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That's the one.  Though when i started going, the pictured stand had been considerably tarted up.


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That's the New Shay Reggie. The Shay now that was old school.


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Ray Hankin's shorts wrote:

Off up on saturday

Will be off to Bolton Castle so will take up LBB's earlier recommendation of Redmire and its falls

Will also have a tool up The Buttertubs Pass as it's highly recommended by all - can't guarantee I'll have a semi like I Wood but I'll do my best

Will take kids to York too - 8 year old is mad on the Vikings at the moment so will do Jorvik and the National railway Museum plus The Minster and the obligatory Shambles for the Mrs

Looking forward to it as always

An 8 year old in York, it has to include the Castle Museum, or at least it did for 8 year old me, Dick Turpin's cell was the highlight, nowadays it would be 'Dick who?'. No surely the Victorian street  will trump trains for any kid?


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If Hannah bumps into 'Magic Mike' on Thursday can you ask her to get the team's travel arrangements for Torquay on Saturday. I'm wondering whether Torquay could be worth a bet. I'll put a quid on her H if I she delivers the info.


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Rip Rig N' Panic - Storm The Reality Asylum, i'm not sure if she sings it or another lass who was in the band, but a cracking vocal ll the same.


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i lived near the ferry crossings to Morocco for 8 years never fancied it.

All of the advice from everyone who went was get the fuck out of the port town at the first opportunity. Apparently beyond the port it can be worth a visit, the port towns are shit holes.


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It's on Bet365 if you have an account.

No it's not.

Are you sure Philips is on 30.2% and not 30.2 completed passes?


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Sounds like he has suffered a head injury in the associated fall. Poor bugger, that's what did my brother - a fall related to his epilepsy.

Ask William Hills.

C'mon the Halifax lads (the creative half of the band - as if i'd know).


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The Clarke in orange picture, I always thought it was a bad photo of the yellow  kit.

I hope the Sunderland fan's have a song for Georgie Honeyman.

It should go something like....

Keep Georgie Honeyman right out of sight...
Cos there's going to be a

I'll let you come up with your own endings.


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Zico nails it.

1973 will be the cut off, possibly the FA Cup 5th round match at Derby was the last time we wore red.

73/74 saw the launch of what was almost certainly the first ever bona-fide away kit. Don Revie has a lot to answer for. It was yellow, from that point we had a commercial reason to wear an official kit on every occasion.


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Is all this Facebook shit app related? I only use the webpage but sense their desperation to get me to use the App.


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We have a winner.......

Hebden Bridge. Again.


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Ha i joined facebook only recently, some groups over here operate on it.

I don't know how to use it, have no inclination to change my settings. I refused to friend a niece. I don't post. I don't look at it for days on end, but if i'm not on it, there are sports clubs/groups I cannot access.


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Indecision is the clear winner.

UK urban is the only decision we've made. I would have liked Europe but the unavoidable two flights make it impractical for a long weekend.


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Latest is urban rather than rural, the dog isn't coming and to go somewhere rural would seem wrong.

Probably looking at the UK or Ireland as well. Would love to go to Europe but that requires a change for us and it can be a ball ache or even require stop overs that make it too much bother for a long weekend.

I fancied Edinburgh but the Mrs doesn't.


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Anything considered.


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suggestions please.This will be this April.


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Is he a tradesman?

They can be a good way to discover music that might have passed you by.

When i saw the result I was hoping you'd have made tonight's game. What a shame the little 'un couldn't make it.

Let's hope they put on a decent show at Chip Shop especially for her.


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I played to a good standard about 30 years ago, and was at a stage where it was time to take it seriously to see how good I could become but that would have meant playing five nights a week with the pub etc. I didn't want to do that so stopped totally.

My local have a vets team where it's very light hearted but they struggle for numbers so joined purely to help them out. That was in September, I only planned on turning up and playing on a monday, that's what I did September until late December no practice. To my surprise I was able to put some decent darts together along with some horrible ones. Late December I did a couple of hours practice before a xmas knockout - I played really well but got beat in what was probably the game of the day. Anyway at the end of that comp I told the massed dart players of Peel that I would destroy them next year. It was meant to be funny, and also something to spur me on to practice. I probably do an hour a week at the moment but have just got a board at home, which I'll use when the Mrs is out.  I'll probably only creep upto a couple of hours a week.  That's it.

I probably got lucky with the draw, I beat a couple of county players but they were soft ones, I'd have destroyed them 30 years ago. I scored best when losing 4-0 on the Friday, if i'd not got jittery i might have given him a fright.


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I made it onto the TV/Stream - they set up on the stage but I didn't know and walked across the middle of the first game they were filming as a short cut, they thought it was an oche invasion as someone came to have a word with me about the intrusion. I thought they were just mucking about, didn't realise there was a game on, or that there was a camera there.

I won another game, beat a bloke from Scotland, I was the better player but it was close, from being 3-1 up I had to take the seventh leg for a 4-3 win.

I then played the 11th seed but my beer consumption had crept over the edge of manageable and my game suffered a little for it.

All in all a successful weekend, I was worried I wouldn't win a leg and I won two games and was only battered by Seeded players.