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If that’s USB midi out then he’s fine. If it’s the classic style midi then you’ll need an interface with the old style midi which will push up the interface price.

Start by drawing the notes in or maybe get a £30 USB midi drum pad from eBay in the meantime.


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Space - my 20p below:

Windows Laptop like you mentioned

Ableton Live 10 Intro - £79

Novation LaunchKey 49 - £140 - https://www.gear4music.com/Keyboards-an … gJbyPD_BwE

Audio Interface Pack, with Mic and Monitor headphones - https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-an … gKHs_D_BwE

All the wires will come with the items.

The software gets pricey as you go up the features. The only big omission would be monitor speakers but rather than add that expense at the start I'd see if he keeps up with it and then you can add the speakers later.

I had a paid of these:

https://www.gear4music.com/Recording-an … gJn-PD_BwE

So that would be another £300 quid down the road.

Obviously eBay is your friend on this type of stuff - plenty start and pack it in pretty quickly.


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I’ll respond properly to my PM after the football space.


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Check your PM mate.


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Beautiful EM. Look after your lad.

placidcasual wrote:

Probably a LS incarnation

I suspect another of this parish...

Can't believe I've never heard of this.

I'll check it out.

Can't believe I've never heard of this.

I'll check it out.

Vardy deserves a mention for those last 15 minutes and the second half of extra time

He did enough to keep them thinking which was needed.

scootay wrote:

Rolling blackouts coastal fever - French press.

Best song I've heard so far this year and everything I have heard by them is fuckin ace

Long player just out.

It shall accompany my running session this afternoon.


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I was expecting a lot more from this thread on first look. And four posts later it completely redeems itself.


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No. But the fishbowls of Macau are fucking tempting at times.


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Not really sure what to say, Harvest.

There's a lot of flights and airport lounges.

Too many beers and cigarettes when pissed up.

Plenty of work flogging software to the casino industry in between who may or may not understand my accent.

I do lose a lot of stuff. It's very frustrating. My laptop bag is usually a precision weapon of global travel. But on this trip I have:

- Left my iPad in Manila airport
- Found my iPad a day later in Manila airport
- Left my headphone case with a charger in the back of a taxi. Could have been Manila or Macau. It's not clear.
- Losing the case means I have fucked up the volume down button on on aforementioned eye-wateringly expensive headphones that are of course without power
- Lost Ray Bans over the weekend

So could have been worse but definitely a few hundred quid down.

I can find myself in proper shit hotels and some rather luxury rooms. And all in between.

I have however now mastered the art of not gambling away all bonuses earned prior to actually closing deals.

Most places I travel too and better than Salford but my mates aren't there.

My girlfriend thinks I am married to a local out here and have a family in Saigon.

I'm not. I don't. But not a bad idea.


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Ha ha ha!!

Cutsyke wrote:

13 pints by the end of the England match?

I stared 4 hours before the game.

I’m not an animal wink

Russia match was dire. Jesus.

king of the slums wrote:
Loose Lips wrote:

I fucking love Hong Kong.

I did 4 years of it, every night is like that if you want it and are weak, no country for old men...

I am easily led.

Probably best I'm heading home in a few days.

I fucking love Hong Kong.

Yes all sundays should be like that.

I had 13 pints of various craft last night watching England projected onto a wall opposite a bar in a wet and rainy Hong Kong.

I am on my arse and down a pair of Ray Bans.

I cannot remember any of the goals.

Except a power header from Stones.


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90Piesanhour wrote:

Bargain basement buys, no marks from Italy's Sere B, players who can't get in to other Championship teams. It's all a bit cheapskate, isn't iit?

We'll never get out of this league by cutting corners. Simple as.

Bielsa strikes early!

https://amp.hitc.com/en-gb/2018/06/23/l … erry-mbak/

Some serious 70's vibes on here gents.


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This came alive today too:


Leif Garrett
David Cassidy
Alastair Burnett
Mr Claypole


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Watching a right mega bastard of a storm in the world’s largest car park.

That Duerte might be sorting out drug dealers but by Christ he needs some fucking bus lanes.

I have a meeting tomorrow 6 miles from my hotel at 10am. Leave at 8 they said.


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CBIT wrote:

fucking hell, remember when i snapped me banjo string when having an early shag with the future(now ex) Mrs CBIT, white sheets an all.

Happened to a mate.

Now known as Broken Cabriolet.

Says his foreskin moves backwards and forwards at will.

Ha said he had to wipe blood off the ceiling.