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They played the Floral Hall in Hornsea,back in the day.


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i'm looking for a crash pad near Leeds Bradford airport


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I haven't prepared very well,haven't had a drink since July 1st.I'll be hammered by teatime,got a night out in Manchester after the train as well.


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that's the one,tomorrow 12.40 from hull,you going ?


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Life,Travel or Eat Drink and be Merry,anybody done this ?,Batley to Staleybridge,eight pubs  http://www.realaletrail.net/


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Got the first one on audio,eighteen cd's,brilliant.

Liam Frost


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deffo,worst blades side in years.11/10 get your house on it.


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I'm not him


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it was summat boring like keep away from our players after he had words with diouf. I wish all our games were like that.


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heyho wrote:

Perhaps they should be allowed to vote but they wave the right to anonimity.

Would be interesting to see which party someone   who butchers women by    removing there breasts       and genitilia, then stabs  out their eyes and finishes off by jacking off all over them them would vote.

Green Party


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The new Shack
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kret_T1n … re=related


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My brother in law had The Grey Horse in Horsforth for years,complete know all twat.


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Barbour Polarquilt and some book about Hull Fair from the wife.


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True,how about last ten mins ? or i can carry the water bottles.


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Hornsea Town Vets,top of div 2,Right Midfield available on a freebie.


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Brick,great name.I really like it but nobody i know is watching it.


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we'll not be snorting coke of lady gaga's cock or whatever you get up to in that london,we might be eating cold lamb and wanking off small dogs though.


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If you want i'll post tomorrow,what we wore and what we drank,i'll probably skip the match report.


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See you there


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Good afternoon Sir,I shall be attending your draughty old fortress tomorrow,fancy a pint ?


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Gangsters,mid 70's on bbc i think.

Tank Park Salute  Billy Bragg
8 X 10 Randy Travis
Daddy's Gone  Glasvegas
I Knew Love   Nanci Griffith
Mourners of St Pauls  Liam Frost

Not really depressing,just sad.


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Cutsyke wrote:

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_vvltPasEY0E/S … akey_2.jpg

Sheffield United's Top Lad circa '82

i think you'll find he's a wednesday fan,as are most of sheffield celebs,thankfully