Cathy Hargreaves (Grange Hill)
Julie Walters


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Sat in sunshine at Preston Under Scar admiring Pen Hill. Deciding which pub to go to for some dinner.

Cheers Reg.

Reggie Perrin wrote:
Ray Hankin's shorts wrote:

Is there anywhere on Facebook or Twatter that we can help publicise this?

Have a look on Bryn's or Eddy Treloar's Twitter, should be something.

Eddy’s set-up a Facebook page. But i’m not on FB so can’t help you more than that.

Reg- you on Facebook?

Reggie Perrin wrote:
Tolley wrote:

What's the capacity of the Hyde Park Book Club? From the outside, the place looks tiny.

Not been in but looks ok:

120. Venue part is in basement.

The next Odd Job Promotions event is in collaboration with The Leeds Welsh Society and is a Libertino Records Showcase featuring ARGRPH, Los Blancos and Papur Wal.

Date - Saturday 30th June

Venue - Hyde Park Book Club, Headingley Lane, Leeds

Price - £5

Biographies of groups involved are:

ARGRPH exist in the gloaming – the space between night and day. Through sunshine ambience with twilight lyrical themes, ARGRPH create a soundtrack to dreams we lost in youth.

Starting off under a blanket of mystery, the music of ARGRPH could not remain hidden. After the inevitable gig offers came in, the band galvanised around Emyr Sion Taylor’s distinctive, surf imbued delicate melodies. Created out of a sense of isolation and with the stirring tide of Aberystwyth beach as a canvas for inspiration, Emyr painfully dug into his own psyche and wrote bruising and honest songs that are at once beautiful, yet also unsettling.

ARGRPH have established themselves as a ferocious live band saying a million different things and conveying a huge spectrum of emotions through a select choice of words and crashing chords. The Summer of 2017 saw the band play Wales’s most influential festivals in Green Man and Festival No 6.

With the release of two successful singles in ‘Tywod’ and ‘CYMORTH’ on the Libertino Record Label and the double A side 'Llosgi Mi / Llawn' ARGRPH are at the forefront of the new sound breaking out of Wales.

Los Blancos:

Los Blancos are the embodiment of the quiet confidence that underpins the Alt/Pop scene growing rapidly in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. There is no compromise to Los Blancos's sound, they are unashamedly creatively open, with songs bursting with the drunken passion and abandonment of The Replacements and Mac Demaco's playful joy - the joy of creating within the four walls of the rehearsal space.

Los Blancos are a band bonded in friendship, Gwyn, Dewi, Emyr and Osian have known each other since school days. The band is an extension of that friendship where musical and lyrical honesty are paramount.

"Los Blancos are the band of which we would all like to be members, a classic line up of two guitars, vocals, bass and drums and a gift for turning the melancholic and insular into the universal. They are beat up converse, rusty strings, cheap beer and heartfelt lyrics written on the back of half empty cigarette packets. With a record collection in love with the left field American alternative scene of the early 90s Pavement, Brian Johnstown Massacre and the emotional punch that is Gwyn Rosser's voice this is a band re-defining Welsh pop music as one raw, immediate and relevant, a balm to a breaking world” - Libertino

Papur Wal:

Papur Wal are a four-piece slacker/art rock outfit originally from North and West Wales, based in Cardiff. The band are massively influenced by the 90s American underground movement. With pretty but ugly, Alt/Indie Rock with lethargic vocals and harmonies, infused with chorusy tones of alternately tuned guitars, wandering, melodic bass-lines and innovative drum beats. Papur Wal sing in both Welsh and English, following in the footsteps of the heroes of their adolescence such as Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Monkey. The band members' met in University through their obsession for music, and finally decided to write and play songs together 2 and a half years later.

Tickets on sale via See Tickets or Jumbo Records or direct from myself.


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Ferens Art Gallery
Hull Maritime Museum
Humber Street Gallery

All worth a visit.


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Different and nice touch for Ayrton Senna portrait.

Young Marxist at Tescos wrote:

Been pondering about this for ages.  Still am.

Any tickets left?

I got a spare.

Rudi wrote:

Leeds heads - where's the best parking spot near the venue?

Multi storey on Trafalgar Street is 24x7 and reasonable.


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Yes, Sparks.

CBIT wrote:

Is that No Exit Reserves in Division 4?


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scootay wrote:

Ok my list is this..the odd clash obviously and the beer will decide plus who I'm with might have other ideas .... but..

12 - wardrobe - idles
1.15 wardrobe - the blinders
1.30 - brudenell - hatchie
2- trinity- far Caspian
2.45 - stylus  - superorganism
2.45 - key club - the snuts
3 15 - wardrobe  - giant party
4 - stylus - indigo project
4.30 - h t church - stereo honey
4.45 - academy - sunset son's
5 - Beckett- fling
5 - stylus I.s - the night cafe
5.45 - Belgrave 2 - white room
6 - oporto - bloxx
7 - n o shopkeepers - touts
8 - brudenell - boy azooga
8.30 - wardrobe- yak
9.15 - Beckett - British sea power

Or I might watch haye/bellew

See you at White Room or Touts

Misura wrote:

Is Roy Liverpool's first artisan drug dealer? Or is than someone else?

One and the same.

Shameless Plug for next Odd Job Promotions event...

Saturday 26th May - Fox & Newt.  £5 for three top quality acts.  Tickets available direct from me or in / online at Crash Records and Jumbo Records.

Biographies below for anyone not already familiar with Professor Yaffle, Nick Ellis and Roy.  All of whom have supported Michael Head on at least one occasion.

Professor Yaffle – Hailing from Liverpool, the Yaffle lads will be making their first ever live appearance in Leeds at The Fox and Newt. It’s quite a coup for Oddjob Promotions to get them over as the headline act on a Scouse themed night, they’re a band that get many requests to play live but their appearances to date have been few and far between.
The pressure will be growing on them to get out and about a bit more now that they’ve got round to releasing their first album, Cosmic Lullabies. Actually, they’ve got so much material to share, it’s a double album, and mighty fine it is too. 6music’s Tom Robinson has been a longtime fan and, over the years,  he’s played a number of the tracks that now feature on ‘Lullabies’ on his show.
There’s a lot going on in the music, but there’s a real West Coast vibe that underpins everything, that’s West Coast USA, rather than UK, but hey, it’s Liverpool, where they’ve imported and exported so much great music. Expect great musicianship, harmonies, and what they describe as psyche-folk.  The band’s leader and songwriter, Lee Rogers, writes about what he sees around him, the good and the bad, pub crawls, death, drug addiction, even Everton football club.

Nick Ellis –  Nick has built up a loyal fan base in the city and beyond with his regular trips across the M62. Signed to Mellowtone Records, he’s recently released his 3rd album in 2 years, Adult Fiction, following swiftly on the heels of Daylight Ghosts and Grace and Danger.
Again, the songwriting craft and the melody’s all important, Nick blends streetscape narrative-noir with a classic British acoustic approach. Using a blend of rhythmic attack and finger-quick lucidity, his sound has been described as “a conversation between Elvis Costello and John Martyn.”.

Of his songwriting, Nick says, “I see my songs as chapters and scenes. My albums as movies and books. Except in this film, the stories are true.”.

Roy – Roy’s making his second Oddjob appearance, so we must be doing something right. Memorably, he appeared on stage in a gasmask on that first occasion. That’s a daring bit of stagecraft for a guy who’s a storyteller, a raconteur, a little bit comedian, a little bit poet, a little bit happy, a little bit sad. Continuing the blue theme, he’s an Evertonian and his love/hate relationship with the club does occasionally feature in his work. But Roy’s about the bigger picture and his observations on the world he sees around him, the life he’s led, have earned him support slots on the same bill as the legendary Michael Head. So, it’s only right that Roy comes back to help us kick off a top night of music from the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey.


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CBIT wrote:

The music is fine, its just his droning voice that kills it. There's a reason he was the bass player and not the singer.

Doesn’t sing, shouts and growls. Lemmy has a voice of an angel in comparison to Hook.


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Got a ticket for this.


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Thursday 1st November.

Tickets on sale tomorrow morning (Wed 18 April) at 0900.

Misura wrote:
Odd Job wrote:
scootay wrote:

What are we all wearing?

I want everyone to post in the what are you wearing thread on gig day so I can spot you

The weather on the day will dictate what I wear...

It's indoors. smile

Gig is indoor but if HJ is kind enough to treat us to his post gig cabaret act on the rooftop terrace, I will need to be prepared for the elements up there.

scootay wrote:

What are we all wearing?

I want everyone to post in the what are you wearing thread on gig day so I can spot you

The weather on the day will dictate what I wear...


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hendersonjones wrote:
scootay wrote:
hendersonjones wrote:

Red elastics , the the , China crisis and oddjobs next promotion

Odd jobs was Saturday 7th HJ.. I couldn't go had a fiftieth birthday in Manchester

Think he’s got something lined up for next month

Sat 26 May - Professor Yaffle, Nick Ellis and our very own Roy (the poster previously known as Jakey). All for a £5, bargain!

hendersonjones wrote:
Odd Job wrote:
hendersonjones wrote:

My advise is to stay well clear of the roof terrace after the gig , went up after the howie payne gig after entertaining a few dozen students i had to be escorted home and put in a taxi , I'm gonna be on my best behaviour the wife is coming to this also .

Misura were usual the middle aged farmers stood at the back

The memory of this makes me chuckle every time. Sorry HJ.

I won’t be doing it again

Very disappointing.

hendersonjones wrote:
Reggie Perrin wrote:
Misura wrote:

Everyone off here, except Harvest & TT (Who is skiiing in Whistler). It should be a cracker, one of those 'once in a generation, where were you?' moments. smile

Can't wait.  Going to make a night of it, no pissing about.

My advise is to stay well clear of the roof terrace after the gig , went up after the howie payne gig after entertaining a few dozen students i had to be escorted home and put in a taxi , I'm gonna be on my best behaviour the wife is coming to this also .

Misura were usual the middle aged farmers stood at the back

The memory of this makes me chuckle every time. Sorry HJ.


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Went to Guiseley today.  Stating the obvious but they're definitely down and deservedly so, absolute garbage.  So one place that Halifax don't need to worry about.  Would be surprised if Guiseley register another win before the end of the season.

The goal they 'scored' today was comedy gold.  Gentle back pass from the Leyton Orient back left back then a combination of their Keeper taking his eye off the ball and it bobbling, resulted in the softest of own goals.  Worse than Paul Robinson's for England.


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