Ah well, variety is the spice of life is it not.

Downloaded the two part History of the Eagles at the weekend. Fab stuff, Don Henley and Glenn Frey the enforcers in the band, told it like it was.

Recommended viewing if you haven't seen it.


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That word. Inevitable. Even at 2-0 up. There's a truth in the saying that you can score too early. Give me a 90 + 5 winner any day.


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Auntie Bessies?


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Great writing about true love, Harvest. Those who know it don't need to say it every two minutes. Hope your Dad is recovering, take care of him as I'm sure you will.

Get your lad that moon on a stick too!


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Tell you what the ECB's got a lot to answer for hasn't it? First Kevin Pieterson, now this.


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Watched it on catch-up yesterday. Looks like it might be worth staying with so far.


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I think John Giles mentioned this in his autobiography. A couple of years later Giles booted McCready into the stands and when the latter complained was told that it was payback for this incident.


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CRP - Customer Replaceable Part. There must be an A that would fit surely?


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Don't think it needs an ex player to tell you that two left footers at centre half is a recipe for disaster. That said, and I've said it before, professionals should at least be able to put their 'bad' foot through a ball when necessary. Another weekend fouled up, I wish I didn't care.


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We've a houseful of JD Sports duffel-type bags. I think they send one out with every order.


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My very first pair were like those ankle covering ones like those in the cartoon earlier in this thread, given to me by my Auntie Grace when their Terence had grown out of them. I don't think I actually played a game in them, it would have been too embarrassing even in the early sixties. Most striking feature of them was the nailed-on leather (I think) studs.

Later on became a Puma King devotee as many seem to be.


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Played against Armthorpe a few times at football. Sometimes got a bit tasty but the worst round there were Edlington, no love lost there.


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Farce it is. Named driver ploy and black box together with pass-plus or whatever it's called.

Thought all three weren't bad but a little disappointed that the Bay City Roller craze didn't feature more prominently in the 70's one ;-)

All in all worth a watch but a little too much emphasis on some of the more esoteric fashions rather than the mainstream terrace type.


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They have an excellent youth setup as well.


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Brilliant stuff. Lou Macari came out of it really well too.


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My thoughts are with you, hope all turns out well.


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Don't use Aviva. Worse than fucking useless.


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Enjoyed it generally. 'Keeper looks the business, good with crosses but let's see what his shot-stopping's like.

Worried me that there were three left footers in the back 4, not least because none of them seems to have any idea how to switch to their right. These are professionals for fucks sake, surely they could make an effort in training to practice with their other foot so that they can at least put their laces through it when needed?

We got out of jail with the disallowed goal, abiut time we had a bit of luck mind.


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Twat in the office uses 'Going forward' at every opportunity. Also, answering the 'phone with 'Good morning, who's calling the Golden Shot?' is funny for perhaps the first couple of times, but not EVERY time.


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Just had an email from Sky saying it's free on Sky Sports 1 this weekend. Bastards.


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Sorry to hear that Travis - hope your memories will help you bear the loss.


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Agree with the need for electronic ignition. had a TV 175 back in the day and the splines on the kickstart sheared off - a pain the arse to start after that!