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Ottos. I'd get these if I hadn't just spent £35k on a loft conversion this year.  https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3e/fa/5a/3efa5a148455bdbda5a62c66107cbe28.jpg


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king of the slums wrote:


I like those. I'd loose the tassles personally but cracking boots. Reminds me of those short toed 'Otto' fellas by Fracap but a step up obvs.

Golden Fox in Walmart eh? How much do they go for Pip just out of interest? Asda should get them in the George range. They are massive btw. I got the equivalent US size to my normal UK size (ie one up) and they are about a full size too big. Had to get some 'volume adjuster' insoles.


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Have you got a big fixture coming up on the 'Sealed Knot' calendar against the Roundheads Reg?


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The Berghaus version of Brasher's old 'Hillmaster' now that they've taken them over are down to £115 in Blacks.

Quite tempted. Had some Explorer Ridge boots by them for about 7 years and they very waterproof and comfy.


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For people who don't want to pay 250 for Red Wings 'Golden Fox' do these.  You can get them for about 100 including shipping from America. Chunkier than Red Wings and don't look as cool but very sturdy. Misura mentioned them last year. https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/dZMAAOSwKtlWlC0h/s-l1600.jpg

I've also got some of these by Eastland called 'Lumber up' for about £100.

Still want some of these. Might go for it this winter. Seen some for 150 on Ebay.


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I don't have a problem with posh people either. Its when they are instrumental in policies being rolled out that make vulnerable people poorer that bothers me. Ive yet to hear any reasonable defence of that on here because its fucking indefensible.


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Thanks. Send him my love x


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Yeah how posh is he?

I did say "ritual hunting" though. If he dresses up in red coat, tight kegs, blows a bugle, shouts tally-ho and has a throbber on when the fox gets ripped apart then he's at the top end of the scale. Hope that helps.

Really enjoyed that. Can't wait to get this version of the album.


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Who cares?


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albert herbert hawkins wrote:

He is technocratic and an  ideologue (according to him) but that doesn't make him in favour stuffing urchins up chimneys any more than say Skinner's views make him a Soviet stooge.

I've seen him defending zero hours contracts. There are people who use the food bank that I help out at who have jobs with zero hours contracts. He's ok with that. Anyone who is ok with people in the 5th largest economy in world having to use food banks to tide themselves over because they got cunted off over their hours by their boss that month sounds pretty Victorian to me.

I've just read his voting record. I'm ok with calling him a cunt. I'm also ok with calling anyone who participates in the ritual hunting of foxes a cunt. Sorry but I can't be bothered to go back and read which of your "working class" mates hunt whatever type of animal.

Just read this which made me laugh. The person you are defending here as a kid threatened to sue the BBC for £18. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DboFFkLX4AAfcEi.jpg

https://www.indy100.com/article/jacob-r … le-8325381


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Rees Mogg is a cunt who looks like the last thing a victorian child saw before being beaten to death by a makeshift dildo. There are magpies more genuinely arsed about the plight ofBritish people than him. He's bricking it about these new EU laws about transparency of of shore finances coming into place next year thats why he wants us fully out. And sorry Albert, if your fox hunting mate had something to do with simply red then he's probably a cunt too.


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I read something on facebook this week. Friend of a friend, moaning about the politically correct trying to stop us celebrating remembrance Sunday. Bollocks anyway but fucking "celebrating"?

Anyway, I always wear a poppy. Went to the local Church service today as my lad was part of it with his Beavers colony. The priest read out the Wilfred Owen poem Dulce et Decorum Est around 10:50. Always moves me that poem. So powerful. A million miles from the word celebrating. Found it very emotional today.

Was thinking about local history here. In 1910 there was the Pretoria Pit disaster in our village where 344 men and boys died. Then 4 years later WW1 starts. Bleak times.


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Mitaman wrote:

Given the general level of service (and attitude of staff) in a lot of these establishments, up North, its hardly surprising. We put up with it, 'city folk' don't. I don't blame them.

Ha ha 'city folk'. Manchester is a city too. I lived in Chorlton for seven years before the BBC moved up and the standard of food and level of service was great back then. My mate moved out because it became over ran with the types of wankers you would hear complaining to each other that their kids had picked up ghastly Northern accents at school. The kind of people who would get bolshy because the  quinoa was non organic or the ice cream was too cold for their bratty kids to eat or the presentation of the food wasn't photo friendly enough to instagram. You know, that kind of thing.

I get that areas have to kick on and continually develop but there are ways of doing it without pandering to wankers and trying to turn Northern suburbs into Notting Hill. A few years ago a new place opened near where I live now in Westhoughton which has a deli downstairs and restaurant upstairs, predominantly selling quality local produce. A lot of people doubted whether it would make it as it was "a bit fancy" for the area. Its rammed, people love it. Someone had a bit of vision and it went down a storm. People wanted it.

I think the North has come on a long way since you lived here to be honest mate.


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Harvest wrote:

Have any other readers got any sport/cheese related facts?

In the late 90s when he was down about the end of his playing career Steve Bruce was addicted to Dairylea Triangles and would hoof 8 boxes a day no probs. He said it was total mare to give up.


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placidcasual wrote:

Dam straight. I walk round that Unicorn place in Chorlton and think, where the fuck have all this lot come from.

Ha I once heard someone bollocking their kid in that shop in the next isle for "not setting a good example". The kid was called Milo. I walked onto the next isle and saw that Milo was aged 3. He didn't give a fuck.

My mate from Chorlton has just sold up and moved to Stretford. He said he couldn't be doing with all the southern accents and bolshy attitudes in pubs and restaurants. It had been getting steadily worse before BBC moved up then it went ridiculous. On the whole though I agree, its a great thing for Leeds. Manchester and Salford are better for it. Its lovely down by the Lowry and that and the city itself has more creative clout in films, tv, theatre etc like you say Placid. Expect a whole new level of Brasseries and artisan food and drink shops in Chapel A though.


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Old Wharfedaler wrote:

The wife went shopping this morning and phoned me from the supermarket to inform me I better clean it up before she got back.

This reminds me of the time a couple of years ago when I got the nova virus. Hadn't been drinking at all and was walking home when the buzz came on. Fainted outside the church on our street then puked violently. Staggered home and just made the bog for round two when the Mrs heard from a mate who'd seen me puking outside the church. I got shouted at for such sacrilege and told to go and clean it up. She doesn't even believe in God the horrible cow. I didn't clean it up and was defiantly unrepentant.


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After the BJM gig last weekend and tequilas with every pint for a few hours at Big Hands I went outside at one point to try and steady myself as was feeling a bit queasy . The fresh air knacked me and I ended up sat on the floor for god knows how long. At some point I realised I'd lost my mates and the battery on my phone had died. As my work building was nearby and I have a roll up futon matress under my desk i had the perfectly reasonable idea of sleeping in my office.The security guard on duty at reception was having non of it despite me showing him my staff ID card and assuring him I had some reports to write. I then woke up in a bush outside around 4am and decided that wasn't working out well for me so went to a cash point then flagged down a black cab for a £50 ride back to Bolton. Far too old for this nonsense. Felt like a right tit all week and went in and out of work through the rear entrance to avoid security on the front desk.


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Spiritualized are a hard act to follow for anyone. My next gig is Johnny Marr. Looking forward to that.


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Reggie Perrin wrote:
fuzzy dunlop wrote:

You get on a train. Really looking forward to reading your book. You start, then the next stop some cunt gets on next to you talking loudly into their phone. Not just a quick "Right I'm on the train see you soon" but a long, inane 20 minute stinky chat. Then you are triple reading paragraphs cos all you can hear is " .and what did she day to that? " etc Am I getting old or do these kind of people need their heads pushing through a wall?

"Stinky" chat.  I'm intrigued.

Just the stench of banality. Strictly love cheat gossip, Facebook memes about the poppy, Tesco Extra with a real bad cough, microwave rice and beef stroganoff, Richard Ashcroft's new album. That sort of thing.


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Just seen this. Made me laugh that he's heard of Leeds fans (around 1 min. 25)


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You get on a train. Really looking forward to reading your book. You start, then the next stop some cunt gets on next to you talking loudly into their phone. Not just a quick "Right I'm on the train see you soon" but a long, inane 20 minute stinky chat. Then you are triple reading paragraphs cos all you can hear is " .and what did she day to that? " etc Am I getting old or do these kind of people need their heads pushing through a wall?


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Did you rate them Placid? I loved the sound they made live. Funny band as they don't seem to have stand out songs as all the songs sound similar to me but I really like them still. Same with their albums. Similar vibe every time. More or less. I really liked that white noise thrumming sound that seemed to get bigger as the gig went one.

Went to Big Hands after and my nobhead mates were getting tequilas in with every pint so I was wiped out for a few days after. Had a good chat with Tim Burgess in there who was DJing before the tequila got hold of me. He's a big fan of them. He's a good egg really. A lot easier to talk to and stutters less now he's not on the beak every day. 

That film about BJM and the Dandy Warhols is brilliant smile


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Ditto. Happy to help in anyway.