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There's a bloke who I see round here occasionally wears a full green Adidas tracksuit, he'd love those.


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Got a garage full mate. How much do you need?


Qu'est-ce que c'est?

David Byrne on Desert Island Discs this Sunday for all fans of Talking Heads, deserts and islands.


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Sunset & Vine wrote:

I love acting like an idiot with her in a way only a Dad can. I'm miserable the rest of the time, so she is good for me.

That's me too.

Trojan Box sets - Tighten Up's a good one.
Dynamite series - 100%, 200%, 300% etc - reggae, ska
Creation Records: International Guardians Of Rock'n'Roll 1983-1999
Pogo a Gogo


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Something going off at work.


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Alioski was ok actually, Saiz's best game for a while. Mo Barrow, always shit for us, looked a handful for them.


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Saw him in Blackpool as a kid. He did this bit where everyone was shouted out their favourite football teams at the same time. I was screaming 'LEEDS UNITED!!!' and he looked up at where I was sitting, 'United? That's a chocolate biscuit isn't it?'


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Or should that be vous etes. I have a French O level. There is very little you can tell me about French, very little. Fin.


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Vous sont, Dan(s).

Saw them at Wembley 88. Must have been same tour as above. Wierd to think of them then as younger than I am now. Or summat.


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We should have a Wrexham section.


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Good laugh yesterday. Went down in the morning as we were staying at the sister in law's in Newbury. Her bloke and his lad and me and my lad went off to the match, got there way too early so ended up watching the Liverpool game on the concourse and having a couple of pints.

Ace view, high up in their family stand behind the opposite goal to our lot. We'd been signed up as Reading members - you get a card just to charge up and scan for each game. We'd been sat there a few mins when this bloke came up the stairs, along the row and made a beeline for my lad. 'Are you ------ -------?' (insert name)

He then produced a Reading goody bag with a programme, paint set, sweets, wristband, curly Reading straw and a laminated named certificate congratulating him on his first game. I was pissing myself. Don't tell him your Leeds, Don't tell him your Leeds. He then had his pic taken to go in the next programme, he wanted me in it too, nah, you're ok.

Then the bloke asked him loads of questions, favourite player, which school he goes to, team he plays for that sort of thing. My lad was ace, just one word answers and 'you wouldn't know them', that sort of thing. I sat there squirming and thinking fuck it I might just say 'We're Leeds squire, now fuck off' but resisted. After all the one word answers and mmms from my lad the bloke eventually went as he had a couple more bags to hand out. Fair play to Reading though, it's a nice touch.

Match wise, an improvement certainly, two poor teams slugging it out. I'd been singing Peacock Farrell's praises beforehand and he stepped up to the plate again at least three times. It's so refreshing to see, his distribution is excellent, he bollocks defenders, he encourages, he catches balls, he's brave, looks like we have a winner. Didn't realise he'd been in Northern Ireland squads, can't be long before he gets a full cap.

Our 'defence' was carved open for their first. De Bock also nearly gifting them a second. Pennington and Jansson actually had a decent game after that. Stabbed home goal from Pontus for 1-1, then Alioski contrives to hit the post of an open goal from one yard out on his favourite foot.

Pockets of empty seats in the Leeds end, don't know whether it was a sell out and people just couldn't be arsed. Great following as usual but more noticeable when a few missing.

Ekuban must have had about three touches all game. Thought he looked a great player before he got injured but seen nothing from him since his return from injury.

Cracking goal from Hernandez to put us 2-1 up and a genuinely wierd feeling to be winning - and away. Decent second half all round. O'Kane unlucky with the oggy, it's always him though, it's like he's been tapped up to screw up this season. Both teams went for it at the end, thought Lasogga"s ricochet had won it.

Lot more commitment than of late, Forshaw and Saiz did well, the keeper as well of course, all too little too late though. Fuck it though, we got a goody bag.


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Fair result, nice we showed some spirit for a change. O'Kane again, jeez.


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Keeper's ace.


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De Bock's shit.


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Just the six changes.


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I'm in the Reading end, shouldn't be too hard to keep quiet.

Good album that.


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Richard Jobson confirms rehearsals are going well for forthcoming Skids tour.


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Haha, it's been going on for years. When my old boss died recently he posted an old post from here with everyone commenting that I bet you want to shag her etc. It's Cabbage Patch Kid off here. I forgot that site existed till someone mentioned it. Let him have his fun.


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Make sure Placid's mate doesn't turn up.


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Mitaman wrote:
albert herbert hawkins wrote:

Peacock-Farrel looks about 12 years old, but way better than the flapper...


He didn't look too bad from those clips, but I didn't see the game. Woke up, we were 0-2 down, went back to sleep.

Apart from Villa and PNE away in April, we don't appear to have to toughest of matches to see the season out. Reading on Saturday, could be tricky, but apart from that, nothing too scary.

Fulham away, a doddle.