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There was a time you were allowed to have less than 3200 in the bank (ie some redundancy) and still get benefits.

What's happened to the CAB, it used to be an effective aid for people having trouble dealing with bureaucracy, I'm guessing it's either been swamped or the structural changes have limited it's impact. I know very little about the changes so i'm guessing here.

That doesn't sound right Space, the decision on when the money should last her too seems to have been plucked out of the air, surely if she can demonstrate that the money doesn't meet even very basic needs the claim should start from the point the money runs out - even by their measures.

What i'm getting at is there a culture of misinformation encouraged by management, to reduce claims, delay claims etc.


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space wrote:
Smutty Lips wrote:

Space I know you aren't Tory but if anti Tories don't vote to the best local option of defeating them (UKIP excepted) then nothing changes.

Yeah.  The next Labour government is going to be soooo different.


You seem to want perfection, me i'd settle for anyone who's not Tory. It's a start.


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Space I know you aren't Tory but if anti Tories don't vote to the best local option of defeating them (UKIP excepted) then nothing changes.


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I sometimes refuse to go to certain countries based on their collective beliefs or government. For example I refused to go to Italy this year after their shift to the right in the elections earlier this year. I'm getting to the point where I really don't feel I should be visiting England anymore. It's not so easy and not something i can do just now but that's how i feel given things like UC, Fracking and other things.


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Space don't take this as having a go. It's not meant to be It's things like Universal Credit why I think it is important to vote the Tories out, and if that means not voting the way i would really like to because of a fucked up electoral system then so be it. As it happens I don't have a vote anyway but...

Some harrowing stories even on here from an extremely small cross section of the populace, just think of the horror when this is magnified by the tens of thousands if not more.

Mol you say you cannot accept any help, we could do it discreetly and privately with as little fuss as possible.


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I have a couple, they are on here, I cannot find them.

Short versions

1 Going to toilet, didn't wake up properly, locked myself out of hotel room, was naked on corridor  busting for a piss unable to rouse my pissed up  woman to get back in room.

2 Going out with a lass, for a couple of month, pissed after town, got up for a slash without really waking up and afterwards got in wrong bed, was her widowed mother's bed, i was bollock naked.


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Bollocks, i'm working and if it had been at 12.30 as they often are i'd have been able to watch it at work.


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Daughter aged 16 to see The Television Personalities at Bush Hall,Shepherds Bush.

It was Dan Treacy's comeback gig after he'd been missing (in prison as it turned out) for years.

The Au Pairs were very much in the pack, how good must the music have been for this to be the case?


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They get away with it for one reason, there is a compliant/complicit media who don't want to hold them to account. There has been a right wing coup, they've taken control of key institutions/organisations and their march is relentless. Britain is fucked.


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Wake up after four to five hours whatever time I go to bed, whatever day of the week it is.

The Telephone Man by that Wilson lass. Job done.

Made trips to Bradford HMV on release day for a few lps.

The Fall debut LP arrived in a snow storm so plans to go after school fell into trouble when I realised that I might not make it back from Bradford, I aborted the trip at Shelf and had a two mile walk home, thumbed a lift and got picked up straight away. In true form for the day I had totally inadequate footwear and clothing on so just as well I got the lift.

Joy Division's Closer and Echo's debut came out on the same day, made a trip for those two.


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The thing is perhaps Bielsa believes in rewarding people who put in a decent performance and given that, doesn't think they should be automatically dropped because a better player is now available. If you are going to pick your best 11 every game and not reward decent performances, fringe players are going to get fucked off.

So perhaps he is aware of Cooper's limitations but thinks the right time to drop him would be after he has put in a poor performance. You know kinda get people playing for their place in the team.


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Perhaps Leeds even at their best haven't been as good as you think and everyone is getting carried away prematurely.

Let me explain, the XG doylems reckon Leeds have been scoring more goals than can be reasonably expected based on the quality of chances created and they would say that unless Leeds start to create more or better chances their results won't be so good in the future.

XG goals v Norwich.
Norwich 0.54 v Leeds 0.58.

They reckon Alioski would only score one in 20 shots based on his shot position for the goal. Hernandez one in 25 shots, and Klich one in 10.

Against Stoke and Derby they also say the result was very flattering to Leeds.

There is a logic to the XG method, but it's lumping together of data is a weakness. Take Hernandez's goal, if you shoot from there it might be one in 25, however if you have the time and opportunity to set yourself up and gently curl it into the net Id bet it's a lot less than one in 25, the XG method doesn't make any differentiation.


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Did someone say Marcelona, at work I describe Leeds as Barcelona without the boring bits, i'm not entirely joking.


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I read it, can't remember fuck all about it though, the darts player rings a bell.


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No she was killed on Savile Park aka the moor, that's where Crossleys is. She walked from Huddersfield Road, past the Hospital up Savile Park towards her home in the Haugh Shaw area.

There was and presumably still is a patch of grass that grew differently to the rest of the moor where the police had really dug it over. St Andrews played there and they would have played in the County Cup presumably where OC came across them.


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The 'moor' is the other pitch Old Codger is referring to above. I passed the covered body on my way to school, it was in the shadow of my secondary school. Poor lass.


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I've been trying to find footage of our goals in Turin (Madeley and Bates) when we drew the Fairs Cup Final first leg in 1971, I didn't find any.

So I read a report on the game instead and from the photos attached it looks like we wore the red shirts.

Leeds in red in a cup final, there are some who wouldn't believe it.


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I remember as a 10 year old arguing he was the greatest player in the world (wrongly) because of his versatility.

When you see him gliding over the turf, in what seems like effortless motion it's easy to see where the Rolls Royce tag came from.

One of our true greats.


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and you know that he reads the board how?