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#LUFC wishes Marcus Antonsson all the best for the future as the striker completes his move to Malmo


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Gone for a sabbatical


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The only thing you really need is music software and a computer to run it on, if u have a PC i'd recommend FL studio and if you have a mac i'd say either Logic Pro X or Ableton. If you want any type of vocals, a mic is needed, you can get an audio hub with mic cables but a USB mic can work if you want a cheaper option. Any kind of USB keyboard will work and work just as well as a midi keyboard so theres no need for midi wires and stuff.

If you want a guitar input or higher quality mics you will need an audio interface, and one channel should be ok as long as you dont want to record 2 parts at the same time. If you want every sound to be accoustic then you would need a lot of channels (Drums especially, although there are good electric kits that will work fine)


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Mike Jones wrote:

Absolutely stunning part of the world, congrats and good luck. Listen out for the marmots. Your lad might be the next Konrad Bartelski.

tis all about Dave ' The Rocket' Ryding nowadays

fucking hell

Jeez Trav, that girl's grown some since the last pic you posted of her!

and £500,000 a week!


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One of the women's sons in the office is starting this in Sept

https://www.herts.ac.uk/study/schools-o … rees/music

I'll see what he recommends in terms of kit to get

1. “Plainsong”
2. “Pictures of You”
3. “High”
4. “A Night Like This”
5. “The Walk”
6. “End of the World”
7. “Lovesong”
8. “Push”
9. “In Between Days”
10. “Just Like Heaven”
11. “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”
12. “Play For Today”
13. “A Forest”
14. “Shake Dog Shake”
15. “Burn”
16. “Fascination Street”
17. “Never Enough”
18. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
19. “Disintegration”

20. “Lullaby”
21. “The Caterpillar”
22. “Friday I’m in Love”
23. “Close to Me”
24. “Why Can’t I Be You?”
25. “Boys Don’t Cry”
26. “Jumping Someone Else’s Train
27. “Grinding Halt”
28. “10:15 Saturday Night”
29. “Killing An Arab”


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Shit sandwich EM, hope the boy's coping.

3 stages innit

Watched the game in some boozer in Mayfair, saw Interpol (ok) Ride (entertaining) and Fat Bob (ace)

Fuck  me its happening isn't it ?

Watched it in a boozer in mayfair with a load of rejects from pride, taught them a few songs...


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Never heard of him

???? | #LUFC defender Paudie O’Connor has joined League One side Blackpool on a season-long loan deal. Read more at http://bit.ly/2NtPxuw


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Leeds United defender Tyler Denton has joined League One side Peterborough United on a season-long loan deal. Read more at http://bit.ly/2tWfRpk


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Royal Armories
Leeds Museum (what used to be the Civic Theater)  and Leeds Art Gallery
Tropical Word at Roundhay Park
Ilkley Lido if its still sunny
Eureka at Halifax
National Media Museum in Bradford

Young Marxist at Tescos wrote:
Harvest wrote:

Are all your clothes impregnated with jam or something?

Hi-Vis mate.  The little bastards can't get enough of it

Yellow ?? We've swapped to orange and they don't seem to be as bad at attracting  flying things


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Leeds United can announce Andy Lonergan has today left the club by mutual consent. Read more at http://bit.ly/2u6nqbZ


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Leeds United forward Jay-Roy Grot has joined Dutch Eredivisie side VVV-Venlo on a season-long loan deal. Read more at http://bit.ly/2KQjKCB

Mitaman wrote:

The England team at the 1990 tournament was the best team there (once Butch Wilkins got sent off), but we lost. Fine margins between success and failure.

The crab was sent off in mexico 86 along razor Robson busting his shoulder and changed the way we played , Italia 90 was (if you believe the press) when the players revolted and changed the system to go 3 at the back

With our idiots??? its only going to end in embarrassment

#LUFC will launch an all new YouTube Channel this summer, and we're searching for the region's best vloggers, freestylers and gamers. Read more at http://bit.ly/2lQPjkF

Cutsyke wrote:

Got the air on. Humidity is oppressive. Watching Nathans Hot Dog Eating Championship, on ESPN2. Seriously, the sports channel.

Joey Jaws Chestnut is da man.


They've played better football than I've seem them do in years. Playing out from the back not long ball hoofin it, look calm and assured on the ball rather than treating it like a hot potato, pass to each other rather than the oppo and with a bit of luck last night and stronger ref we'd have been 2 0 up and them down to 10 men at ht.

Hands up who didn't see that coming.