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“Fell asleep on the train. I wound up in bloody Beeston (sic)”

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Loose Lips wrote:

Bizzarely, a very good friend hates music. In fact two, but one doesn’t know it.

The first only has the soundtrack from Kevin and Perry Go Large.

The second had Counting Crows’ first record and, in another soundtrack related moment of madness, music from the Godfather.

It’s always confused me.

My business partner is 34 And he's never bought a single piece of music in his life

He also drives without his seatbelt on and can happily sit there with the fuckin warning beepz getting louder and louder. I feel like I'm gonna explode and then have to ask him calmly to plug the fuckin thing in. Only way it could be worse is if the alarm noise was fuckin Adele singing

Or Billy Ocean

Sounds like the going’s got tough for Scoots already

“Get some ‘Northern‘ on”


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MacDonalds, Newton Le Willows

In no particular order, the LPs I've enjoyed this year are:

LCD Soundsystem - American Dream
The Allergies - Push On
Professor Yaffle - Cosmic Lullabies
Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band - Adious Señor Pussycat
Nick Ellis - Adult Fiction
Bicep - Bicep
Warm Digits - Wireless World
Chk! Chk! Chk! - Shake The Shudder
Golden Teacher - No Luscious Life
Craven Faults - Netherfield Works
Galaxians - Let The Rhythm In
Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens
Fujiya & Miyagi - Fujiya & Miyagi
Lindstrom - It's Alright Between Us As It Is
Andrew Weatherall - Qualia
Pete Wylie - Pete Sounds


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Reggie Perrin wrote:

Anyone off to see these in November?  "OBL presents!"

25th Nov, Fox and Newt, Burley Street.

Great spot Reggie.

Usual format - 3 bands, £5.  Saturday 25th November at Fox & Newt on Burley Road, the bands featuring include:

Two bands from north Wales make their debut appearance in Leeds on this bill.

Headliners, Omaloma are a five piece who play psychedelic pop music from the slopes of the mountains of Snowdonia.

Two singles have attracted a heap of global radio attention and earn them a headline slot on the BBC Introducing.. stage at this year’s Latitude festival. It’s sweet mind music, ‘space pop’ for space cadets.

Recordiau Cae Gwyn label mates, Lastigband will be joining them on the journey over from the west. They stated in 2016 from the ashes of Sen Segur and Memory Clinic and have developed a reputation for playing psych pop with the occasional toe dipped into dynamic experimental rock.

Radio 1’s Huw Stephens identified Lastigband as one of his stand out acts at Green Man festival, 2016.

Hobson won’t have as far to travel as this is a hometown gig for them. They’re a 7 piece indie/folk/rock band, drawing influences from acts as diverse as The Beautiful South, Nirvana and Queen!

Chuck in lots of other cultural influences and a growing reputation for a great live show and you’ve got an act you really need to check out.

Tickets available at Crash and Jumbo.  or direct from me to avoid paying a booking fee.

Travis Bickle wrote:

We walked past Nigel Blackwell on the way back to the car....

Right, that's my highlight out of the way.

First away game for the eldest.
They lost 4-2. Looked at one point like it would end up 9-2.
I'm beginning to see why so many of the die hards think that Heath, the manager, has reached his limit. They were second best for most of today. And never really looked like taking control. Heath doesn't seem to know his best 11 and his substitutions appear entirely random.
He's very much from the 'shout loudly and they'll get it' school. The sort fourth officials must fucking hate after about 10 minutes.

Tranmere are a Football League side in the wrong division. I reckon they could get promoted if they play like they did today. Norwood went off injured after 25 minutes. Thank god he did. He'd run Town ragged in the Cup and started where he left off. Cocky bastard but you know you'd love him if he was in your team. Gave Garner, Town's centre-half some stick after the first goal. Obviously something had gone on. Mottley-Henry (sounds like a kid's book) was good for them.

They were two up after nine minutes. A long day in prospect...
Town steadied things a little but they were second to almost everything.
Tranmere were fitter and quicker and seemed much more composed when they had the ball. I haven't rated Town's 10, Connor Oliver, since I started watching them and today showed why. He loses the ball so cheaply. You can't have your 'playmaker' doing that. Clarke replaced him and seemed to offer a bit more fight.

I still maintain that there's a half decent team in there somewhere for Halifax. Kosylo shows flashes of play worthy of League 1 or 2. My daughter's favourite, Josh McDonald, made a real difference when he came on. Classic winger play, taking the man on and whipping decent crosses in. Bloke behind us was saying that he'd heard Heath giving him the dog's abuse a couple of weeks ago. Exactly what a young and talented but nervous player doesn't need.

Off the pitch there were more firsts. She saw her first ejections ('I think they've had too much to drink Dad'). To be fair to the stewards and coppers, they had a refreshing attitude to it all. A lot of talking and having a laugh before they had to step in. I know football has changed but they weren't the usual hi-viz Hitlers you see at so many grounds, be it football, RL, cricket, whatever.
Town's 'Mob' were a sight to behold. Up there with the ugliest crew you'll ever see. They were loud and pissed and there was a fair few of them. Funny watching the 14-year olds in Stone Island and reissues. Not sure about them skinny jeans mind. Apparently Town have a few on banning orders although I guess you don't need to do much for one these days.
One other thing that was different was the amount of actual chanting. We sit in the main stand at home games so there's not really any singing around us. I flinched at the first 'Your support is fucking shit' but she smiled and reminded me that she hears worse from the year six boys.
Lovely moment when I caught her out of the corner of my eye joining in with a chorus of 'Come On Shaymen'.
She's definitely a fan. I had wondered whether this was all just about spending a day with Dad but she's a Town supporter. Knows the squad and is learning the game. Spotted an offside and called for a booking for diving (they did quite a bit of that). Nice to hear her moan 'they've got two drums and a trumpet Dad'.
All in all a great day out (she loved the Mersey Tunnel). I reckon Macclesfield will be the next away trip on Boxing Day.

