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Realised I had a few of those mentioned such as Clint westerns. Zulu, was that mentioned? Anyway, ordered five films which are ones he think he'll enjoy and I watched at about the same age or younger.

Close Encounters
The Magnificent Seven
The Great Escape
The Italian Job


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Or we could just stay.


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Ray Hankin's shorts wrote:

,3td bottle of red. Mum tabbing outside

are the sunshine of my life.

Neither did I until about two hours ago.


I've just checked the lyrics to Brass In Pocket. I reckon I get about 70% wrong.


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Scratching Shed.


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Going well.


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What a shambles.


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Vote called off. Surprise surprise.


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My lad's just walked in, 'Ah, The Pistols', got a drink and walked out.


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Built like a tardis.


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Forgot about Bielsa's chess move. They bring on that big bastard Matt Smith, we drag off Saiz and put on our big bastard Halme who comfortably deals with any threats. Checkmate.


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Currently doing a sausage casserole - Delia Smith recipe. 'Who wants it?' I do Delia, I do.

Listening to Tom Robinson, part of my usual Sunday. Pete Shelley tribute, ace stuff. Have a listen on catch up if you've not heard it. Tom's ace. He did a similar programme after Bowie died. He could barely get through it. Decent chap.

Happiness is a

Cutsyke wrote:

Warm White

Ha, had that on an hour ago, followed by Suspect Device, another top intro.

Search and Destroy - The Stooges, some track that.


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Scruffy old battle that could have gone either way. As Placid says Phillips made a few errors and Forshaw was probably our best player.

A penalty! Roofe and Hernandez arguing over who should take it.

Played this tonight on Spotify, first time in years. This is the new remixed or refocused or whatever version that's just come out. It's ace, really warmer and deeper than the original, some great moments. The Beatles are fab.


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The Grouch wrote:

Yesterday I spent 4 hours in the company of a mate who's a retired miner and now volunteers as a counsellor for people who have fallen on hard times. He told me a few stories about how the cut backs over the last few years are kicking in and it really is a disgrace. It's also a disgrace that the issue is largely ignored by the media. Space's comment "I wish the masses gave more of a fuck about the homeless than they did about fucking fox hunting and the price of May's trousers." sums it up nicely.

I'm going to 'experience homelessness' tonight after I've got out of my warm bed, had a warm shower, driven in my comfy car to catch a lovely train to Glasgow. I would imagine I'll be having a big meal and a few pints before heading off to Sleep in the Park to watch some bands and then sleep out in the cold and the rain. Clearly, I'm not going to experience homelessness at all, but this is a fantastic event that is trying to raise a few quid to support homelessness in Scotland, but more importantly to raise awareness of the problem.

Social Bite is the organisation that is running the event and the effort they are putting in to raise awareness is spectacular. The amount of information I've been sent over the last few weeks is all about highlighting the scale of the problem and what is being done to counter the effects of the cut backs. While there are angels out there doing their bit to make things better, there is hope. I wish I knew what more I could do as an individual to contribute more, maybe that will be clearer after tonight.

On the other hand, we could listen to my Mum who came up with the following quote during a conversation with me and my daughters....... "It's much nicer in Lincoln City Centre since they banned homelessness!".

Well done D and good luck.


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I seem to have PM's going back to 2011. I'll have to save some of them somewhere. A lot of touching ones from when I lost my Mum and Dad. There's one from Old Man, I was/am really worried about him, his health both mental and physical went downhill so fast. Hope he's OK but I really don't know. Also a bizzare one from Pat which I may frame.


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Not a bad side, sorry, 0-0.


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Good position to be in where no other team can overtake you.


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Radio One's still going?


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Loose Lips wrote:

But PM's will go as will those bios under each post if you have written one.

Old PMs or generally?