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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/ … ance.books


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Hey if he's given up Social Media and stopped titting about on the internet fair play to him, he can pull faces all he wants. If he's swapped OMJ for another form of pissing about, mmmmmm.

Thinking about it, it would appear he's still using the same hardware as when he left or he has taken the trouble to remember his password and log in, just to cock a snook. Interesting.

The King Of Rome, heard it a while ago and forgot all about it. Glad to hear it again.

Some Ethiopian Jazz on there, what a pleasant surprise.

Yeah come on Scootay, i'm looking forward to hearing more of your fresh recommendations. The young London band were a pleasant surprise.

On an equally serious note, who the fuck put a jam song on there big_smile


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Ruby my Portuguese Water Dog has gone from a 2 x Crufts prize winner, the 2013 PWD of GB Club Champion into a common ratter in 8 months.

I've never had a dog that hunted rats before, she loves it. I've had terriers galore that would only do rabbits, but Ruby just loves to carry a dead animal home, the rabbits are too hard to catch again so now she's moved on to rats.

Tonight i was walking her around the golf course when she shoots off into the garden of a great big fuck off house, ten minutes later she reappears with a great big knuckle bone in her gob. Thief!


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The Rovers Return had a Marstons IPA on offer at 1.50 a pint.

I could only have the one, the dog was in need of stuff.

by all means share it with the departed anyone might see on twitter etc.

https://open.spotify.com/user/neilochx/ … UYKuG6ja50

A collaborative list for OMJers.

I'll stick four up just to get it started.

Do the obscure band test, if they have enough of your lesser known likes go with them.


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zicoslovechild wrote:
Smutty Lips wrote:
zicoslovechild wrote:

Glan Letheran, on the bench in the `75 European Cup Final, as Harvey had been in a car accident, so Stewart was in goals.

Didn't Stewart play in the semi final vs Barcelona, the second leg at least.

Think he played in both games. I bet Letheran was shitting himself in Paris.

Jimmy Rimmer is the only English player to win European Cup Final medals with 2 different teams, or he was. Sub for Man u in `68 & seven minutes for Villa, before he got injured in `82.

Frank Gray did it before him but is of course scottish and one of his medals was a losers medal.


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Young footballers enjoying their wealth are easy targets. Is it their fault football has become such a huge business and they are in a position to exploit it, no one makes the clubs pass on all of the tv money to the players it's a choice? Would our lives be better if they were earning the relative peanuts that top notch players like Lawrence received?

Yes some of them are obnoxious shits but how many of them? A disproportionate amount?

We only know what the papers choose to tell us, the same papers that like to one day put them on a pedestal and the next day knock them down.


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zicoslovechild wrote:

Glan Letheran, on the bench in the `75 European Cup Final, as Harvey had been in a car accident, so Stewart was in goals.

Didn't Stewart play in the semi final vs Barcelona, the second leg at least.


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John Shaw goalie, my hazy memory is telling me both he and Glan Letheran played in the 1973 Uefa Cup tie at Hibs were a young Leeds side eliminated Hibs on Pens. I don't recall who started but I think the keeper got injured and the sub came on.

I also think John Shaw played in the aforementioned 0-4 1971 home defeat by Standard Liege in the inaugural Uefa Cup.

John Shaw went on to do alright at Bristol City.


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Googled Rod Johnson, right there at the start. Fair dos.


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Rod Johnson, who he?

Whilst on Rod's

Rod Belfitt


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I give you Keith Parkinson.


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Old Wharfedaler wrote:

Very good.
She'd probably get it if the circumstances were right!

What would they be? You'd got your hands on some rohypnol? big_smile


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I was okay snoring wise until i had my hip replacement, whilst recovering i learned to sleep on my back and i've snored ever since. I couldn't sleep on my back until then now i cannot stop.


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I'm guessing one of his appearances was in the 0-4 home loss in the 1971/72 Uefa Cup game vs Standard Liege.


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I'm coming around to the idea of having a man bag to keep my little nick-nacks in.


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A mouth irrigator. It took on a few lumps of wedged beef tonight and smashed them.

https://www.google.com/maps/@53.7206828 … 312!8i6656

Yes it is Warley.  I have played on it. Scored one of my favourite goals in that goal at the far end. Shoulder charged the keeper into the net Nat Lofthouse style, he landed over the line on his back with the ball still in his arms, I turned away to line up for the free kick to find the referee had given it. I only did it because we were losing 1-0 in the cup, we won 3-1. Their supporters went nuts.

Where's that pitch Placid, I feel like i should have played on it.

It's not Warley is it?


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Culturally i'm a desert nowadays.


Getting a dog.

Individual moment - as i said at the time, I was fistpumping like Denis Taylor on drugs when news came through of exit polls.

other highlights, Men's Handball World Championships last January, The Ladies Rugby World Cup. The Ladies Handball World Championship.

Lowlight, puts loads of work into modelling the Curling World Cup, didn't get it right, not too costly but put loads of effort into it for nowt.