Topic: The Missing Hancocks

I may have mentioned once or twice how Tony Hancock has been my life's obsession......

Previously people have tried to remake the old Hancock's Half Hour radio shows and have failed miserably, but the Beeb have commissioned 5 of the lost scripts and in the opinion of one of the worlds top 5 HHH experts (i.e. me) they've managed to hit the bull with these.

I hope to buggery they'll commission the other missing 15 shows.  This cast is brilliant.  The weakest link is Kevin Eldon, which is a surprise as he's a legend, but Sid James was always going to be a tough act to follow so you can only tip your hat to the guy for having the guts to do it.

Stick your ear plugs in and dial them up on iplayer and remind yourself what the word "genius" really means.  The scripts were timeless and they've been beautifully performed by people who obviously loved the originals.

Eating tofu and hating it.