it's chris mate, dont know if he would if we asked him. out of respect for him and the stuff he wrote, we changed the name and wrote all new stuff. it's only fair on him. not seen him in ages, or heard from him. would be funny to get him on, after all we might have changed the band and that, but he was one of the originals.

good to hear the comments, but... we decided to turn a corner, we were sick of getting shit whenever we played as alpine movement when greeny went. we agree the songs that we did in alpine were good and we used to love doing them, but we are'nt alpine movement anymore.
we were restricted when writting stuff before because the songs were'nt exactly songs when they were brought to us.
now we can do the music we want to do, it's not about selling out and doing music that is more acceptable, we can all put our influences into practice on every track. it's not about having eye candy or anything like that, it's just a different edge, and it works. fair enough greeny still lives it, but we're all in our thirties and we're doing it cos we love it and it's a break from watching shit on t.v. and whatever boring shit comes with been in your thirties. no ones taking it too serious, we just seem to be doing something right. different band altogether now. the alpine days were a good blast, but it's just not us anymore. some people might not like it but alpine movement and the good memories are in the past.


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nice little tits. n3m sort it out!


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please take a minute and go to and vote for vAndal supreMe to play in the local bands section.   going against the grain since 1999.


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please go to  local bands section and vote for vAndal supreMe to play.   going against the grain since 1999. cheers