841 Leeds Carling Academy

by Early Doors

842 Pigeon Detectives

by WeeWillyWinkie

843 Real People

by LCA10

844 Cud

by otis

845 Edwyn Collins tour

by otis

847 I Am Kloot Tour

by Odd Job

848 The Fall

by Young Marxist at Tescos

849 one for the weekend

by hendersonjones

853 Rhythm Festival

by borntobemild

854 Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip

by Stoychenkroyften

855 Attn borntobemild

by zicoslovechild

856 lazytown live

by hendersonjones

857 Shamless Self Promotion

by king of the slums

859 Duke Spirit - Brudenell Club last Friday

by Young Marxist at Tescos

861 Gigs for 2008

by Deadly Doug's Love Child ( Pages 1 2 3 )

863 The Delays

by under the arches

864 Gigs you should've gone to but missed.

by old codger ( Pages 1 2 )

865 Swedes v Turnips

by Deadly Doug's Love Child

866 (this ones goin out to the strip joints

by GG Allins Gutrot

867 The Charlatans- FAO BLB

by The Last Waltz

868 The Twang, Bradford Uni

by kaydubya

869 Lightspeed Champion- Faversham

by Early Doors