fuzzy dunlop wrote:
Harvest wrote:

Have any other readers got any sport/cheese related facts?

In the late 90s when he was down about the end of his playing career Steve Bruce was addicted to Dairylea Triangles and would hoof 8 boxes a day no probs. He said it was total mare to give up.

Sacrilege, unless spread on Jacobs cream crackers!

space wrote:

Epilogue:  The Council have contacted my daughter to tell her that not having a job and not getting any benefits from Universal Credit does not qualify her for any discount to her council tax.

That can't be right surely?

Are they making it up as they go along?


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Think you need to move on Dan.

Norwich top now!!!



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Loose Lips wrote:

Come on.... someone say it.

Nailed on?



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danpiesley wrote:

Bit late to the party on this.  I'm a Forest fan if you didn't know.

I don't buy the you at least deserved a draw line - I thought we defended extremely well for 80 odd minutes and a Leeds player cheated to break the deadlock.

Now don't get me wrong if one of ours did that I'd be saying fuck you to the opposition and happily take the point.

Anyhoo - from my perspective we have been mercurial this season and our defence patchy (see subsequent Burton game) so it was good to see us defending resolutely in a backs against the wall situation.

30 million quid and outplayed!

Lucky to get a point!


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90Piesanhour wrote:

Leicester City owner....Long name.

....and four others that were on the helicopter too of course! (which have hardly had a mention).


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Douglas played for U23's against Hull today.
On a negative note Ayling confirmed as out for 2 months after doing his knee against Forest.


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king of the slums wrote:

Pernod Harry

Fucking hell,where did you hear that mate?


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Went to a mates 50th yesterday which started at 2pm and was supposed to finish at 6pm but we all ended up at the boozer next door watching the Leeds game and finally bailed out for a taxi at 10 ish.
Was drinking Moretti lager like it was going out of fashion as it's one of the few lagers I don't actually mind.

Got out of the taxi at our end and promptly threw up all over next doors adjoining driveway apparently!

The wife went shopping this morning and phoned me from the supermarket to inform me I better clean it up before she got back.

Few furtive looks from the neighbours as I'm swilling away chunks of puke with buckets of water and disinfectant whilst nursing the hangover from hell.

Fuck em,we move house next Friday but I really need to knock it on the head.


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Fiery jack wrote:

Dunno how Kilch  wasn'r subbed...anonymous for about 85 mins, If I was Baker I'd be tearing my goatee out. Weird how we've started conceding soft  early goals which seem to  demoralise us, especially upfront. nowehere near the the same speed of attacking from sept.  Thought Notts looked vulnerable when we were cranked up, but  didnt happen often enough. still 2nd!

Yeah I thought he had a quieter game than usual too.
Interestingly the Sunday Mirror had him down as Man of the Match!


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About time we had a bit of fucking luck.
That said, a point was the very least we deserved from that.
Expected better from Forest to be honest.

Feel for Pearce, he deserves better and Dallas doesn't cut it for me really.


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white dragon wrote:

Had your 2nd grandchild Tuesday.

Congrats mate and welcome to the old farts with two grandkids club!

Hurst the Ipswich manager sacked.


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space wrote:

Wife:  Can you get some milk on the way home.  And some of those bum wipes.  But not the perfumed ones because they sting my flaps.

Me:  <gingerly takes wife off speakerphone >

She cleans her arse with milk?

Crazy results again.
We've thrashed Derby and Norwich yet they're both now sat in the top six!

Anybody's league this season.

Play offs?...don't rule Ipswich out lol


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Harvest wrote:

Alioski at left back when we have Pierce on the bench. Wierd.

Even weirder is the fact he's been an ever present this season apparently.
Bielsabob clearly sees something in him the rest of us are generally struggling to see.

Played well last night but yeah, they were piss poor.

Forest looking dangerous so Saturday's a real test.


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white dragon wrote:

Stop giving interviews, straight after game on the pitch. Tell em to stuff their mom awards .

Club statement says they are reviewing post match interview processes.
The ban wasn't unexpected though was it?

I'm starting to think he's genuinely got a screw loose!


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Poor all round and as disjointed as we've looked all season.
Dallas at right back was just plain daft and their lad Armstrong had him in knots early doors.
Berardi didn't do much better and was nowhere near Graham for their first.
No idea who was marking the lad for their second but generally our defending was piss poor and as good as BPF is, he doesn't really command the six yard box against set plays.

Roofe and Roberts together didn't work, more than once they seemed to get in each other's way and basically we just lacked balance.
Oh and who's fucking idea is it to let Alioski take the corners?...pathetic!
What happened to our pressing game?...as with Brentford it was the opposition who pushed up and seem to strangulate us and nullify the way we've been playing out from the back.

Worrying signs and without panicking too much this is starting to replicate last seasons decline after the early promise.

Luckily all the other results went our way but we need to get back to winning ways quick smart.


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Top defending chaps!


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This is garbage so far

"Universal Credit A.K.A. Let's starve the poor"

That would make a fantastic manifesto slogan for the Labour Party in the next General Election.

Big pat on the back for whoever came up with that one comrade.