4 Rudyard Kipling.

by under the arches


by soldierant

7 Townshend's book

by Reggie Perrin

8 London Fields by Amis

by MashThePash

9 Book section

by Harvest

10 Books/kids Kids/books

by Harvest

11 Lean on Pete - Willy Vlautin

by Young Marxist at Tescos

12 The Forgotten Highlander

by uppercut

13 Sean penn his life and times

by barabassdy

16 These Darkening Days - Ben Myers

by Young Marxist at Tescos

17 Philip Roth

by Harvest

19 Art Sex Music - Cosey Fanni Tutti

by Kevin Stapleton

21 A prayer before dawn

by scootay

22 Steve Jones - Lonely Boy

by zicoslovechild

23 I'll be gone in the dark

by Ray Hankin's shorts

25 Is it just me


26 Pop. 1280

by danpiesley

27 Friday Night Lights

by danpiesley

28 All the Devils are here - David Seabright

by Young Marxist at Tescos

30 Reasons to Stay alive - Matt Haig

by Sunset & Vine