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That went well then.

Where do you stand on Canned Heat?

Used to work with a bloke who hated music. He possessed one single. I asked him who it was by, 'I don't know, Ladyboy Black Mamba or summat. My missus bought me it, they used it on a beans advert'

'And you like that then yeh?'

'Nah, it's fucking shit'

'Why did she buy you it then?'

'Dunno, cos I like beans I suppose.'


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Just watched that with my lad followed by West Brom beating Man U 5-3. Told him that sometimes black players got booed then. He asked why. Which is a very good question.


Just a track on to test. Good idea.


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Mega Armageddon Chickens wrote:

Dolores O'Riordan. 46.

Bloody hell, 46.

Pulis, Boro manager? Completely missed that.

Loose Lips wrote:

Might not be so hard.

No pressure.

Been keeping half an eye on Brentford. Dark horses.

On one of my random add to playlist selections I have an acoustic Watching The Wheels by Lennon, really good.


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Bella Emberg.


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Post 25, right on Smutty!


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http://www.onemickjones.com/forum/viewt … p?id=10893

Post 12. Haha.

We were funny once. Let's get funny again.


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I'm not. But there must have been loads down the years. Fulmine, you used to always post pissed on a Friday night. My fave was Stoychenkroyften or however he spelt it posting pissed about how he fancied pregnant women.


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89. Which would put him in his early 50s when I first encountered him and he seemed at least 88. Aye, RIP.

I've had Spotify Premium on and off for a couple of years, usually depending on what promos they have on. Just got 3 months for 9.99. Had Apple but not keen. Still play CDs and the odd 78.


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Jesus, he must have been about a hundred and three.

Prediction? A rollicking derby to make the North Midlands proud.


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Quivering Keith
The Ketamine Kid
Spunky Nancy
The Duke of Puke
Fritzl's Dungeon
Moat's Last Stand


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Stone Island.
Skinny jeans.
A scarf tied in that modern twisty way.


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Fast Eddie Clarke.


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No, happened to be in there, thought I'd have a wander round the food emporium and spotted the said pie beckoning me over.


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Excellent. A must buy pie.


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Currently in the oven. Individual pie from M&S deli, selling off late on, was £4 + (for an individual fucking pie), reduced to 85p.

Will report back.