That's one of the most upsetting and hard to read things I've ever read on here regarding mol.. awful shit that and my heart goes out to you.. I wish there was something I could do or someone could step in..

And for the record Thatcher was a cunt , Blair was a cunt, Cameron was a cunt, Theresa May is a cunt and Corbyn is a Cunt.. fuck the Tories and fuck Labour.. despise them both equally now


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My mate with curly hair is called bangla... hair like mesh, Bangladesh.

And my pal with the massive head.. is teedy.. or teedy the teed teedsvardo to give him his full moniker


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Leave bungle alone for fucks sake..

He's grieving


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Other than a very brief time of trying to grow my hair in to some kind of style I always basically had a crew cut..  minute I saw a bald patch appear  (about 28) I just lobbed it off.. I never ever liked my hair.. I don't miss it.. I don't want it back.. some people suit hair some dont.. I always had shit hair and I genuinely love not having any


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My cousin is Thorbjørn Olesens caddy


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I wouldn't have hair back if you paid me. Love being bald


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Walking to gigs is too hardcore for me harvest


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space wrote:
scootay wrote:

I still look every day, and read most things. I'm trying to limit the internet a bit

How's tricks?   We do worry when we don't hear, you know......

Ha ha, I'm fine mate, steady away


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Probably not gonna get to them all but I've got 22 gigs and a day festival booked/pencilled in before christmas


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I still look every day, and read most things. I'm trying to limit the internet a bit


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space wrote:

...and to be honest, if I wasn't prone to bouts of hopeless optimism I wouldn't be supporting this club, so I expect everyone to start the season with a nice shiny attitude. 

We are sometimes deluded, but we are always LEEDS.

Yeah man!


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My dad had a restaurant in the mid to late eighties. I worked there as maitre d barman/wine waiter. He ended up setting on a chef who had worked at stringfellows London for about twenty years. He was an ace fella and a great chef, Nick the Greek.. he only had lovely things to say about peter. One time I took a phone call for Nick and it was the man himself. He wanted Nick to go to new York and work for him there. He offered him at least double what we were paying him plus free accommodation.  Nick turned it down. I couldn't believe it. When I asked him why he said it was because he was in his late fifties, didn't want to move to new York and wasn't interested in the money.  He was a huge gambler , he was teetotal and he said the only difference it would make would be extra bets each week. Peter kept ringing back and begging him to go but he wouldn't  he took it very graciously and wished him all the best. He still kept in touch and occasionally he would ring.  I would have the odd phone conversation with him and he used to ask how the business was going, wish us all the best and I'd have a laugh with him. He used to say he'd try come up and eat but I said don't bother unless you fetch me two fitties


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Stringfellow was a nice bloke behind it all.. a really nice bloke.. and pips right about the mojo club. He was very helpful to a lot of bands in the 69s, the small faces being one. He spent a bit of time with Steve Marriott too in 91 before he died. Rip Peter


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This is desert boot porn.  Possibly the finest boots I've ever bought

Although they did come at a price. I got home last night pissed up and decided to put suede protector on them in the kitchen.. I went overboard with the spray to double protect them. Ten minutes later I walked back in the kitchen to admire them and went arse over tit on the slippy floor. Went down hard. I thought I'd broke my arm but it's just badly bruised.  I have broke my finger though. Bastard


I was gutted I missed it. Had two tickets and then two others were coming.. but then I got outvoted and everyone else decided they wanted to watch the match so we didn't come over. 

Can you put them on again odd job



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Dean Francis too


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Legend of the boxing world

Rip brendan


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Fuckin hell that's good


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I was in the main room watching aidan moffat.. brilliant.. but would have liked to have seen os mutantes


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I've always wanted to jump on a waterwheel and do a 360 or two


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My old pub the kings arms holbeck.

There used to be forty pubs on Manchester road in Bradford.. forty! There's about three now. And Leeds road had slightly less. I think they've all gone now


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What a great performance by josh.. brilliant

How the he'll that judge scored it for Selby though..