The result was shit but she's ready for Woking at home on the 11th...
This was at 4-2 down....

Look forward to these.  Always finish reading them with a smile and a sense of well being.  Cheers Trav.


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Rudi wrote:

Yeah, that was me. I'd had a drink.

Tunes you go for?


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CBIT wrote:

Is this the one were they're recreating Mammoths ? His journey is entertaining but the overall premise (recreating said mammoths) is bollocks.

Not mammoths although they're mentioned, it's the genetic re-engineering of apes.


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Young Marxist at Tescos wrote:

Raved about this lad on here before; think he lives in Mytholmroyd. Seriously good writer.

This one's about the Cragg Vale Coiners; mob of late 18Century likely lads who got involved in 'clipping' - trimming the edges off genuine coins, melting them down and knocking out forgeries.

Myers paints a bleak picture of the landscape of the time; in terms of how folk lived, and how then, as now, if the fuckers in charge are out to get you, they'll get you. Highly recommended.

Read a few of his. Pig Iron was excellent.

Just about to start Turning Blue.

He's Adele Stripe's other half, who recently wrote the book about Andrea Dunbar.


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A round the world epic spy thriller.

Gripping. The chase passage is nail biting stuff.

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hendersonjones wrote:
scootay wrote:

Bagged a ticket at half 7

200 tickets only and available only to the first 1000 Who funded the album.

Parr street studios Liverpool.. . Fuck me am I excited about this

Jesus Scootay there ringing this album release out-to-dry , just put the fucking thing in the shops and let me buy/listen too it .

Will there be a limited etd poster badge dvd for those who attend also .

I hope so

I love memorabilia as much as life itself

So do I as I got a ticket too :-)


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hendersonjones wrote:

Purely looking at it as an alternative to flying down to the Algarve next year due to being there for four weeks .
Ferry is £1000 inc cabins return plus 260 miles Leeds to Portsmouth , then 650 miles Santander to Faro , plus road tolls , 2000 mile car trip . Three days down three back up
Flying if i book now is around £950 return for me wife and daughter , then around £550 for a hire car which i hardly use . The flight takes approx 2hours 45mins

Cost wise theres nothing between them , the only advantage i can see is having your own car abroad for your jollys .

I do like a bit of an adventure and the ferry is looking favourite at the moment

Given your driving experiences recently, surely it's better to hand back a battered wreck rather having to keep it?

I have visions of you limping back into Leeds in something that looks like Jake and Elwood's!


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hendersonjones wrote:

It's serious , the gas board has been trying to gain entry into my property for 2 days due to this leak , last night all windows and doors on my house were open with a gas safety officer parked in the drive with my house keys , I'm in Portugal ! Couldn't get one member of family to house sit for me ? I've just woke up this morning wondering if the MGs are still there my music collection etc etc

Gas leak in Hendersons, I know
I know, it's serious


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placidcasual wrote:
king of the slums wrote:

What have you got buried down there?


He's also got a secret bunker made out of a vintage MG chassis that houses Cuts' old vinyls.


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hendersonjones wrote:

Just had the old man on the phone , I panic he never rings unless there's a problem , he's called round to check on our house and tells me British gas are there digging up the drive garden etc because of a gas leak , cunts , where's the call email to me what's going on , can they really just go onto your property without your permission and start digging ? Just turn the gas off and wait till I get back .

I've seen your garden and this is the first time there's been any digging in it!


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hendersonjones wrote:

Jesus they were shite , either I was permanently pissed or some twat dropped something into my pint back in 1986 , truly awful

Will have to agree to differ. In my top 5. Love The Mondays. First three LPs all class. Fantastic live in their hey day. Meander on stage looking like it was going to be a train crash then nail it. Wrote For Luck as the encore, a majestic groove.


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Pigeon lofts
Walking road races


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Donkey jackets


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Policemen wearing white gloves directing traffic


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Toffee apples


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Men smoking pipes
Old geezers wearing trilbys, suits and ties to go about their daily / normal business
Old dears wearing head scarves to do their shopping
Heavy Metal fans smelling of patchouli oil
Austin Allegroes


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Harvest wrote:

Neenan or Crawford?



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Harvest wrote:

The very same. Him and Botham nicked for scrapping out in Scunny. Used to watch Graeme Crawford for Scunny, he seemed like a giant then, bet he was about 5ft 10.

He used to live on the way to the park for us, we used to knock him up on a Sunday and ask him to sign our casey then go off to play football with it. His autograph would rub off, the following week, we'd ask him to do the same. He never once moaned about this weekly ritual.


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Harvest wrote:

Ask him if he still goes to Tiffs with Joe Neenan.

Joe Neenan as in ex York City GK, under study to Graeme Crawford?