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placidcasual wrote:

I stick some of it one when my hair is wet in the morning and let it dry. Don't do owt with it all day then.

Explains a lot...


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Booked Manny.

Shameless plug for latest Oddjob Promotions night - Saturday 24th November

Fox & Newt, 9 Burley Street, Leeds LS3 1LD

Tickets (£10) - available from See Tickets or direct from me.

Three bands - The Tea Street Band, The Sundowns & Elson.


The Tea Street Band

Over their time together, The Tea Street Band have created something of a cult following across the UK.  Yet, further afield, during their debut album campaign, the band travelled as far as Seoul, Europe, Australia, and America.

The band have gained support from tastemakers such as Huw Stephens, John Kennedy, Janice Long, Clint Boon, and Rob Da Bank.

The band now return with their second full-length record, which is due out late 2018 via their new home, ModernSky UK.

The Tea Street Band are formed of Timo Tierney on vocals and guitar, Nick Otaegui on bass and vocals, Lee Smith on guitar and synth and Dom Allen on drums.

The Sundowns

The Sundowns are a 4 piece Indie/Alternative Rock band based in Sheffield who have played venues such as Maida Vale, Record Junkee and The Shakespeare. They have also played Sheffield 02 Academy supporting ‘The Kavaliers’ and are set to have some more pretty big support slots throughout the year.

The Sundowns have appeared on JetStream Radio and are in the playlist of BBC introducing Sheffield. They have written and recorded original material, 'Weekender' being their first demo release and ‘House Party at Eight’ their first EP release, which included the tracks ' House Party at 8 & No name'.


Elson takes from stylistic cues Nilsson, the two Buckleys’ and Sparklehorse to concoct a close and intimate songwriting style. He has made appearances supporting acts such as Silences, Household Dogs and the Gaslight Folk Club. Elson is entering the studio to record his first ‘real’ tracks in October.


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Great to see and catch up with CBIT and DDLC. Saw most of same stuff as CBIT. Other honourable mentions to Asian Dub Foundation playing the soundtrack to La Haine,The Fernweh and John Bramwell acoustic.

Camping wasn’t as bad as I feared. Although pitching my tent away from my two sons’ Leeds Festival re-enactment certainly helped. A complete revelation to them was that you took down a tent and took it away with its contents at the end of the festival.

As CBIT said a great festival and a real shame it’s not happening next year.

CBIT - 3am ‘chicken’ is a disappointing omission...!


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Odd Job wrote:
Odd Job wrote:

Went to a gig at Band On The Wall in Manchester on Tuesday night and ventured into Piccadilly in search of a cashpoint on account that all non-Bank cashpoints now seem to charge £1.85 for the privilege of drawing your own money out.

First thoughts were some major incident had recently happened given the number of Police and Paramedics in attendance tending to casualties.  Soon realised they all seemed to be suffering from the effects of spice, one looked quite badly injured given the amount of his own blood he was laying in from a head injury.

Worryingly most people were just scuttling through going about their business not batting an eyelid.

Bad that this is now an accepted norm.


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CBIT wrote:

Am off to festival no6 with him tomorrow

See the pair of you there.


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placidcasual wrote:

We were fucking boss today. The most complete performance Ive witnessed for a long long time.

Hernandez & Phiips outstanding

Fingers crossed you’re staying in some Norwich B&B shithole tonight so we get photos like those from Swansea.

hendersonjones wrote:

Il have some of that odd job

Cheers HJ.

Shameless plug for latest Oddjob Promotions night - Saturday 22nd September

Fox & Newt, 9 Burley Street, Leeds LS3 1LD

Tickets (£5) - available from Jumbo, See Tickets or direct from me.

Two bands this time - The Shipbuilders (Liverpool) playing their first gig in Leeds and local lads - Jabbawoki.


The Shipbuilders:

The band has been in it's current line-up since 2016, consisting of Matty Loughlin-Day (vocals and guitar), Nicky McGrane (bass), Danny Lee (guitar) and Graeme Sullivan (drums). In terms of forming the band, we've all been mates for years (Matty and Nicky are even brothers-in-law!) and have been in various bands across the city for a number of years.  The band came together after the last band Matty was in split and he was left with a plethora of songs and needed a vehicle for them. Inspiration for the name came to Matty upon hearing 'Shipbuilding' by Elvis Costello on the night Margaret Thatcher died, which, combined with a distant history of actual shipbuilders in the family and the city's proud tradition of literally shipbuilding, seemed a fine fit for a band moniker.

Main influences in the songwriting do include typical scouse royalty (Shack, The Coral etc.), but also artists from further afield, such as Tom Waits, The Pogues and Van Morrison - artists who can write a song you can whistle, but cover them in layers of weirdness and dirt. We have recently released a double A-side 7" vinyl through Chester-based label Mai 68 Records, 'Fault Line/Wild Atlantic Way', which is available to buy online via Bandcamp and is on Spotify/Deezer etc.

We've been playing around the country over the past year or so and have been lucky enough to support Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band, among others and are hoping to continue touring the country into next year..

We're hoping to have another single out before the end of the year and look to continue our residency in the Shipping Forecast, a night called 'Shipwrecked' which has seen bands like Jo Mary and Sunstack Jones share the stage with us.


Jabbawoki are a Leeds based band that formed in 2012. The group is a four piece that draw ideas from all corners of music and consists of two guitars, Finlay Vallance and Tom Cranston - on vocals, boomin bass, Matthew Edmunds and the undisputed king of rhythm Max Lord.

Through playing together, Jabbawoki have developed a unique sound which encompass' elements of rap, indie and jazz. After all how many guitar bands incorporate West coast hip hop into their sets?


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king of the slums wrote:

I know the lads that made this, and a few lads in it as well.

