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Running the bulls in Spain.
Play the drums.


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.... always leading the way in terrace fashions.


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Brooks Brothers Bomber jacket, 100% cotton. No tags but new.
Horrible check outer but only a Dylon away from being a nice Navy Blue.
£299 on BB website.
£6.99. Horsforth Town street delivers again.


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In Otley, wandering about with his Missus and a little one.
He was walking with one of those alloy walking sticks that old folk use when they come out of hospital.
Seemed chipper though. Gave me a thumbs up when I said hello.


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Reggie Perrin wrote:

Once thought about trying to find Crow Cragg from Withnail when driving near Penrith.  Couldn't be arsed in the end.

We used to stop at Bampton near Haweswater in the late '80s.
In those pre-mobile days we used to use the phone box outside the village to phone home.
When I was eventually tuned in to Withnail, it is the one he uses to ring his agent.
Crow Cragg is a couple of miles from Bampton itself.

One pilgrimage I would like to do is to Tanworth in Arden to visit Nick Drakes grave.


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Snapped my Achilles at Brimham in 2008.


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Seven for all Mankind jeans, unworn.
£190-£220 on their website.
£3.99 from a charity shop on Horsforth Town Street.
My size and everything.


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Brian Sewell.


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Watched a Storyville documentary on iplayer last night about this. Was on BBC4 last Monday.
Loads of footage shot in the US Embassy, on the helicopters, the ships in the South China Sea.
Interviews with the main people involved, including two of the last eleven Marines taken out from the Embassy roof. Plus Henry Kissinger.
Highly recommended.


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Read this recently after reading a recommendation for it somewhere.
It's a WW2 book, 'faction' I suppose you would call it and comes in at nearly 1000 pages.
Really thought provoking book, told from the POV of a member of the SS.
The guy is in Lemberg, Kiev, The Caucasus, Stalingrad, etc. Interacts with all the henchmen and takes part in some of the most notorious events.
Very memorable book, hard going at points. Well worth reading though.


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Getting fired into the buffet at Aakash in Cleckheaton last night.
Richard Whiteley jacket and jeans combo.
Must take him an age to do his hair.


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Travis Bickle wrote:

Anything by Richard Price if you haven't read them.
Dark Trade - Lost in Boxing by Donald McCrae.  Old but a classic.

The Fight by Norman Mailer is a good boxing book.


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CBIT wrote:

James Ellroy Underworld USA Trilogy,  American Tabloid (1995), The Cold Six Thousand (2001), and Blood's a Rover (2009).

Got The Cold Six Thousand from a charity shop in Alnwick this summer. Couldn't put it down. Bought the other two when we got back. Loved all the voodoo stuff in Blood's a Rover.
All highly recommended.


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The Right Stuff - Tom Wolfe
In Cold Blood - Trueman Capote
That Old Ace in the Hole - Annie Proulx
Last Train to Memphis - Peter Guralnick
Wolf Hall (It really is a good book)


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Finished this about a month ago.
I did enjoy it but struggled with the characters flitting in and out.
I liked the Las Vegas section the best myself.
Also, what is the message? Kill somebody and get away with it?
Only a novel, I know.


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I used a place called Wet Cleaning in New Mills in the High Peak.
Found them in Old Bike Mart paper. They are the experts.
They restored my dads 1950s Belstaff (Chequered Flag Trialsmaster) He had done all his trialing in it and was going to throw it.
They restored all the rips and tears to the outer and lining and cleaned and re-waxed it. £120 all in.
I think the bloke was called Nigel and the service was superb. Due to a misunderstanding when I went to collect the coat the sleeve linings were unfinished. This was the Saturday before last Chrismas. I thought I had no hope of seeing the coat until well into January but it was posted out and with me before the next week-end (during Christmas week).
It smelt brand new, really clean smell and looks superb.
I strongly recommend giving these guys a go.


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My sister knew a lad from Halifax and got the first 4 albums from him on 2 C90 cassettes.
I used to play then to death but never knew what the tracks or albums were called due to state of this lads writing.
From memory the ones that made a big impression were the ones about flowers covering everything, green go the rushes go, Driver eight, Rockville. Also one about when you meet a stranger, put your money in your shoe.
Bought all four on vinyl years later but don't know where they are now.
They used to remind me of The Dream Syndicate.


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Really looking forwards to this.
Going to walk over the Chevin to Otley on day one, then ride on the canal bank to Silsden on day two.

Used to like Staying out for the Summer by Dodgy.
Also Sun rising (?) by The Beloved.

Kings of the Wild Frontier.
Hatfull of Hollow.
Stone Roses.

Led Zep. Good times, bad times.
Beatles. I feel fine.
Kinks. All day and all of the night.
Kinks. At the end of the day.
Stones. Street Fighting man.
T.Rex. Get it on.
T.Rex. 20th Century Boy.
Pistols. Liar.
Fleetwood Mack. Oh well.
Fleetwood Mack. Go your own way.
Bowie. Rebel Rebel.


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Watched this last night. Taped it off the TV over a year ago and forgot about it.
Very good film. Standout scene for me was in the Nightclub where everything slows down before about 3 blokes get leathered by one of the main men. Good representation of the 'red mist'.
Worth a look for those who like 70's suburbia type stuff.


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Top of Otley Chevin.
Opening again next week.
Iconic pub round this neck of the woods. Loads of happy memories of going there with my parents as a child. This was when the DD laws seemed to be a bit more relaxed.
Good luck to whoever has taken it on.


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Tonton Zola Moukoko wrote:

The Greatest Show on Earth is on Raphas website, today only. http://pages.rapha.cc/stories/the-great … w-on-earth

Just watched it. Fantastic, thanks for the heads up.
This should be in the film thread as well.


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Wilco still battling away.
There is an article in yesterdays FT.