Bielsa to appear at an "additional news conference " at 5 pm!


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Timmy Mallett


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Anyone watching this?
I like a good period drama and this is decent fayre.
Dominic West is a damn fine actor so win,win.
Did the first 3 episodes last night in between keeping up with the Brexit farce on Sky news!

Good read that,cheers.
Like the bit about Mark Robins kicking the fire door in at Bramall Lane.

Think we all know where this is going!

Lampard is nothing but a cunt in all of this!


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Toby Nye

RIP little man.


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Ace reportage Travis.

Well said Zico.
I see Duck Lips Ferdinand has put the knife in too, the cunt.
It's laughable but if anything all this does is galvanise the club even further.

Bring it on you set of hypocritical fuckers.


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Harvest wrote:

Phil Masinga, can't quite believe that.

Jesus, only 49 too!

Awful news.


hendersonjones wrote:

Ace favourite Fleetwood Mac tune by a country mile.


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It's a great film and along with Zulu and Bridge over the River Kwai, one I never tire of watching.


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My Achilles heel is my sweet tooth.
Can't resist delving into the biscuit or cake tin when I have a brew.particularly late evening.
Luckily still a 34 waist but thats mainly down to the running I reckon.


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Agree Placid.
Genuinely thought we'd get a tonking against them and felt we were teetering to the point it was all about to turn to dog shit again.
Not a Forshaw or Alioski fan but both had their best games for some time last night.
As for Clarke....what can you say,the lad can be anything he wants in the game.

Lampard should be more concerned about how a team with a bigger squad,bigger budget and bigger wage bill have been turned over twice with consummate ease instead of preaching morals (the irony!).

As for those two drama queens Darren Bent and Keith Andrews?...dry your eyes you pair of soppy cunts!

Revieswhites wrote:

He's on public ground, so what's the issue ?

Bang on.
Talk about storm in a D cup!!

As Space says, they all scout each other anyway!
We just seem to have employed a numpty, stupid enough to get caught!


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CharlieG wrote:

The absentees, traditional post Christmas form and general Leeds pessimism leads me to conclude another defeat. 2 - nowt, them.

Think we could be in for a proper hiding on Friday.


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90Piesanhour wrote:
90Piesanhour wrote:

We need to, and will, go out. Just hope there are no more injuries.

Ahem. Now thoughts turn to Derby at home....

Really?...I was quite looking forward to the 4th round draw before that.

Another super duper Leeds United January upon us again it seems.

Expanding Man wrote:

I loved this album in the 80's and looking forward to the deluxe re-issue - anybody else onto them back then?

I know EFC_BAL_Von Ryan_ +++ is a huge appreciator (waves)...

Such a cool sound they had. Raposa - you into them?

Not really EM although that song was probably the backdrop to many a nosh received at the back of Bensons in Bradford....usually from one particularly adept gal from Allerton.

Not sure what that says about the track.....or Allerton.....or even me!!


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Harvest wrote:

Ate at 2, still full. Reckon it'll be Wednesday before I next have something.

You'll have read two more books by then so might be ready for a bite!

Three great tracks Cuts

#doffs beret#


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Showed good spirit today but masters of our own downfall.
Forshaw had a mare and Phillips back to his brain dead worst with the sending off.
All over the place at the back highlighted by their third when Jansson lost Murphy.

Plenty of positives going forward just not clinical enough again.
Seen us play worse this season and win!

Still all to play for but it's starting to tighten up at the top again and a couple of fresh faces added to the return of Bamford hopefully, would inject some added vigour.


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You talking a change of career or retiring altogether Harvest?


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Results were generally kind today so no real harm done.
As stated by others had to happen sometime so better against a Mickey Mouse club than one of the other contenders! (Snigger).
Isn't Bowen one we're after?
Cupping his hand to his ears after the goals ? novel!

Three players?  Not quite, but another keeper and someone to replace Saiz definitely needed.

Need a reaction against Forest.


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Harvest wrote:
Raposa wrote:

Unbelievable day today.
Drove to Cabo de Sao Vicente which is the furthest south western tip of The Algarve which overlooks the Atlantic and is the last stop from Portugal to America.

Went there a few years ago, you can see why they thought it was the edge of the world. The view seems to go on for ever. Did you sit in the big chair?

Got a great photo of the wife perched in it!
Ace place to visit.
Reckon Xmas over here might be a regular thing.