It's top draw and a real labour of love.

Should have got one of the Norwegian lot to DJ for you smile

The film proves if you're left to your devices, you will eventually find Disco.. smile

Good luck, it's a great film.

That was the original plan but unfortunately the availability of the necessary people and venue couldn't coincide...

Got a compilation of his - Watergate 15, that’s a decent listen.


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My dad’s pal owned a printing company who’d printed some promotional materials including a calendar for Clarke’s, where Sutcliffe worked. Upon his arrest, they were visited and all print materials were ceased due to them featuring Sutcliffe. Police were keen for pictures of him not to get into the public domain.

Cathy Hargreaves (Grange Hill)
Julie Walters


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Sat in sunshine at Preston Under Scar admiring Pen Hill. Deciding which pub to go to for some dinner.

Cheers Reg.

Reggie Perrin wrote:
Ray Hankin's shorts wrote:

Is there anywhere on Facebook or Twatter that we can help publicise this?

Have a look on Bryn's or Eddy Treloar's Twitter, should be something.

Eddy’s set-up a Facebook page. But i’m not on FB so can’t help you more than that.

Reg- you on Facebook?

Reggie Perrin wrote:
Tolley wrote:

What's the capacity of the Hyde Park Book Club? From the outside, the place looks tiny.

Not been in but looks ok: 


120. Venue part is in basement.

The next Odd Job Promotions event is in collaboration with The Leeds Welsh Society and is a Libertino Records Showcase featuring ARGRPH, Los Blancos and Papur Wal.

Date - Saturday 30th June

Venue - Hyde Park Book Club, Headingley Lane, Leeds

Price - £5

Biographies of groups involved are:

ARGRPH exist in the gloaming – the space between night and day. Through sunshine ambience with twilight lyrical themes, ARGRPH create a soundtrack to dreams we lost in youth.

Starting off under a blanket of mystery, the music of ARGRPH could not remain hidden. After the inevitable gig offers came in, the band galvanised around Emyr Sion Taylor’s distinctive, surf imbued delicate melodies. Created out of a sense of isolation and with the stirring tide of Aberystwyth beach as a canvas for inspiration, Emyr painfully dug into his own psyche and wrote bruising and honest songs that are at once beautiful, yet also unsettling.

ARGRPH have established themselves as a ferocious live band saying a million different things and conveying a huge spectrum of emotions through a select choice of words and crashing chords. The Summer of 2017 saw the band play Wales’s most influential festivals in Green Man and Festival No 6.

With the release of two successful singles in ‘Tywod’ and ‘CYMORTH’ on the Libertino Record Label and the double A side 'Llosgi Mi / Llawn' ARGRPH are at the forefront of the new sound breaking out of Wales.

Los Blancos:

Los Blancos are the embodiment of the quiet confidence that underpins the Alt/Pop scene growing rapidly in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. There is no compromise to Los Blancos's sound, they are unashamedly creatively open, with songs bursting with the drunken passion and abandonment of The Replacements and Mac Demaco's playful joy - the joy of creating within the four walls of the rehearsal space.

Los Blancos are a band bonded in friendship, Gwyn, Dewi, Emyr and Osian have known each other since school days. The band is an extension of that friendship where musical and lyrical honesty are paramount.

"Los Blancos are the band of which we would all like to be members, a classic line up of two guitars, vocals, bass and drums and a gift for turning the melancholic and insular into the universal. They are beat up converse, rusty strings, cheap beer and heartfelt lyrics written on the back of half empty cigarette packets. With a record collection in love with the left field American alternative scene of the early 90s Pavement, Brian Johnstown Massacre and the emotional punch that is Gwyn Rosser's voice this is a band re-defining Welsh pop music as one raw, immediate and relevant, a balm to a breaking world” - Libertino

Papur Wal:

Papur Wal are a four-piece slacker/art rock outfit originally from North and West Wales, based in Cardiff. The band are massively influenced by the 90s American underground movement. With pretty but ugly, Alt/Indie Rock with lethargic vocals and harmonies, infused with chorusy tones of alternately tuned guitars, wandering, melodic bass-lines and innovative drum beats. Papur Wal sing in both Welsh and English, following in the footsteps of the heroes of their adolescence such as Super Furry Animals and Gorky's Zygotic Monkey. The band members' met in University through their obsession for music, and finally decided to write and play songs together 2 and a half years later.

Tickets on sale via See Tickets or Jumbo Records or direct from myself.


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Ferens Art Gallery
Hull Maritime Museum
Humber Street Gallery

All worth a visit.


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Different and nice touch for Ayrton Senna portrait.

Young Marxist at Tescos wrote:

Been pondering about this for ages.  Still am.

Any tickets left?

I got a spare.

Rudi wrote:

Leeds heads - where's the best parking spot near the venue?

Multi storey on Trafalgar Street is 24x7 and reasonable.


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Yes, Sparks.

CBIT wrote:


Is that No Exit Reserves in Division 4?


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scootay wrote:

Ok my list is this..the odd clash obviously and the beer will decide plus who I'm with might have other ideas .... but..

12 - wardrobe - idles
1.15 wardrobe - the blinders
1.30 - brudenell - hatchie
2- trinity- far Caspian
2.45 - stylus  - superorganism
2.45 - key club - the snuts
3 15 - wardrobe  - giant party
4 - stylus - indigo project
4.30 - h t church - stereo honey
4.45 - academy - sunset son's
5 - Beckett- fling
5 - stylus I.s - the night cafe
5.45 - Belgrave 2 - white room
6 - oporto - bloxx
7 - n o shopkeepers - touts
8 - brudenell - boy azooga
8.30 - wardrobe- yak
9.15 - Beckett - British sea power

Or I might watch haye/bellew

See you at White Room or Touts