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Strange that OBL69 never made a return,more so given that he does the promotion bit with
As I recall he had a to do with Gore but as he's not about these days,thought it might have prompted a RTA.
Has that Sheffield Utd fan gone altogether then?

And where,s Scootay these days, seen him lurking a bit.


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CBIT wrote:

AJ marches on, decent fight.

Yep, I had it three rounds each up to the knockout.
Clinical finish from AJ.

Cheers for the link too.


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Harvest wrote:

Great save at the death by their keeper from Dallas.

In contrast BPF should have done far better for both their goals.
Hard to be too critical as he's saved our bacon on more than one occasion.
Fine margins sometimes.


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Had to lose sometime I suppose, just surprised it came against them.
No more than they deserved by all accounts.
Need a few bodies back fit.

On the plus side still top with Boro only drawing.

Be interesting to hear Bielsa's thoughts.


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king of the slums wrote:

I've had a good look at their form and I'm going with 5-2 to us.

Just the 5 needed from us and you're bang on!


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Not the best of starts 0-1


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Harvest wrote:

Mine was nine when I took him to see Neil Young. He loved it. New Order in Hawaii for your first gig? Imagine her telling her mates that when she's older. Do it.

Young Harvest singing along to Harvest Moon...yep,like it!


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king of the slums wrote:
Mitaman wrote:
Reggie Perrin wrote:

Plus that's correct etiquette from Winston.  The furthest urinal possible or if there are two at the far ends, you go in the middle where possible.........and look straight ahead........after you've spat in it obviously.

Possibly a sneaky fart too?

And piss that Woodbine dog-end to smithereens, getting all the loose backy down the holes..

Not forgetting the usual blob of chewing gum lying around in there!


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Can't abide Ian Duncan-Smith but for once he seems to have nailed it, there's more than a whiff of the EU playing the schoolyard bully now that we're nearly at crunch time.
Macron showing his true colours now also,the cunt.

Still feel that everyone loses in all of this,not just the UK.


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But plenty about irony and a good old fashioned pisstake!!

"Him" I mean.


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Apologies, Churchill bollocks then.


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Surely all this has to be in context with the role being applied for though?
In this instance I feel it's overkill and it seems to me that experience/knowhow these days comes fairly low down the list in terms of applicant selection.
I've interviewed people who didn't come across as particularly intellectual but had all the experience and job specific attributes to be a success at the job.
Equally, and in one particular case I interviewed someone who blew me away but didn't know his arse from his elbow when actually delivering.

I'm assuming these tests are to assist in such cases but given that most jobs these days have a probationary period anyway, just struggling to get my head round it.


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What a load of Belbin bollocks!!


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Good dat.
Cheers MJ


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No such thing as a gimme in this division and I noticed they frustrated the Blunts last night.
Monk will have "the group" fired up no doubt.

Narrow home win to keep the momentum going.


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Travis Bickle wrote:

Netflix series. White cop kills a black kid in Jersey city. Worth a watch.

Just watched first 4 episodes.


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Congrats LL.
Hope all well and healthy.


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Harvest wrote:

Denis Norden.

Sad news, wonder if they'll bury the clipboard with him?


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placidcasual wrote:
Harvest wrote:

Harrison had a stormer. Phillips quietly effective. Saiz a destroyer. Jansson everywhere.

Happy with that.


Harrison was fantastic. Amazing how much he’s growing in confidence.

Roberts will be buzzing after that. He’ll be well up for it on Saturday.

Jansson was immense.

Echo all of that.
Saiz back to his old self again,threaded some lovely balls through in the last third.

Harrison looks a class act,really unlucky with the one that came back off the post.
Really chuffed for Roberts,hopefully the making of him.

Klich could and probably should have done better with those two guilt edge chances but faultless otherwise.

Excellent all over the park really.

Roberts after match interview was ace, a very grounded lad and seems nobody at the club is getting carried away (or Bielsa isn't allowing them to),literally focussed on the next game, which bodes well.


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China Crisis
Wedding Present


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Not liking what I'm reading on here chaps!
All this to shift trolleys in the car park at Asda?....don't fucking think so!


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Anyone done these as part of an interview process?
Had an interview for a role I quite fancied last week which was quite informal.
I'm told by the recruiters that the stage 2 is more formalised and involves a series of Psychometric and Competency Tests.
Stage 3 is to prepare and deliver a  presentation ffs.

I'm starting to wonder whether I can actually be arsed.


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CharlieG wrote:

As long as Saiz manages not to get wound up and sent off, 0 - 3.

Millwall supporters club have requested sanctions from the EFL against Saiz for goading the Millwall bench after the goal.



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Not sure what more GGG has to do to win over the judges....short of paying them more than Alvarez seemingly does!


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Revieswhites wrote:

Yes I've watched that, very good, not sure about Bill Pullman as an actor, seems to do a lot of squinting.

Thought he made it.
Craggy old school detective type.


Looking forward to series 2