Walked from Bolton to Chorley on Saturday, stayed over then walked back on the Sunday, 15 miles each way. It was my brother in-law's stag weekend and that's what he wanted to do. Stopped at a pub for food and half a dozen pints on the way there and same on the way back. Had a meal and beers at night in Chorley. Great weekend, great laugh and great scenery.

This is not long after we set (from the chimney in the middle distance). That's Manchester in the far distance to the right.

Winter Hill was still smouldering in parts.

Ground was scorched to fuck as we made our way to the mast.

Yarrow reservoir looking quite low with winter hill from the other side in the background.

It lashed it down most of the way back on Sunday.

Last stag do I went on was 3 days in Hamburg in April. Felt about 100 times better this week than I did after that. I can cope with middle aged stag weekends if they are like this.


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I enjoyed that. It has an NY atmosphere. Good dialogue.


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Never met him but I was wondering whether his liver was on the mend the other day. This place.


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Twitter fucking ruins my concentration span. The short bursts of too much info taken in turn my brain into a jumbled, stuttering, incompetent tit like nothing else. Really impacts on my work. Trying to just read longer informative, enjoyable texts online when I should be working.

Plus reading too much relentless arguing and polarisation of opinion is not good for anyone's general state of mind.

I'm getting a Trippier haircut tomorrow.


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Really sorry to hear this EM. Look after yourself.

cordshoes wrote:
CharlieG wrote:

Like to see Trippier bag a winner. The boy done good, so far.

You do know he's Manyow don't you? Like his Dad.

The shit hairstyle gives it away.

Harvest wrote:

Which bin was it?

All of them H. It was the temporary gaff we have been renting through Air BnB while we get our ceilings lowered for the loft extension. We officially move out today so I was back for a final tidy and to watch the end of the game. Drove the ten mins back there at the start of extra time as I couldn't stand the tension. The roads were deserted.

Yeah I thought it a bit sad they couldn't watch at home. I was gonna suggest the local boozer to watch the next one but I suspected they'd get a shoeing if found out.  Shame, the way they were dressed suggested ultra strict parents.

Sounds like one of those wanky stories on twitter where all the replies say 'didn't happen' doesn't it? big_smile

I was putting the bins out after the game last night. Nerves still jangled to fuck but heavy relief settling in. Opened the back gate and right in front of me was a car parked in the narrow back alley, two Asian lads in it. about 20 years old with the full Muslim garb on, white robes, beards and hats. windows down. Made me jump a bit. I just nodded and just said 'alright'. There was a pause then one of them said 'its coming home innit' Made me laugh. We had a quick chat about the game. They'd been listening to it on the car radio as were not allowed to watch it at home. They were very optimistic about our chances. More so than me. Felt very old when I told them I was 20 the last time we seemed to have a chance in 1990.

placidcasual wrote:

Imagine you’re in an ashram in 70’s India, you’re being gently fanned by a punkah waller after smoking some afghan hash. You’ve got Jenny Auguter and Julie Christie feeding you dates, almonds, figs, mangos and the like.

That's a striking image. If they were feeding me lamb rogan josh and ice cold kingfisher it'd be almost too perfect.

Had this on whilst walking to work in the sunshiiine today and it felt good.


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big_smile That's ace. I remember the logo now, that was on the rubber in my pencil case. Can't remember him being tooled up though.

Just remembered the German Keeper with massive hands like the preacher man from Kenny Everett. Sepp Maier.

Think my favourite album in 78 was 'Elvis Sings Hits from GI Blues'

Re Argentina 78 - Think I can remember Johnny Rep scoring a mad one for the Dutch as well. I was well impressed with the Italians too. Dino Zoff, Marco Tardelli, Roberto Bettega, Paulo Rossi etc. I supported them when Scotland went out. Can also remember Kempes's first goal in the final all the paper and what have you on the pitch.

My first awareness that there was a thing called a world cup or that there was going to be one that summer came with getting an Argentina 78 pencil case a few weeks before.

I'm enjoying it this time as my lad is getting into it and it'll be the first one he remembers.


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space wrote:

As an aside....

At one point drove through Grimsby.  It looks like the day after the zombie apocalypse.

Scandinavian translation of Grimsby is literally 'ugly town'.  The Viking language is extremely literal.

Hull is ace though. Apart from the skin on the fish thing in chippies. And Orchard Park.


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I really hope that the fat German bloke who told me to fuck off for being English in Hamburg a couple of months ago is OK after yesterday and was not crying into his Krombacher or anything.


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This place is a goldmine for useful, practical life tips. A goldmine!


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Ray Hankin's shorts wrote:

Surely it begs the question why you even tried this in the first place???

Does Brut have some old folklore driven talents as an anti-fungal that I've never heard about?

My feet were itching like a bastard. Thought that the alcohol in the Brut might help kill the infection and general mankiness but didn't want to waste our lasses gin. It smarted a fair bit at first but has worked.


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We are currently renting a house for two weeks while builders start work on a loft extension at ours. Messy business. Anyway, in the rented gaff I found some Brut in the bathroom cupboard. I've been sprinkling it between my toes morning and night as my athletes foot is playing up and its working a treat. Works as good as fungal foot spray.


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pipoldchap wrote:
Loose Lips wrote:

Some serious 70's vibes on here gents.

And one from the 60s:

Sylvie Vartan

No Joan Crawford or Katherine Hepburn?


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danpiesley wrote:

I get a Christmas card from my local curry house.

tad embarrassed.

I used to get one from mine during a spell of being single and living by me sen. Made me feel good which was even worse smile


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Some family entertainment 1977 style big_smile

They can feel it all over people!!

How the hell did I forget Jenny Agutter especially in American Werewolf in London?!!?

Debbie Harry
Daisy Duke
Legs and Co
Wendy Craig from Butterflies.
Daphne from Scooby Doo
Jane Flanagan from school.
The woman in this advert: