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Don't know if this could be described as rapping but I love this. Particularly as the progresses and the anger cranks up at the end.


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Reggie Perrin wrote:

Surely the varnish on a spatula would burn.  I'd have oiled that.  wink

Oh of course it did Reg. Smoke everywhere when my mum first used it. I didn't know that would happen at 11 and my teacher was mostly in the back drinking from a hip flask. The utility of the end product wasn't the main priority though, it was all about the creative process.


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Reggie Perrin wrote:
wogga wrote:
90Piesanhour wrote:

I'm doing my first joinery course tomorrow night, so I'll miss most of the 3-1 defeat....

I used to love woodwork
You going to make something in particular or are you just learning general techniques
Mitre joints etc

When I read Pies' post I immediately regressed to being 12 and making a boomerang in woodwork. 

I'd like some machines in my shed instead of crap stacked upon crap.

After my first year at secondary school the only thing I had to show for a full year of woodwork lessons was a wooden kitchen spatula (that I've still got). Spent week after week sanding it down and re-varnishing it. The main source of enjoyment being inhaling the varnish and feeling a bit psychedelic. When the novelty wore off from that I made a shoeshine box with different compartments that I was really proud of but a big boy threw it on the floor and stamped it to bits. Couldn't be arsed making anything after that so decided the spatula needed more varnishing and sanding.


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I've got a mate who is an expert in M &S mink shelf operations. I think he keeps spreadsheets on it. His latest haul was 5 turkey crowns on the 27th Dec reduced from £28 each to pennies. Fair fucks to him. His freezer is stacked full of almost out of date top notch food.


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Bennell needs to be made a nullo with a rusty breadknife.


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Risotto is great comfort food. Made a leek and bacon one the other night. Handful of grated cheese melted in at the end. Gorgeous.


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Reggie Perrin wrote:
fuzzy dunlop wrote:

Laphroig was my thing when I was into Whisky. Loved the aftertaste and the ready brek glow. Can't drink it these days. My body has a big strop and I feel like I've got chronic fatigue syndrome for a few days.

I would drink Talisker when I fancied a whisky.  Can't drink it now, the smokey flavour puts me off now.

Talisker is lovely as well. I love that smokiness. A terrible thing to admit but before I lived in Scotland I thought that Jack Daniels was a decent whisky. Some natives put me right. Used to like Jamesons as well. Did a tour of their distillery in Dublin once and there was  8 different whiskies to taste at the end of it. A lot of people in the group didn't drink theirs so me and my mate cleaned up. Came out of there buckled.


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Laphroig was my thing when I was into Whisky. Loved the aftertaste and the ready brek glow. Can't drink it these days. My body has a big strop and I feel like I've got chronic fatigue syndrome for a few days.

I love Buffalo Springfield. One of the most underrated bands of the 60s. The combined talent in that group was phenomenal. A white band with bags of soul.


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danpiesley wrote:

Ha ha ha - the point i'm making is that for a preening peacock I rarely go anywhere other than the supermarket for the big shop.  I tell you - the bird on the last checkout in Tesco is mightily impressed with my dockers D1 winter weight chinos in Bordeaux.

I'm a long long way from you hip cats. Just did big Tescos with the kids in Timbles boating shoes, 501s, Henry Lloyd checked shirt under an M&S navy lambswool crew neck. Swanning up and down the real ale isle oozing middle aged dad nonchalance.

Had a Patagonia isthmus parka on for the school run as its as cold as a witches tit. As boring as this get up sounds there were far far worse dads at the school gates. I'd never ever wear Superdry even if Ellie Harrison from Countryfile offered to lap dance for me in Fjall Raven hotpants.


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placidcasual wrote:
Toronto Ted wrote:

Placid, your account's been hacked.

Sheff Utd away ... 85/ 86 when we had the travel ban. Sat in one of the main stands, dressed in as I remember wearing a bright yellow Next polo sweater with baggy cords and adidas suedes ( Rhodes as they were cheapo) , some form of long haired mullet' flick bollocks... no idea of the result, though us scoring and our little mob keeping schtum seems right...

Baggy cords were ace. Last pair of trainers I had for the footy years were Turquoise Nike runners with fluorescent tick. Internationalist maybe?

