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I'm a fat cunt at the moment


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That is of course because Leeds are planning on being in the play offs


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Selby v Warrington has been announced.

I got told it was confirmed over a week ago but they can't book elland road as it coincides with the play off dates.. it's definitely Leeds so probably the arena again for him


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Tinky winky


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Hugh masekela


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Read this today on the train to Perth.  Thought it was quality and definitely the best of the three. Enjoyed it a lot


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Rip Jimmy the gent

Reggie Perrin wrote:
danpiesley wrote:

Forest's march has begun!

That's a coincidence.  I'm watching Robin Hood.

Think I'd rather watch forest than robin hood

Triple shite

Shite casting
Shite film
Shite soundtrack

Camera obscura- biggest bluest hi fi

It's just fuckin wonderful


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Bastards. Bastards bastards. First away win of the season for them cunts..

It's hard being a Leeds fan innit


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What the fuck!!! Mental.


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Old Wharfedaler wrote:

When are the fixtures out for next season?


There used to be a little record shop in Shipley behind the market that sold badges and posters. I used to Nick badges when the guy was distracted but I'd be looking the other way and robbing blind.. I'd aim for a jam badge or Blondie in her knickers but only ever came away with 10cc... I knew nothing about 10cc but wore their badges.. the one with the diver holding a girl was a badge I remember well.. good intro tho yeah


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Expanding Man wrote:

Windass used to knock around with an old mate of mine Scootay - Charlie R - you know him?

Not sure, don't think so. Never knew Dean well but sold him a couple of cars and his wife too. Only know the youngest lad through my son.

I once dropped his wife a car off that she bought from me. I went in a porsche boxster because my mates who I worked for reckoned windass would want to buy it if I shoved it under his nose.. sure enough I pulled up outside , glorious sunshine and Dean was outside building a little stone circle round a bird bath in the garden. After having a chat and a laugh, I showed his Mrs round the car, got paid and then had a drink with them. He walked over to the porsche and sat in it with a glass of champagne in his hand. There he was in front of his big house in his gorgeous garden sat in a porsche. Not bad for a bricklayer from hull he said... then he shouted over to his Mrs that if she joined him it would look like a photo shoot for hello magazine.. she looked over at him and shouted you look a right cunt! At the top of her voice..

He didn't buy it..

Previous to that though. When he was at Bradford city my mate sold him an X5. He took a deposit, signed him up on finance and ordered the car. He then got the docs signed before he took delivery so he could afford to pay for the car. When it came it was left hand drive, manual and it didn't have Sat nav.. he still stuck it in to him even though it was a massive fuck up and actually stuck a Tom Tom on the dashboard.


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Reggie Perrin wrote:

Can't be much fun at Rangers.  A taste of a big crowd but League 2 wages and a pony league.

But he went from Harrogate as a 22 year old to a big club.. think his wages were 8 grand a week or something, can't remember .. he was dead excited and blown away by how much money he was earning..


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90Piesanhour wrote:
king of the slums wrote:

Fighting PNE for Josh Windass from Rangers, he'll be the talisman forward then...

Is he Dean Windass's son?

Yeah.. deans got two sons who play. The youngest is one of my lads  best mates. They went on holiday together last year. I'll ask if he's any inside information


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Wise words from Travis and he's been there seen it..  I don't get the system.. the fella the other week who killed his girlfriend.. that was the 3rd partner he'd killed. Released twice to kill again. One time he was out after two years.. time and time again you see sex  offenders getting small sentences.. I've got a pal who got caught with a k of coke and he got eight years.  He's locked up with some right fuckin lunatics who've committed some horrendous crimes but come in after him and leave before him. Dangerous not right fuckin idiots let back out.. and they'll watch him when he's out more than a kiddy fiddler.. go rob a post office and you'll get 15 years. Abuse twenty kids, ruin their lives and get four or five


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space wrote:
danpiesley wrote:

I cant see taking a life for a life myself - not the way I am wired.  But it needs more than a cell.

What that is though I am unsure.

Chemical castration?

Sorry - Gary Speed rumoured to have been at it as well?  Not heard that.

I had the misfortune to read some of the shit that cunt from The Lost Prophets was up to - Jesus, that tested my belief system.

I thought the rumour is that Speed was one of his victims.

It is..

The fella who gave evidence yesterday said four people have committed suicide because of being abused and Gary speed was one of them


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Rudi wrote:

Little fuckers knocked on the door the other night. I was out. The missus answered the door. A squad of of fucking hoods on the doorstep. They asked for a lad who lives a few doors away. Asked for him by name. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to have anything to do with these wankers and I'm equally sure their intentions are far from friendly. I hope they come back. I'm gonna say yeah, that's me, what do you want? Cunts.

You've also go to be careful because sometimes they're out of control and that's happened here a few times.

A mate of my son's dad got attacked by this lot below.

This happened on the street behind me.


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Certain crimes, I'm in the bring back hanging brigade.

This fuckin cunt wants killing.. absolute bastard as is anyone who knew what he was doing . Gary speed has been mentioned and we'd all heard rumours..

These vicious sadistic barbaric fuckin monsters want putting down.. I think any parent in the country wants that.

Harvest wrote:

Where do you stand on Canned Heat?


Old Wharfedaler wrote:

I'm with Scoots...can't fucking stand hip hop or R&B!
You either get it or you don't..and I don't!

Not knocking anyone that does mind but definitely not my genre.

Agree OY

No one's listening to me..

I detest modern hip hop r n b with all my heart. My brain is not wired up for it.. I doubt syringing my ears will open up a whole new listening pleasure to me either.

It's no big deal.. I'm very happy with my music lot, the omj playlist is an ace idea. I was very excited Sunday .. nice while it lasted smile

Loose Lips wrote:

Bizzarely, a very good friend hates music. In fact two, but one doesn’t know it.

The first only has the soundtrack from Kevin and Perry Go Large.

The second had Counting Crows’ first record and, in another soundtrack related moment of madness, music from the Godfather.

It’s always confused me.

My business partner is 34 And he's never bought a single piece of music in his life

He also drives without his seatbelt on and can happily sit there with the fuckin warning beepz getting louder and louder. I feel like I'm gonna explode and then have to ask him calmly to plug the fuckin thing in. Only way it could be worse is if the alarm noise was fuckin Adele singing

Rudi wrote:

"I'd happily go in the studio and blow the cunts head off then sit in silence waiting for the police"

That made me laugh so loud I woke the missus up.

I know this lass who hates all music. Any music whatsoever. Never met anyone else like that. Her favourite pub is Wetherspoons, purely because they don't have a PRS licence.

I get that

I can only see myself getting worse as I get older..

My granddad was a right cantankerous serious no nonsense fella.. he shouted and raged about everyrhing. My mates called him Mr angry after the Steve Wright radio 1 character..

I'm heading there quicker