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Mega Armageddon Chickens wrote:
Harvest wrote:

Most Millwall I've ever seen at our place for a league game, can't remember what they brought in the play offs, something similar I'd imagine.

They completely bossed the first half. We were all over the place. They should have scored after 10 seconds, Wiedwald pushing a shot out instead of the more straightforward catch. Having said that Lassoga should have done so much better with an early header, either side of the keeper for 1-0.

Every ball into the box they won, like we had lead on our boots. Little in the way of challenges in the air. We were crying out for a proper holding midfielder, a Batty, a Dacourt. Crazy situation with their first. Goal disallowed sixty seconds earlier and without taking a breath it's in the net again. At 2-0 down I was screaming for them to go mental, foul someone, get a booking, anything. Cooper does all this and more. Not quite what I was after. Harsh sending off and why did it take two minutes but he's simply not good enough. He'd already given it away twice.

I'd thrown the towel in at half time but fair play, great start and great goal from Lassoga. A scrambled goal from Roofe and we're back in it. Hernandez was having a stormer second half and Berardi was clattering anything that moved. Magnificent goal for 3-2 from Lassoga, me and the lad screaming Yeeeessss at each other. We did the right thing and kept attacking. Millwall were wobbling all over. When the inevitable happened for 3-3, I'd have settled for that, fair result, but the fucking flukey cunts. What a bastard. Felt like I'd been punched in the stomach. Thirty seconds later we nearly equalised for four all. That would have been bonkers.

Conclusions. Cooper's made himself look a tit and with Phillips’ booking we now have four suspensions. Not exactly ideal to launch a play off surge.
Viera never looked fit to start. Jansson should concentrate on being a good player instead of the dramatics. Keeper's shit. Lassoga shows that with service he'll score.
Difficult Feb/March coming up. I think we'll struggle now to be honest. Really fucked off about today though.

Good call about Viera and Jansson who I thought quite fancied getting himself sent off for the second game running.

Are they running a sending off competition ? They'll not beat Coops.

Cheers H.

What a fucking cluster fuck we are.

First game back for me.

We all knew deep down it was going to happen, right?


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Fucking loads.


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Oh god....is that true?


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Got a mate coming whose an Arsenal fans.

He's a bit overexcited by the chance of seeing from friction outside the ground pre-game.

I told him to enjoy it because during the game he's going to experience something completely different in terms of class.

OMJ Radio.

Subverting IT policies since 2003.

Pretty sure no.

Just the iPhone/mobile app.

It's the synth pan pipes.

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Misura wrote:
king of the slums wrote:

Wont let me add, probably as I registered in Hong Kong..

Same here (not the HK bit). It's shit, i've got a cracking frank ocean cover of canned heat song that i want to put on, and i'm stymied.

Here's my boys, 


Just yes.


'Like a Ship'

Whoever put that on is a soulful dude.

Ace so far - who needs 6 Music?

Rudi wrote:
placidcasual wrote:

I went out with a girl who didnt like music, it didnt last. She were filth tho

The good Lord giveth and he taketh away ...

I feel were all a lot closer. Thanks to Spotify.

Bizzarely, a very good friend hates music. In fact two, but one doesn’t know it.

The first only has the soundtrack from Kevin and Perry Go Large.

The second had Counting Crows’ first record and, in another soundtrack related moment of madness, music from the Godfather.

It’s always confused me.

Not taking the piss. Its astonishly good.



Untilted Unmastered.

Play it once and let me know.


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Or Neil Young. I’d be well pissed off.

placidcasual wrote:

LL the Marvin Gaye tune is ace

My favourite of his. It’s the groove. It sounds like a first take. Pure genius.

Sometimes they come back...

danpiesley wrote:

I can't add - I have premium, have followed but does not show the playlist when I try and add. 

FML - I hate technology most of the time.

Yeah could be.

The web app didn’t allow it.

The Windows and iPhone app did.

Misura wrote:

How the fuck do I sort this out? I've sign up; how do i put a song ont' list?

Once you have signed up (you might need to be premium not sure) 'Follow' the list.

Then search for any song, hit the three dotted menu button and select playlist, and add it to OMJ Radio.

scootay wrote:

Fucks sake.. who's put Frank ocean on there?

I'm out..

All part of the fun Scoots.

All part of the fun...

Smutty has set up a collaborative Spotify playlist.

Anyone can join.

https://open.spotify.com/user/neilochx/ … UYKuG6ja50

Feel free to follow then add tracks of your choosing.

We're adding 4 at a time - let's try and get a broad mix on there from all OMJ Spotify users.

Sorted. It just seemed to start working.

I'm moving to it's own thread.

I'm a moron,

I've followed but I don't get the option to add any music.

Any idea?

Might not be so hard.