Topic: Chinatown Noodle Bar - Birmingham

In brum for a couple of days thought I'd have a mooch round Chinatown. Found this ace noodle place behind Legs 11 and the Arcadian

Massiveist bowl of noodles I've had. Hand made noodles with Brisket. The sauce was like scezuan style really fiery but not enough to ruin the dish. Still full now and couldn't finish it. The beef was cooked perfectly, not the stringy stuff to be had from takeaways and not the shiny stuff caked in gelatinous sauce. Proper well cooked brisket that falls part with the spoon.

Definitely worth a visit if noodles are your thing, probably the healthiest Chinese food to be had from restaurants in the uk. Most Chinese food is rank in my opinion in the high street.


Re: Chinatown Noodle Bar - Birmingham

Offfff - that looks the shit.

I went to a noodle bar down there a few years ago.  I was arseholed.  Someone else was paying and when that happens I usually got off piste.

I had porridge with mushrooms.  Everyone told me not to have it, even the waitress.  Guess what?  Yeah....They were all  right, it was fucking rank.  Essentially gruel.  I too could not finish it.

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