Topic: Def sentence for charity workers scammers

I got a call recently from some bird, supposedly from a children’s charity, claiming that I had made a contribution around about a year ago. I knew this wasn’t true and it turns out it was a scam to get my bank details. She didn’t get them off me cos I ain’t no mug right!

So I’ve had enough. Posing as a charity worker to defraud people is a serious crime and I think the def sentence is an appropriate punishment.
I can hear the let-them-live brigade bleating now coming out with who breaks a buttefly on a wheel or some such mock-poetic bum boy statement. Well if was their doddery old grandma who been swindled out of their savings – maybe they’ll feel different.

I’m going to do something about it and I’ve started a campaign to bring back the def sentence for charity workers scammers.
Go to this website to find out how can support and get involved.

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