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Update on this. Looks like the software is very close to release but no set date and I’ve found a guy who looks like we can copy all the content over via some evil wizardry beyond even CBIT’s genius skills.

It will get a solid test before we throw you all in at the deep end and the switch gets flicked.

Just don’t blame me if this takes another 6 months...


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Bloody hell Mol, just bloody hell.

My heart goes out to you.

What Rudi said.


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Dom Matteo's was ace.


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Undr The Cosh

https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/und … 33984?mt=2


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Michael Brown getting recorded today. Could be in interesting.


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That's my next one on the way to work.


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Huey Off The Record - poor sound quality but some great discussions.

His mates from New York King, Uncle Mike and the Goldie two parter. Ace.


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Every pill I ever took made me shit before it kicked in.

Every one. Every time.


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danpiesley wrote:

I for one hope so to feed my irrational dislike of The Villa.

I share that dislike.


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https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/ … tour-at-78

Carry's on from that Jawbone song. Some acoutic crackers on there. Listened three times at work yesterday. It passed the day very nicely.


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Make a documentary about the feud.

'Hunting Banksy - A misunderstanding in Paris kick starts a world wide search for the truth over a of a piece of concrete, the FBI, shady underworld criminals and an LUFC forum.'


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Did you actually meet him FK or was it one of his team on his behalf?


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king of the slums wrote:
fuzzy dunlop wrote:

Use of the word queer aside, I'm sure there'll be loads of gay people who would agree that bumming for a bet is as gay as a window.

big_smile love it.

Here's an OMJ tangent for you...

This reminds me of the time a mate of mine went after someone on FB for using the phrase "girl crush" - he absolutely battered this lass down for using the term in relation to Lana Del Rey, who she claimed she had a "girl crush on." Mate is quite savvy and down with the LGBTQ disco crew he replied back with, "if you do have a genuine girl-crush on this woman that means you 100% want to stick your tongue right up her fanny. It's black and white, there's no middle ground, you're either a Les or a Bi, that's where the line is and there's no watching from the sidelines on this. Now do you want to stick you tongue right up this woman's juiced up box or not...?"

And I've hated that turn of phrase ever since that consummate roasting...

People that use phrases like "girl crush," and "spirit animal," are the same types that like Burlesque and Vicar & Tarts parties, they are the fucking worst of people, usually work in HR and should be shot!

Did she?


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king of the slums wrote:

Still as a ginner it's always ace to see the swarthy kids that took the piss out of gingers at school all having (proper) ginger kids. It's one of the only satisfactions I can still get out of FB. Watching them patch up their kids with Detolled cotton swabs after another ruck at school, the hunter becoming the hunted..

My boy came out with a full head of hair. Definite red lilt without doubt. Plenty of red heds in my family. It keeps changing two weeks in, almost blonde some days. Lets see which genes prevail.


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Need Wednesday to hold West Brom to a draw.


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Forget the game.

Three points.


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Lovely stuff from Roberts.


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We edged the half but missing shootinng boots.

Alioski involved everything. Unfortunately.


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Ahhh yes. Trouble Will Find Me. Of course. Its in lyric of the song.