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He was born the same month as my mum was in Northern Ireland. She was short and all. That's where the similarities end. She had a voice like a fire in a pet shop.

Found this the other day. Great song from Veedon Fleece. Ace performance from the whole band. He looks like the kind of bloke my dad drank with in the 70s but sounds phenomenal.


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Reggie Perrin wrote:

He was behind me the other day on the A63.  I was convinced it was him from what I could see through the mirror.  Although there is a pretty good chance it was a Morrisons Van.


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Just got the New York Sessions album from 67. He was just starting his solo career. Some cracking stuff on it. Early versions of Beside You and Madame George from Astral Weeks are compelling. This is the Madame George cut. Bit of shouting and carrying on in the background but the music and vocals are totally raw and just brilliant. I love the way he's growling it out at times and the Belfast accent comes through on the odd word. (Scuse the awful video that someone has put to it)


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Rudi wrote:

There's a shop near me selling loads of Penfield gear at knock down prices. Good stuff, washes well. Some nice sweatshirts and overshirts. Thinking of asking for sponsorship.

I really like Penfield. Great quality, lasts for ages, looks good and for some reason fits me like a glove. Plus its ok to wear it again now the students have forgotten about it.


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Disgusting. But dirty fingernails on Monty Don does have different connotations to dirty fingernails on Right Said Fred.


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Is this what people mean when they talk about uphill gardening?


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Those photos look ace. As does the book. I'm buying that.


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I always fancied doing something similar to the protagonist in Kerouac's 'Dharma Bum's when he lives in the wilderness by his sen for 3 months. A decent stock of provisions, loads of books to read, hiking in the mountains everyday and not a soul about. Would be interesting to see the affect on your mind.


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king of the slums wrote:

1. I want to do an overnight sleeper train, but don't fancy Penzance so much, just want to sleep on a train.

You could recreate the experience by trying to get a Northern Rail train from Manchester to Bolton at the moment. You don't get a bed. You don't even get a seat. But the timeframe is not far off.

I got a train from Narvik in Northern Norway to Stockholm once. Took about 20 hours from the mid morning right through to early morning the next day. Had a cabin with a bed and that. Some lovely scenery.


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Got given a box of 20 coors  light left over from a mates wedding last weekend. I'm 17 bottles deep with 3 to go. It tastes like a dogs dinner. Just listening to technique on vinyl. Bloody lovely x

Pink Floyd
Miles Davis / John Coltrane  - Bought their 'classic' albums and felt a range of 'yeah this is alright' in parts to mild irritation, to actual anxiety to what the fuck is this nonsense? But in general - not for me.

When I was a kid I used to think that Elton John's 'Your song' went:

I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is while you're in the woods.

I pictured a couple who lived near a forest and the bloke felt happy when his mrs went for a walk.


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Oh God that's awful. Really hope he's OK. Can't imagine what you are going through Space. Take care.


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I think that might just be funniest post I have ever read on here. big_smile

We are not as keen in general on suppositories in Britain as other European countries are we? The French love sticking things up their bum holes. Scandos are partial too. The first time I stayed over at my ex Norwegian bird's dad's house I woke up with a bastard behind the eyes and went searching in the bathroom cabinet. Found some paracetamols that were a weird waxy consistency but necked a couple not realising they were arse tablets. A while later I came over all tingly and my vision went like an out of tune telly then I passed out. Woke up two hours later feeling ok with no headache.


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Good work Pies. Well done!


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There's a "Gin bar" opened near us. Lasses going on about it all the time and inviting "the girls" round to"gin nights" at each others houses. All gin to me tastes like it was made in a bathtub with dead pigeons floating in it. Don't get me wrong, I'll drink it if its put in front of me cos I'll drink owt. Our lass has a bottle of "artisan" gin that she got for her birthday. When she's gone to bed I'll have a mug now and again then I'll buy some Gordon's  to top it up with before she notices. This has been happening for months, its pretty much pure Gordon's now. She had a glass this week and said "Oh this is lovely, so much nicer than Gordon's." Its hardly fucking single malt is it?


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Hamburg is rum as toast


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under the arches wrote:

what lyric is that?

Is it the style council song???

Yes mate. Come to Milton Keynes.


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under the arches wrote:

What about proper left field? Milton Keynes.

"We used to chase dreams now we chase the dragon, mine is the semi with the Union Jack on"


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Reggie Perrin wrote:

Zoe Ball

There's something about her stinky chat that makes me want to boke when I hear her on the radio. Have to turn her straight over. Insincerity or self absorbedness or both. She reeks of it.


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Smutty Lips wrote:

I fancied Edinburgh but the Mrs doesn't.

Linlithgow might be a good compromise Smutty. We usually go once a year or so cos the mrs has friends there. Not exactly urban but lovely little historic town. Got the ruins of the big Palace where Mary Queen of Scots was born, nice loch to walk around and really interesting place. Loads of old fashioned boozers that do great ale and food and not far on the train to Edinburgh (about 20 odd mins) or Glasgow for that matter. Just a short drive to the coast as well. Bo'ness on the Firth of Forth is beautiful. We normally stay here just outside the town:


I always feel well rested after a week of sitting in those hot tubs every evening when the kids are in bed, drinking Scottish ale and looking out across the fields to the mountains on the horizon.


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Britain or abroad? Quiet getaway or city break?


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Roy wrote:

I like bread, cheese and tea.

Solid answer that Roy. You sound like you have a no nonsense head on your shoulders. What advice would you give to a friend of mine who is currently experiencing problems due to his parent's embarrassing behaviour? His mam eats Pringles on the bus and his dad sells Avon.


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Harvest wrote:

Is Mitaman actually Victorian Dad?

Look at the state of the legs on this table. Wanton, lewd and positively begging for it. Utter filth.



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hendersonjones wrote:

No , Roy is sound

Does he like Shack? We deffo need more people who like Shack on here.