My Name is Arnold and I collect Badgers.

Things I Like:

I like 2/3rds of rice kryspies in a packet, (the rest can go 2 hell).
Bar fights.
Jokes that are in bad taste.
Girls with no Standards, Morals or Self Esteem.

Things I Dislike:

Eating just cos ive run out of beer!
Small Stones with Sharp Edges.

Loved the end of the gig medley -  Transmission, Atmosphere and Love Will Tear Us Apart. Lights, lasers and probably pulsars beamed all over the venue and up onto the huge space age dish towering over us. What a great setting for a gig. What a great gig full stop.


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I can't understand how overrated this player is... Ive watched him 15+ times against decent quality opponents and have to say his hasn't shone at all. There have been no real signs in these games that he is worth anywhere near £50 million.

I won't say he is crap but he is hasn't impressed me at all.


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During the last WC, there was a TV advert depicting what would happen to Rooney if he performed badly (ie he would end up living in a caravan and growing a beard). He performed atrociously but what actually happened was that he then went back to Man United and demanded a pay rise to 200k a week. A few months later he scores a flukey overhead kick (let's face it, most professional footballers could do that once in a lifetime) and all of a sudden he's 'world class', 'first on the England teamsheet' and, ludicrously, being mentioned in the same breath as Messi and Ronaldo. And so to Euro 2012. He petulantly kicks out at a player and gets himself banned for two games, thus upsetting our rhythm. And when he inevitably "wins" his place back, he performs appallingly again. An hour after the Italy game finished, I read a forum post saying that 'We need to build the WC 2014 team around some younger talent and of course Wayne Rooney'. And so the ridiculous, damaging hype machine continues.

I went about 10 years ago to the North Coast and it was absolutely terrible! I believe the South Coast is a little better - but pricier! I felt guilty every time we strayed from the resort as there is such poverty and I'd been complaining about how shit the food was in the hotel - then 6 kids started fighting over my banana! AVOID!!