think we could get him off Wolves he is still young and learning.
Biggest downer last night for me was the renditions of the munich song.How are players must be looking forward to the prospect of playing em, then they here that.


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3 points ?


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50 min.


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Why England's disgraceful friendly with Brazil would have even Don Revie turning in his grave

By Brian Reade

Published 05:03 14/11/09

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In the late 70s Don Revie almost changed his name to Dillinger after English football declared him Public Enemy Number One.

His crime was swapping his job as national coach for a cushy pay-day in the Arabian sun, which was deemed on a par with sodomising Princess Margaret in the Queen's shipyard.

An outraged FA claimed he had brought the game into disrepute and banned him from football for ten years. Although he got it over-turned, Revie's Arabian flight effectively left him a leper, and helped push him towards an early grave.

I wish he were were alive today, to see that same FA dragging England's players on a 6,500 mile, 14-hour, round trip to Arabia in the middle of a hectic fixture list, to play an exhibition match against Brazil's reserves.

To read that this is their sixth international fixture, and their third money-grabbing friendly, in a season less than three months old. To hear Alex Ferguson call the game a "thorn in everyone's flesh" except for the FA Suits who've booked themselves a "nice trip on a sunny day."

To see Carlo Ancelotti's face when he hears allegations that Frank Lampard picked up a serious thigh injury after being cramped into a cash-saving, short-haul jet for seven hours. An injury which could lead to the FA paying a compensation bill even bigger than the fee they earn for making an exhibition of themselves in Qatar.

Fans are so used to pointless interruptions to the season, most won't bother to ask why players whose wages they fund through exorbitant prices aren't playing in front of them today. Or why, instead, they're playing before barely-interested sheikhs.

Well let me explain this game. It's all about pay-back for Brazil being the opening act at the new Wembley in June 2007.

Because the FA were so skint at the time they let the £1.2 million appearance fee be paid by Brazil's financial agents, Swiss-based Kentaro, on the understanding they had the rights to stage a return fixture wherever, and whenever they could get the biggest pay-day.

Cue oil-rich Qatar and a £4million fee for Brazil, but only a £400,000 one for England. Oh, and as a special touch (while our soldiers head back from Afghanistan in coffins) you'll be pleased to know the match is bankrolled by the Taliban's favourite TV station, Al Jazeera.

I know this is a UEFA-designated friendly week due to the World Cup play-offs. But wouldn't England's long-term prospects have been better-served by giving players a brief winter break, like most of their rivals, and a chance to conserve energy for South Africa?

Or once we knew England weren't in the play-offs, to bring forward the final league fixture of the season to give them an extra week's preparation? No. Too much common sense and too little short-term gain.

Better to send them 3,200 miles to be performing seals in Brazil's Harlem Globetrotter circus.

If I were Don Revie's son, Duncan, I'd be demanding the FA issue an apology for their disrepute charge against his dad. Or even better, a posthumous medal.

For being 30 years ahead of his time.


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I think one of the reasons they got shut is he or his agent have thrown his hat in the ring for any bigger job going.So Posh decided to push before he jumped.As for Wrexham ,a couple of years ago yes he'd of taken it but now he thinks he's much to big for them little boots.He'll be looking at big championship jobs Newcastle, Q P R and the like.
Yes he is a prick.


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Did anyone notice Vokes's reaction to the first goal , you'd thought he'd just put through his own net ?
Agree about Kilkenny had a fine game a good passer able to find a team mate under pressure .Would like to see him get more game time.
By the way Obl are you allowed to start consecutive interviews with 'job done' ?


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this is shit, keeps freezihg


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I thought Monday showed our lack of quality in passing and movement in midfield ,Doyle did ok man marking Hoolahan 2nd half but why wasn't he told to get a grip of him earlier in 1st half , he ran us ragged .Howson who we all want to do well was missing for an hour.Hughes at left back,alright Johnson could have covered a bit more , but we need a left back.Happy with both Vokes and Gradel ,Vokes showed he can hold it and lay it off to a team mate ,needed better service .Gradel , he changed the game.


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Got out of jail there.Good job we don't play teams of that caliber every week.
But what a finish 3 points for us and none for them.


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Got back Monday ,we had a great time , not realy a drinking kind of trip,but found a few bars for the odd beer or 2 here and there .We were on Maddison and 38th not 22nd,found Gingerman, but liked the bar next door The Solway Hooker.
Advice about trip to Giants stadium paid div's, took train , beer and sarnies and had a great day/night .Springsteen was a top gig .We were up in the 3rd tier but atmosphere was was superb everyone up on their feet for full 3 hours.
Mistake we made was walked too much and tired ourselves out first day,transport is cheap and easy best to make use of it and not where yourself out .Cheers lads.


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Read it about a month ago ,couldn't put it down .By far the best L U F C book,and a great title.


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Paddy Crerand
Sol Cambell
Andy Grey (as a player ok, pundit wanker)


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Watched 2nd half on above stream.Said draw would do earlier and in view of other results was ok. Thought passing was poor gave ball away far to easy especially from from the back or was it the lacking in midfield  for not coming to collect it or make themselves available.
Agree a break may be good, recharge and go again.We've had a great start , top by a margin, others have got to go well to catch us .


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Also got to miss biggest game so far.Draw will do.


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Cheers for all the info , will be making some notes over the weekend.


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I smell a 10 or 20 point deduction , or whatever the league thinks it will take to stop us.


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gorefidel wrote:
Cutsyke wrote:

There's nothing around Giants Stadium, it's in the middle of nowhere, I'll send you more info tonight. There's a train from Penn to Secaucus and atransfer to the stadium but big delays after U2 apparentley

Apparently, the new stadium being built next to it is a nightmare for traffic and parking. So cab or car is no better afters.

Where on 38th are you staying? If its your first time then these are worth it and they go from 42nd st on the Hudson (west) side of 42nd. http://www.circleline42.com/site/browse.aspx?group=1

22nd east 38th street.Looks fine that cruise Mrs Dragon fancied a boat trip.


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My trip starts 6th Oct until 10th.Was looking at a night out in Dangerfield's comedy lounge ,anyone been or would reccomend another?
Going to see Boss on 9th what bars are around Giants stadium .Staying Midtown , me and mrs Dragon ,Jolly on 38th street.Is transport to and from Giants stadium good?Was thinking of getting around stadium 4ish for a few beers and got to pick up tickets from a 'will call' box office. Will said box office be at the stadium?
Any hints would be appreciated.Cheers.
By the way first trip to NY


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I thought we did well,competed in all areas.Not bothered about going out , just didn't want to get a stuffing.
Under Larry we are a well organised side that can mix and adapt to what is needed to win games.
Feel very confident about our future under Larry.
Not that fussed on getting to prem. but we need the championship if only for better allocation of tickets.