I was on a home and away ban that season by my dad. Wasn't allowed to go to Birmingham season before but went straight after my paper round. Got a right hiding when I got home late that night. Wasn't until I became a parent did I realise how much anguish I caused them.

85 more 86 I drifted away from football and into docs, 501's, girls and fingering. Ahhh, I can smell them now.... the waxy docs that is. sad

Favourite trainers were 2 pairs of squash shoes 84ish I think. Nike with light blue tick and Adidas blue stripes. Loved them worn with brown Levis cord flairs.

My next encounter with Sheff Utd was an Acid enduced travel affair 1990 that started in a flat in Gipton and got as far as M621 on Boxing Day via Gipton Woods and an all night cafe in Harehills. I missed Zicos free kick but journeyed into my inner psyche through the doors or perception smelling of leaves and congealed egg butty

Good posts. My first ever away was Sheff Utd in 84/85. Baptism of fire for a 14 year old. Spent most of the game watching seats come down onto the pitch from the seats above us. Think the tea bar got raided at one point as there were bags of those fish and chips biscuits flying everywhere. I used to love them. I was wearing kappa cagoule, navy cords and blue gazelles. I looked about 10. Can remember going a couple of years later and getting chased all around the station by coppers and dangling off a really high wall to get away from them. My divvy mate had thrown a coin at them. He went on to live a colourful life of heroin / prison and is currently in jail in Bulgaria.


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Mitaman wrote:

I'll give it a go though, but if I suddenly turn into a 5ft 3in Noel Edmunds with that quiff and a full garage of disingenuous platitudes, its all your fault...



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Of course!  As an aside, Tim Booth actually once said that loads of weird coincidences like those described here happening ever more frequently freaked him out and made him stop meditating. The big girls blouse. Id have upped the anti and done it loads more to see what happens


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The Universe is trolling you. While you've got its attention you should ask it for whatever it is that you really really want. Noel Edmonds reckoned this worked for him.You could be the next presenter of deal or no deal. Do it!


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placidcasual wrote:

I just dont care if its Big Bird and Nick Cotton as long as they fucking win and get promoted.

Could work. Good cop - bad cop.


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I used to have a Nietzsche for beginners book. Can't remember a fucking  thing about it apart from that time when he said god is dead and later god grabbed him by the lapels and said "who 's fucking dead you cunt" and Nietzsche shat it. Or something.


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Who was it who said life would be weird without coincidences?

Jung wrote a book on all this malarkey, he called the phenomena 'synchronicity'. He liked dipping his toe in the waters of the paranormal by all accounts.


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'sake neutral


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I'm getting a bit worried about this dream now ^ Just realised this morning that Trevor McDonald presents that Death Row documentary. GPs waiting room...death row? Shit!


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No chance smile The only negative thing about this book is the subsequent rise of the vibram footglove which if fashion really could be a crime would be a definite contender for a Strasbourg trial.


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Not at all. The Mrs really enjoyed it and the only time she's ever ran is when she's heard the dinner bell.


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I read that a few years ago when I was training for a triathlon. Excellent, fascinating and thought provoking.

Another fascinating book on the theme of running is Murakami's 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Running'. (Title inspired by Raymond Carver's 'What we talk about when we talk about love' which isn't about running but is a brilliant set of short stories)


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Had one last night where I was going to my GP surgery for an appointment. When I got into the waiting room, there was a little bar in the corner serving beer so I though I'd have a pint while I waited. Trevor McDonald was serving and he seemed in a real nark with me and threw my change at me. I asked him what was wrong and he told me I'd been in there the previous week with a load of Russians who were causing trouble and they don't have the staff to be able to cope with that kind of behaviour, its the NHS and we should have more respect. I was trying to tell him that they were nothing to do with me and I didn't know them, saying "but Trevor...." then my daughter woke me up and said she'd had a weird dream. I said "me too love, me too".


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Good words SL. Bit later than that time frame, (I was a bit young to "get them"  in the early years) but I always liked this:



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Ray Hankin's shorts wrote:

Of course,  by buying the book,  you're now implicated as an ALT-right sympathiser.  People will search through your social media history and pull up every -ist thing you've ever written and you will be demonised

Shit. The one about having a thing for slightly chubby ginger lesbians will get me crucified. I once said on facebook that Dapper Laughs needs a boot in his front bum for telling rape jokes. That's good right? Perhaps shouldn't have used the term front bum. Its a minefield.