Womble wrote:

I know a bloke is a self confessed player of the pink oboe, aint that right Strap, fillmine, mick etc etc etc

Do you mean he plays music on a penis?

You could go on the stage with that.


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old codger/ wrote:

Whoever wherever you are Alt+F4, I commend you for this message.  Wish I'd known such stuff a few years ago but what the heck.  Bravo sir

no trouble. colourful family Ive got.


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I took it for granted you had a lawyer.  Please don't trust the police. It's not really their fault. They aren't that bright and don't have much time so they make mistakes.


The one tool everyone underestimates in a copper is simple human manipulation. People get tied up in thinking coppers are thick etc. But this is old shit. Good coppers are actors. They will act like the only one who can understand what is happening to you and can sort it all out if you go along with them.  While you're at ease having a chat they are still being a copper. You talk. they listen. The more you talk the more they can fit what they have around what you say.

This is why we let lawyers deal with the talking and we say nothing. It stops them being manipulative. Getting a lawyer isn't flash or extreme. Lawyers know how to wave off the nonsense, esp if the case is old sh1t.

The Filth wrote:
Stoychenkroyften wrote:

How very dare you...

I'm The Filth!

Blood... starting... to... boil!

that's identity theft, what we need around here is an ID card.

Yeh that's scandulous, Stoychenkroyften you should be ashamed of yourself.

Do you know a trumpet player called Rupert? And that's for contestaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant number 6.


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david harvey's monkey wrote:

my new phones fucked already, only been using it since monday

When was monday?

Is that the one after sunday because that hasn't been yet it comes after saturday, dhm are you a timelord?