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david harvey's monkey wrote:

To be fair, why do they keep mentioning his half-brother who he wasn't even bought up with? That had nothing to do with him and is just repeatedly used to make him look even worse than he is. The serious media drone on about celebrity over-kill yet they constantly do things like this.

Might have had something to do with the announcements of support and innocence J Barton issued on behalf of his half-brother at the time via his agent (or more accuratiliy his "client management company").

It comes as no surprise to some of us that after 2 years of listening and reading of how misunderstood this common thug is we are no getting the orcastrated defense "he was goad and provoked" and it equally comes as no surprise that the ultimate media whore amougst us is already buying it.


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TopMan wrote:
kaydubya wrote:

I am a lover of cheese.

Today I have mostly been eating

Cheddar from Hawes in Wensleydale

and Highland Glen Cheddar with whisky

Aswell as some good old Wensleydale.

At this rate, you'll be writing nursery rhymes with Damon Albarn by the end of next week.

Say what you like about him but that "99% of media types should be axed" was spot on.


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Remanded for a week...which is nice.


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Jones the Steamed wrote:
ObL69 wrote:

What, you mean Mark Gutterman... destroyed Ch*ster then worked his 'magic' on Wrexham...?

Steve Vaughans going for his brace too, have Barrow recovered from his stint there?

Oldham, Wigan, Chelsea and Leeds, who might that be...?


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I await his agents excuse, proberbly "he was provoked by people who earn less than him".


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kaydubya wrote:

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jh … uad227.xml

Seven-year-old girl dies in quad bike crash
By Richard Edwards and Nick Allen
Last Updated: 2:28pm GMT 27/12/2007

A seven-year-old girl has died in a head-on crash as she drove along a country road on a quad bike she had been given for Christmas.     
The road was dark when the collision happened

Elizabeth Cooke and her 10-year-old brother Jack were following their father's car in the dark along an unlit lane in the village of Blackmore, Essex, last night.

The little blonde girl was killed in a collision with a Range Rover travelling in the opposite direction at 7pm.

The tragedy happened quarter of a mile away from the home of her parents, Gary and Claire Cooke, who live at Bluebell Farm and run a chicken farm.

A friend of the family, who did not want to be named, said the excited children were taking their quad bikes, which they got as presents, out for a ride on Fingrith Hall Lane, a narrow road flanked with hedgerows and fields.

The friend, who was still visibly shaken by the tragedy, said: "We were in the car with the children's dad and they were following us behind. They had come to pick us up and we'd only gone 200 yards when it happened.

"I was watching them, keeping an eye on them. They both had lights on their bikes. I don’t really know what happened.

"It’s such a tragedy, it's absolutely awful especially at Christmas time. I don’t know how they will cope."

Elizabeth was rushed to hospital in Chelmsford but could not be saved. Her brother, Jack, was not injured in the crash.

An Essex Police spokesperson said that a 28-year-old woman driving the Range Rover was arrested and bailed until New Year's Eve. It is understood police are treating it as a tragic accident.

The quiet country road has two blue "Police Slow" signs. Authorities said it was illegal for children to drive any vehicle on a public highway.

The Quadzilla Pro-Shark quad bike, the model believed to be being driven by the seven-year-old, is designed for use by children in fields.     
A Shark quad bike of the type Elizabeth was believed to be riding when she died

The bikes are not legal on public roads unless modified and driven by someone over 16 wearing a crash helmet who is appropriately insured.

Neighbours revealed that Gary, 46, and Claire, 34, live in a large farm house set in 49 acres of land. They have around 7,000 chickens and sell free-range eggs.

The children own ponies, which are kept in the surrounding fields.

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: "They use a quad bike across the fields to water their ponies.

"Elizabeth is a tiny blonde little thing. She's a very sweet little girl.

"I’ve often seen Claire taking the ponies to school to collect the children."

Another neighbour, Hayley Davies, 35, that the country roads around Blackmore are often used as a shortcut to nearby Chelmsford.

She said: "My children don't hack out their ponies in the afternoon because the roads are too dangerous, they use it as a racetrack.

"It's such a tragedy that something like this has happened, I really feel for them."

The family were too distraught to talk today and were being comforted by friends and relatives.

A friend who answered the door at the large farm house surrounded by fields said: "They are grieving and in a very bad way."

Sales of the quad bikes have continued to grow. On average, two people die every year in accidents.

Non-fatal accidents are estimated to amount to over 1,000 serious injuries per year.

Manufacturers say bikes under 70cc are suitable for 6 year olds and older, and those from 70cc to 90cc are suitable for 12 year olds and older. Some are capable of speeds of up to 40mph.

A spokesman for the road safety charity Brake said: "Even with permission to use the machines on private land, children should not be put in control of them - the sheer power and speed of them is dangerous wherever they are used."

What sort of person lets their 7 and 10 year old kids ride quadbikes on a public road at night?

Never mind charging whoever it was that crashed into them - on a charge of driving whilst on 'drink or drugs' they should charge the father too.

Yes, almost as bad as leaving your children alone in a unlocked holiday home while you spend hours drinking wine and eating tapas......


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Mine is a retired schoolteacher with a tendency to polite in all situations.....and the slowest eater on the planet.


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No contest.

See avator.

the one in the white knee length... :-)


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Real Sociopath wrote:

Instant party! Good for 10 minutes fun at least.

Be your own DJ http://www.tony-b.org/

I'll bring the drinks, the 3 bottles of single malt and the subscription to the Realale.com monthly delivery.


