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Just remembered being charged £13 for the house wine which turned out to be Leibfraumilch.
Same bottle was £2.99 at Singhs at the end of t'road.


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Ad wrote:
7nation army wrote:

Olive Tree ? Its that side of Leeds.

Place was crumbling last time I was in.

Quite fit Greco big unit serving on would only have had to ask to get a portion of tsatsiki on her impressive spanakopita's.

Haven't been there in ages, int there an Olive Tree onOtley Road now? not too far?

Theres one in Chapel A roll , looks tidy.


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Olive Tree ? Its that side of Leeds.


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heyho wrote:

Bistro Fiorri - Italian. Opposite WH Smith's

This place looks like it was shut for good a fortnight ago. Used to do a great cannelloni.


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Kandols 'bad attitude' was the reason he was sent out on loan. Would Mac want him back?


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Aaah right ......thought you were starting a Gary Glitter thread for a moment.

As you were.

“I never made the first team, I just made the first team laugh"
Billy Bragg- Saturday Boy

The Beloved namechecking Vince Hilaire on 'Hello'


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http://www.crainium.net/jdjArchives/200 … panky.html

The reason they are so soft, is that they are made from the skin of newborn lambs.
You bastards just think about that while you prance about in your comfy trainers


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Rudi wrote:

I had a surge of pro-life sentiment and went and bought a humane box trap that supposedly tempts them into this perspex labrynth and keeps them there safe until the next morning, when you're supposed to take the said ensemble at least a kilometre away and set them free

It comes "pre-baited" with what looks like a smear of melted brown sugar. Doesn't look enough to tempt a mickey to wander through this frankly far too eleborate ste up - it even has a sorta weighted staircase they have to climb up.

I'm not optimistic.

I bet it's downstairs now as I type, pissing up the side of this humane box in disdain

I caught a mouse in a humane trap in the kitchen, took it out to the garden to release it (feeling dead clever with myself).
Didn't realise the dog had followed me out. Cue a dazed mouse getting shook to bits, had to put it out of its misery with a spade cause the dog only half killed it.

Kept finding droppings all over the house, even inside the toaster. Put me off toast for a while.


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david harvey's monkey wrote:

After last week's developments I am finally starting to believe that my dream of a member of Boney M becoming Chancellor of germany could well happen within my lifetime

'Brown girl in the Bundesregiering'


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fulmine wrote:

Yes, always very political, yer Boney M

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e … (1977).jpg

Was that an expose of the slave trade?


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Rudi wrote:

"The Ice Cream Man Cometh" was excellent, along with most of the other early stuff. I like dphoenix Nights as well.

Then he turned into a professional northerner.

It's like most comics, their first impact is impressive and then their material gets stretched and worn out.

It's the reason Norman Collier never over exposed himself on telly.

Mind you, he only had three jokes.

The dodgy microphone joke, what were the other tw........................hold on...................................getting a strange feeling of deja vu.


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Boney M were always too political for me



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gorefidel wrote:

Featherstones, thats it! There and the chippy opposite - who needed Gordon Fucking Ramsey?. Should have renamed Harehills Road  - 'Heartattack and Dine' in those days. Couple of decent curry houses as well (now its all curry houses, whats left of the area sad ).

Warm were always better - with the jelly still gravy. As for better after three days...well if they lasted that long I'd let you know  - I feel a bit sick as I had 4 of the fuckers through the course of yesterday afternoon wink  - these obsessions have a price - and provided you don't put them in the fridge (they go soggy).

Chippy was the Galleon, it was like stepping into the 1930's. All done out in that yellow and black glass, walls, counter, ceiling and a hand painted galleon on the wall.
If that place had been in oakwood/roundhay it would have had a preservation order on it. Sadly its all gone now.

As for Harehills now, its all southern fried chicken take aways.


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gorefidel wrote:

Bought half a dozen small 'uns. Not bad - warm and crispy. Still preferred the ones from the shop that used to be on Harehills Road (sadly departed) but will definitely go again. Thanks for the recommendation.

Lofthouses(I think).
Straight from t'oven, juices running down your sleeve.  Used to do nice Haslet too.

Might be Featherstones. Got small yorkshire towns mixed up.


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From Ian and Myras greatest hits collection

It takes two
Can you dig it
and many many Moor


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Heads shoulders knees and toes - Jeffrey Dahmer


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You keep me hanging on - Donald Neilson


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Bad Medicine - Jon Bon Beverly Allitt


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Hit me baby one more time - Mary Bell

Is that too much? It is isn't it?


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Girls Girls Girls - Ted Bundy

If I had a Hammer - Peter Sutcliffe

We'll end up with 24 hours of Celebrity Ice skating/Heartbeat at this rate.
If you don't like something on TV turn it over. FFS

Wheres the number to ring when I want to say 'That was funny as fuck'?


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ObL69 wrote:

It's a Beeb gig next season... Gary Lineker does Grand Prix...

Thank christ. Def Leppard every 15 minutes was a pain in the arse.