Looking forward to when they make it 96 teams.

Nicely poised this, two decent sides.


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Two middle aged men talking shite and fishing. Worth a watch.



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Go on, someone mention The Frog Chorus,. Like it's the only thing he's ever done.


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Give over.


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Paul is gear.


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I'm going 12 seconds before he says we're a big club.


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I can't click on it much as I want to see Macca.


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Good work Trav, that would shake me up so much.


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4.30 Sunday, first match. That's shit.


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Mitaman wrote:

Villa away second-to-last match, they'll already be down by then...



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Stoke at home first match.


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Out at 9.

Zammo's bird - Jackie.

Marie Osmond
Diane Keen


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I know someone who had their honeymoon in a cheap seaside b and b. It had a stainless steel kettle on the bedside table. It had just boiled and he managed to lean across it with nothing on and managed to drop his ball bag against the side of the scorching kettle. They're divorced now.

No 0-0's yet. Which is nice.


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Absolutely. Good for her.


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And Dean Saunders.


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I think Beardsley's still linked with us.


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Expanding Man wrote:

In the shower this morning, washing and having a shave.

Mashed the shampoo into my hair and scooped some of the foam and used it as shaving foam. Up and down, side to side, and placed the razor on the side of the sink, ready to do the body wash.

Five or so minutes later I look down and the shower floor is filled with blood. Whilst moving the razor to the sink, I'd inadvertently caught the glans, and glansing down on it, it's a stream of red flowing down with the water.

Dried myself and the white towel is covered in blood, Got some toilet roll and wrapped it round, big red splodge appears. Do it again and again and again, big red splodge.

Caught sight of myself in the mirror - drip white and pins and needles up and down my arms.

I thought I was on my way out I can tell you.

Got to the landing and dropped to my knees, no energy, horizon all hazy.

Went downstairs and drank neat cordial, threw crunchy nut cornflakes down my neck and waited for some normality. Didn't happen. Got one of those plastic sandwich bags and started to breathe into it. Fifteen minutes later, breathing returned to normal and pins and needles had gone.

Sat here typing this with a toilet paper turban on my cock end, with a few dabs of blood.

Wouldn't have fucking happened if I had a bath Harvest.

You need to show the missus this post along with your injured knob. See this episode as a risk assessment.

'Hi, can I make an appointment for tomorrow morning please, it's a bit of an emergency'

'Who you calling, the doctor?'

'No, a fucking plumber'.


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Bob Mortimer was on 6Music this morning. He mentioned an occasion when he was in the BBC green room waiting to go on and also in the same room was David Byrne who sat in the corner staring at the wall whilst in the middle of the room was Gazza doing keepy ups with an orange. I’d like to have seen that.

Everyone's got a hangover.


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Wanking regulates temperature apparently.


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It's at the bottom, just click on it.