841 Swedes v Turnips

by Deadly Doug's Love Child

842 (this ones goin out to the strip joints

by GG Allins Gutrot

843 The Charlatans- FAO BLB

by The Last Waltz

844 The Twang, Bradford Uni

by kaydubya

845 Lightspeed Champion- Faversham

by Early Doors

847 Red with purple flashes

by fulmine

848 Hot Chip @ Leeds Uni

by Odd Job

849 wool city rocker

by Blue Lou Boyle

850 Weller

by chris27

851 Jimmy Eat World @ Leeds Uni

by Foo Whiter

852 New Young Pony Club @ Koko, Camden, 13-Feb-2008

by Deadly Doug's Love Child

853 The Smyths, Tan Hill Inn, Nov 07

by Allofenglandsdiseases

854Moved: New Mojo

by fulmine

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857 Frank Black

by The Last Waltz

858 Edgar Jones Jones

by fulmine

859 Tour

by jakey

862 Morrissey at Camden Roundhouse 23-Jan-2008

by Deadly Doug's Love Child

864 The Pale Fountains - Liverpool

by kaydubya ( Pages 1 2 )

865 The Real People - Liverpool

by kaydubya

866 Bjorn Again

by Mol

869 Manchester vs Cancer

by kaydubya

870 Roll Call for London - Pale Fountains

by under the arches