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Got married.


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smiley badge wrote:

As i live near Colchester i drive past where they are having a new ground built from the A12. Looks a nice new stadium with the capacity for 10.000 i think. And about time to as their ground that they play in at the moment(Layer Rd) is well past its sell by date as those of you who have been will agree. But with them being at the foot of the CCC they are going to struggle to get 4-5000 if they go down to lg 1 next season which is kind of a shame really. But i guess thats the way the cookie crumbles i suppose. Welcome to the real world Col U.

Pics please....

kaydubya wrote:

Have Landlord and everyone seemed to be drinking it, infact I was stood by the pump recommending it to waverers, including an Aussie bloke who repeatedly thanked me as he kept coming back for more pints.

There's another pub opposite The Ritz that has Landlord too.

Can we find pubs with Landlord close to all monopoly streets I wonder?


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david harvey's monkey wrote:

well i guess it will dow hat it says opn the c an. DON'T OPEN IT AT WORK

In that case, Merry xmas.....

http://www.thespankingspot.com/hostpic/ … santa2.jpg



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I always get everything I need in one session, people think I put in days of shopping cos i always get it right, its just a knack, basically refuse to get stressed and think slightly out of the box, works every time.


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I agree...

But your still a miserable bastard big_smile


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Molasses wrote:

btw, they say these things come in 3's so you are home clear. I've had two huge blows lately, dreading the third.

You've had the third, its called League 1....


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MashThePash wrote:

They'll be following the Derby route. That's 2 from 3 sorted for the drop.

All 3 sorted, Wigan gone no matter how much Bruce spends in jan.


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under the arches wrote:

Looking at their squad of players they should be up around Villa & Everton.

Not sure about that...defence looks decidingly CCC to me.


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Deadly Doug's Love Child wrote:

When it comes to managers, is it reasonable to expect the FA to appoint an English boss when none of our top clubs have got any faith in them?.

Ideally you want an English manager with a great track record in club football....to have won major trophies...qualified for the Champions League where he will have prepared teams to compete against sides with truly world class players and who play in a formation quite different to those his players would normally face and remain successful...to demonstrate he can motivate and get the best out of top drawer players....to show he can keep them happy with all those raging egos etc. That's the kind of manager I'd like to see.  Can't think of any English manager that meets that description. And they're going to struggle to get that opportunity when our top clubs refuse to appoint any of them. 

When was the last time one of our 'top 4' clubs appointed and English manager?.

For Liverpool it's Roy Evans. Given the role in '94 then sacked in '98 after job-sharing with Houllier for a couple of seasons.
Chelsea? you have to go back to Hoddle, took over in '93, and since then they've had five opportunities to appoint an English manager but favoured the united nations represented by Gullit, Vialli, Ranierri, Morinho and now Grant.   
Don Howe was the last Englishman to take it up the Arse, back in 1984, lasted only 2 years. Since then its been three Jocks (Graham, Houston, Rioch) and Wenger. That's four appointments. Even their caretaker managers haven't been English!.
ManYoo's a unique case with Ferguson hanging around so long, but its still 1981 since Big Ron 'set his stall out' and he lasted 5 years.

So in summary, the time since they last appointed an English boss is....Liverpool 13 years, Chelsea 14 years, Arsenal 23 years and ManYoo 26 years !!. During that time they've made a combined total of 12 appointments. Four of these have been Jocks but even the last one of those was Rioch in '96. No British managers appointed by these four clubs in the last 11 years. No 'kin wonder we haven't got a decent candidate!. None of 'em are getting any Champs League exposure and none of our boys stand a chance of winning the league.

With so many of the top clubs not even English owned now it's difficult to see this trend changing anytime soon. Can't blame them to be honest. They don't let any nationalistic sentimentality cloud their thinking. They're only concerned with winning. Makes the decision making much clearer cut.   

Really have no idea why we can't produce top class managers anymore. When McClaren went, I thought..don't care who gets the job as long as he isn't English!. Sad really. That's the big challenge now. Developing top class coaching talent. Am not sure you can groom someone into a job like England team boss thru being in the England backroom staff. Surely the better experience is gained by getting day to day experience at a top club side?. Think that idea's just a fop to the public etc.   

Last English boss to win the league??......Sgt Wiko!!

Nothing wrong with what your saying DDLC but in terms of international managers history tells us that the big clubs managers don't often make good international managers, something born out by the recent experience of European countries. France understood this first and concentrated on bringing their coaches through a demanding national team structure and reaping the rewards over thelast 10 years, the German who gave Greece the miricle European Championship in 2004 was no better domestically back home than Steve McClaren, the Germans best result was with a novice called Klinsmann, the only exception to the rule is Italy in 2006 and that was more a case of the players and coaches having a single purpose after the match fixing stuff.

As I stated on a recently deceased version of this, in the meduim and long term we needed someone like Hodgson to lead a team of up and coming managers with a view to trying to win 2018, not a short-term unrealistic pitch at 2010.


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Blue Lou Boyle wrote:

Site is 2 days old and the librarians are kicking off about the filing. Rock and roll

My nomination for post of the year (post crash). lol


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Thai Green Curry


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Molasses wrote:
Allofenglandsdiseases wrote:

he is a winger idiot so obviously his nickname is............................................

Flying.... big_smile

This is one of those 'I was there' moments.

Compared to Jonny Vegas I'm a mine of ribticklers...