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Absolutely stunning part of the world, congrats and good luck. Listen out for the marmots. Your lad might be the next Konrad Bartelski.


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Chopper Read wrote:

He's obviously had assurances, like before (Lazio and Lille) and he fucked the pair of them off.  If something doesn't happen in the next week then we can add ourselves to that list!  If Radz can't sort this out his position becomes untenable surely?

He owns the fucking thing, how can he be untenable? Who's going to tell him to clear his desk?

Harvest wrote:

Extra time, pens, injuries, sendings off.

Exactly what I was shouting at the telly, especially for Kante and Mbappe. Was hoping Giroud would be fine though, lad's a donkey, the Brown Boot for him - played every game, zero shots on target! If England do get to the final they can beat this French team, no sweat.


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Lovely words LS. Condolences and best wishes.

Superb name. More cowbell.


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Slap up lunch in a lovely country pub - there's tons now with really good food


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Paul Whitehouse is looking a bit rough

Cutsyke wrote:

Great game and disappointment at the end. Had everything really. Honestly don't care one way or the other who won but it made up for the Meixco match somewhat.Would have preferred penalties.

How many games do you think you've watched so far?

Fancy England to put in a big performance tomorrow. I reckon it's their year.????

Oh Cuts, look at what you've gone and done

Fuck me, wish I was down the pub to watch that...

Fucking hell!!! Go on Japan!!

Expanding Man wrote:
Travis Bickle wrote:


Only her for me

Thought I was the only weirdo who didn't fall for Farrah or the other brunette, vindicated at last
Susan George
Jessica Lange, especially King Kong and The Postman Only Rings Twice
Jacqueline Bisset


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space wrote:

Sometimes you get good banter on twitter.  But a lot of the time you are sifting through moronic shit from dumb people.

So a perfect reflection of everything in life?


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Cheers Mol, like the look of this, Billy Bob's often good value


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That is a rival scientific hypothesis, yes!


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fuzzy dunlop wrote:

Aids being a result of some iffy fannying about in labs at the height of the cold war.

Nope, HIV crossed the species barrier from chimps in the 1930s, probably from bush meat butchery, clear genetic evidence tracing back the evolutionary tree of the virus was published 10+ years ago. SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) clearly related to HIV and has been in chimps for thousands of years.

Mega Armageddon Chickens wrote:
hendersonjones wrote:

What a cunt roy keane is

https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018 … c-tension/

Maybe they should have asked him when Mick McCarthy named his team.

“The Father Jack of football punditry”. Keano’s now a characiture.


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It’s a load of legalese but it covers just about everything  - surely enough for cops to pursue? Why don’t they?


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See you there Cuts, gladly buy you a bevy if you’re on the pop


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15 mins to Spiritualized tix Cuts!!! Fingers on your buzzers!!

And DaveBecomesMonster?


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Torres is past it, he'd be the new Thomas Brolin only not as much of a Jimmy Osmond tribute


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I had a similar feeling in Radio City, felt like I was in that TDK advert, slouched down in my seat and being blasted by a sonic maelstrom, hair swept back, clothes being buffeted, and all that. Could've just been the shrooms though.


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Cutsyke wrote:
Mike Jones wrote:

Cheers Cuts, I will be ready at 11am Friday to get my paws on some of those tix. That is a superb venue...

Great spot. Hopefully, see you there. I'll be in the cheap seats.

Was in the cheap seats last time I saw him at Radio City, a blinding gig - this time I'll be getting as close to the front as possible.


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Cheers Cuts, I will be ready at 11am Friday to get my paws on some of those tix. That is a superb venue...