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Los Cristianos in Tenerife enjoying a touch of winter sun.

Placid...I bumped into the Yeadon Bhoy down by the beach yesterday,I believe he texted you from the bar we dived in for a few scoops and a catch up?

Can't go fucking nowhere these days!


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Give over, I spotted one with a pair of Adidas originals on in the boozer.
He looked dead cool!


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Seems strange that since PH came in it’s suddenly the players fault.
How come Christiansen wasn’t afforded that?


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Mitaman wrote:

Its definately gone backwards again under PH. At least TC was able to beat the poor teams, we can’t even do that now.

Did anyone seriously expect any different?


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Good stuff again TB

Drove through Guiseley at about 2 and plenty of plod around.
Station pub looked packed to the rafters too.

Misura wrote:
Harvest wrote:

Millwall sneaking up, the wankstains.

If t'blades are going to fall short this season, as it now appears, then I'd love m'wall to go up via the play offs. A season in the top division is what's needed. Shake the fucking thing up. I would suspect the look on Richard Scudamore's face if they won the play off final, would be a kin to that of when Romulus peered over the city walls of Rome and saw the Visigoths arsing about on his manor. O stercore, venit diebus nostris. Barbari sunt hic!

Shake it up or smash it up?


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Come on boys, just one more place to drop and it’s ours again!


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Fair play.
Admittedly England were absolute toss though!


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Heckaday will sort it.


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They never disappoint do they ffs?


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Harvest wrote:

There for the taking this.

Not by us though!


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Mega Armageddon Chickens wrote:
Expanding Man wrote:

He's a fucking idiot and deserves all that's coming to him.

Indeed he does.

How strange that the car driving video man appeared to be amused that a well paid ex-footballing pundit had spat at his daughter.

It would appear that the young girl is the only one with a ounce of intelligence.

She was pretty pissed off with her dad wasn’t she?

You also wonder why someone who’s daughter has just been spat at isn’t dragging the perpetrator out of the car when it comes to a halt in front of him?


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Top stuff Harvest


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SL,what sort of practice are you putting in hours wise ? (daily).
I'm intrigued.


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scootay wrote:

The unthanks  - King of Rome




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How unlucky was Lasogga with that charge down at the end..,looked like it was sneaking in.
Hope they can tie Hernandez down but the signs are ominous.

Decent result today.


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Mega Armageddon Chickens wrote:
placidcasual wrote:

In Caracus Grill - York Place lunchtime today. Picking up his lunch.

I was too far away for a selfie.

Did he give it away?



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CBIT wrote:
Old Wharfedaler wrote:

Unfortunately all Leeds fans are not as grateful for 15th and to be honest why should they be?

Because other than a couple of blips isn't that were we've been for most of our existence?



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space wrote:
Smutty Lips wrote:

It was meant to be a general comment but doesn't read like that.

What i meant is Leeds fan's now seem super trigger happy. I can't get too bothered nowadays money has ruined football. Leeds have the budget of a mid table championship team and that's where they'll be for years to come bar the occasional temporary deviation. Look at Everton, what is the point. year after year of sameness, too good to go down and always will be, not wealthy enough to challenge and never will be.


The Championship is not a level playing ground.  The only way you can break into the top few teams and get promoted is to risk a fuck load of cash AND break the rules.  We're doing neither, and to be honest I prefer it that way.

Which is fine and dandy but clearly Radz thinks differently by sacking TC.
My point was that if they wanted an upgrade and thought they still had a chance of the playoffs,why bring someone who's record suggests otherwise?

Unfortunately all Leeds fans are not as grateful for 15th and to be honest why should they be?


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Expanding Man wrote:

Aye. Some have hair styles, and some have hair cuts.

Try these,your neck of the woods..Bouffant is a lovely word!

I particularly like the idea of the senior citizens shampoo and set!



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Wait and see what?
I was relaxed and hoping they'd give Christiansen to at least the end of the season and then fuck Orta off to give him at least a fighting chance next year.

Perhaps your profound advice would be best aimed at those running the club Knocker old bean!


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"My hairdresser "



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king of the slums wrote:

Thing is with Heck. He came in giving it the big I am, Yorkshireman, hated Leeds as a kid, know this league, not going to take any shit and a month in he's sounding like Christiansen, deflated, wings clipped and introverted on post match pressers. 

His team selections are shit and I preferred TC to be honest..

He was brought in to change our season around, Kinnear's words not mine.
As things stand it's looking like the 44 points gained in Christiansens reign will be the points that keep us in the division.

It's early days yet and genuinely hope he pulls it round but as previously stated,1 win in 16 and fourth bottom at Barnsley says to me he should have never been within a mile of the job!


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Apparently we have a set piece coach!!

You couldn't make this shit up!