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No the fucking cunt wasnt the swap shop number. Fuckin ted. G'back on yer scooter nip down to schuh an review the latest line of piss catchers wool.


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Tolley wrote:

We have had a basic Sky package, plus kids and music channels, for a few years. I received and installed the advertised replacement viewing card a couple of weeks ago.

I've been away a few days. Apparently since last weekend a lot of the channels now appear blank as "channel not available". The BBC,  ITV and Channel 4 related channels (BBC3, ITV2, E4 etc., but Channel 5) generally remain available, but loads of others are no longer available, including Sky 1, Sky 2 etc.

Has anyone else experienced this?

No, but if it does I would probably phone sky and request their assistance


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another forum discussing this - some interesting takes...

http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.p … opic=31908


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Glamorous Hooligan wrote:

The welfare of the kids!!! Fucksake, the woman has 20 million salted!!! Isn't that enough for two kids to be brought up comfortably???

The welfare of the kids!!! Oh yeah, I can just see it: "Aren't you two the sons of that woman who was paid to die on camera?"
she should be thinking of the PSYCHOLOGICAL welfare of those two poor nippers.

Whichever way people try and spin this, it's morally fucking WRONG because it cheapens life and debases the concept of dignity.

She isnt the first to be open about a terminal illness, she wont be the last...she happens to be working class with a bit of money and not a lot upstairs. Why get yourself worked up, its her choice to go public, your choice to listen or not. People make money out of talking about allsorts - drugs, violence whatever, do we have a go at them about their kids. One day someone might write a clever screenplay about a subject like this.

As someone posted earlier, if this helps one person shes done a good job. Those that are bigotted switch off.


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Simon Grayson has been busy in the transfer window...Look!!

Yorkshire Post

However, with the window due to close at 5.00pm next Monday, Grayson has stressed that the comings and goings are far from over.

The United manager said: "There have been plenty of phone calls - both about players coming in and out, that is we will bring in some fresh faces and legs who want to play for Leeds, and others that havent made the impact that they should have done will be going out to other clubs.The situation at the moment is that clubs are making contact, by mobile phone, land line, e mail and that...some even send Youtube links for me to look at their player, but to be honest I dont take much notice of those, they are motly sent by agents after a fast buck - and a few managers have fallen for this in the past , but here were planning for the future and Youtube players are not the sort we want. Anyway when I get on the internet I get distracted, so I tend to ignore that type of offer. But  once the Tuesday games are out of the way, I would imagine it being a mad scramble to get players in and out before the weekend.

"I would like to think we will have some new faces in, whether it is loan deals or permanent ones. I would be quite surprised if we don't have some new players and also some going out, too, and some ins and outs are healthy for competition - A player should always be looking over his shoulder to see whos coming up behind him, in terms of starting on a Saturday, or midweek. I encourage that, even at Thorpe Arch - If a player has been dropped or left on the bench I ask them to prove to me, to prove to themselves and to prove to the player whos place has been taken, that they have to show us all how much they want it - that even goes for the queue at the canteen for breakfast, get in first and make your mark, although having Robbo and Trundlepops here makes that a bit akward for the , shall we say less food orientated lads - and yes Delph, Snods, and Johnny have started bringing in their own Kellogs variety packs as competition is fierce, specially when they get down to the last few rashers of Wiltshire Cured back bacon.

"Hopefully, with a few new players, we can kick on from here.

"The chairman has been away on holiday in South Africa and New Zealand but I have been speaking to him on a regular basis, by land line , mobile phone, e mails and that - he even sent me a link to aYouporn site, but thats not the type of player Im after - although the resemblance to Prutts was uncanny.I have also spoken to (chief executive) Shaun Harvey regularly, by carrier pigeon mostly as he's not exactly NASA material when it comes to technolologolgy - Ken says he even struggles with a fax, for fucks sake. Anyway, watch  this space "


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Someone once said that the joke would wear thin before she did.  Her and Henry would be nightmare neighbours - imagine being kept up all night with constant laughing.


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Few weeks before christmas, I parked in Wakefield - car park run by Excel - and stayed in car to eat a sarnie, probably 10 minutes. Didnt get out of car, didnt pay at machine, thought that if a bloke came round Id just go. Anyway, couple of weeks later I get a fixed penalty, photo of my car entering and exiting car park with times on. I got 21 days to pay £60, after that it increased to £100 , then court. Googled it and most people said they cant enforce it, but paid up the £60 just to get rid. Fucking fuming. A few days after same company fined a mate who had taken his elderly mum to Currys in Wakefield and parked in disabled bay - came back to car and they were being issued a ticket, again £60. The bloke issuing ticket saw my mates mum, in her 80's very frail but said you needed the blue badge - this is on a car park in a retail park. They went back into Currys and complained - not our call, they said its the landlord, we cant do anything about it although we do get a lot of complaints. Mate went back to Currys a few days later and ordered £4.5K of electrical stuff, sales bloke was cumming in his pants. Got to checkout and my mate says " who runs your car park?" "Excell" said the sales bloke. "Well " says my mate " you can keep these Im going over the road to Comet" and walked out leaving two blokes and a trolley full of gear in the doorway.


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http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/video/2 … hael.rosen


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...if you end up skint you could always take Gazzas advice on how to make a few quid...



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I didnt pay for recorded delivery, but it came recorded all the same. However, mate of mine is a postie and he told Mrs 08118 that he had "mules" in the queues at ER on Wednesday and had spare tickets...Looking at my envelope it said on the front, if undelivered please return to Leeds United etc., an open invitation to go "missing" in the post...

As an aside the bloke who delivered mine says that he wasnt getting people to sign, just delivering them regardless.


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whatastraplength wrote:
018118181 wrote:
whatastraplength wrote:

Corporate seat is it?

Said sorry for all that didnt I. Ill say it again. Strap, Sorry for my outburst.

I should have put a smiley on the end of that, was meant to be a (poor) gag as Im in same section and row!
Hope to see you at the meet up (see relevant thread) or, indeed, in the stadium

Mistake - my row is 119. Looked at plan and cant see a 199 - you sure thats right??


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whatastraplength wrote:
018118181 wrote:

The best thing about going to Wembley is that Gary Mc is leading us out not Dennis Wise.

Got a seat in Block 199 Row 16 , just hope its a better view, and result, than Cardiff

Corporate seat is it?

Said sorry for all that didnt I. Ill say it again. Strap, Sorry for my outburst.


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The best thing about going to Wembley is that Gary Mc is leading us out not Dennis Wise.

Got a seat in Block 199 Row 16 , just hope its a better view, and result, than Cardiff

Apologies to Strap, for all of the above. Nowt personal, it passed an afternoon, and i got a wee bit carried away.

with that Im off.