Topic: iPhone, I feel the need, the need for speed

Left my recently purchased 4s in a  cab 10 days ago roll after consulting with the wetback sales dude at 3 HK (this would be a good thing, they know everything) it appeared that my best option was popping a year on the contract and taking the iPhone 5.

I wasn't initially keen, larger footprint, 65 quid more on the replacement, but I thought fuck it if i'm locked in another year then I might as well have the latest tech.

Well, 4 G data! Good Morning!

As I type my download is 27 Mbps and m upload is 25 Mbps! Holey molly, the best I can get on my home "broadband" is about 6.5Mbps generally and thats wired, copper mind, not fibre.

Still think it's too big but if they could reduce the footprint to the 4s and retain the weight I'd be ecstatic.

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Re: iPhone, I feel the need, the need for speed

I prefer the heavier, reassuring weight of the 4S and I'm not keen on these big daft screens, but no doubt  I'll be upgrading to whatevers out in Autumn when my contract runs out. I like the idea of super fast downloads, but I'm sure that will come at a price in the UK.

My data limit is currently 2gig a month which is fine for now, but with 4G I'd soon be changing my browsing habits.

btw - Did you try Findmyiphone when you lost it?

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Re: iPhone, I feel the need, the need for speed

My cell phone stopped working two weeks ago. Still have my work phone but it's been heaven without that thing.