Re: Leeds vs Hull

Mol wrote:

We're fucking awful, cowards to a man bar Cook, Bridcutt and Wood who was immense. "Don't fucking give it me". But we took the 2 chances. They should have had seven, we gave them enough chances. When I finally got around the 12ft security screen and 100 odd plod Cellino stuck outside the Bremner suite after, had a quick chat with Loose Lips. 15th with a bullet.

I'm a little less harsh on matters wink.

As I mentioned at half time 4-5-1 suited us when you added a defensive battler in the form of Bridcutt which allowed Adeyemi to have his best game by far.

Bridcutt - tackled hard, owned the ball, lost it but crucially got it back or at least genuinely attempted to clean up after himself.

Not to say I told you so but prior to Rosler getting potted I thought we grew into 4-5-1 only to go 4-4-2 when we faltered by throwing on the Italian only to bottle it from there on in but not reverting back to plan.

Mol is spot on about Wood - he played a blinder largely helped by the midfield following up with support. If you are going to knock to down you may as well do it in the direction you are facing to players coming forward. Seems to make perfect sense.

Great goal from Wood, Mowatt should have scored and well taken by Adeyemi who was quicker than anyone else in the box on the loose ball.

We won far more second balls last night than I've seen at home and it was on the ground (largely because it was windy) but also we mad more players in midfield to pass it to.

What fucking use is a loan until January though?

Cook as usual payed very well and Taylor was back if not fully fit. Even Doukara did a decent job of impersonating Wood for 15 minutes. Cooper was solid enough.

But the rest?

Wootton is excellent at pulling shirts.

Dallas has a beard. One run, one cross. He's likable in that forgettable sort of way. But arguably improving.

Murphy. I dunno. Anyone? Probably emblematic of our issues. He can play. But not all the time. And not often enough. And usually very mediocre.

Bellusci now takes our free kicks?

Silvestri needed encouragement to collect on his 6 yard line. The ironic applause must get to him.

Byram is not half the player people seem to think he is.

BUT.... we fucking won. At home. On a Saturday. It tasted sweet.


Re: Leeds vs Hull

Really good first half could of been 3or4 up going in ht . Bridcutt was what we've needed for years , leader in the middle , organising  , putting a foot in , wanting the ball and giving it simple . Not kidding first half he was head and shoulders above anyone on the park .
Strange  , don't think my new favourite player was involved in our goals. First was as good as you get , 2 passes ,cook inside ball to Dallas ,whipped across and nice finish from wood . Carved a shit hull side in half . 2nd , hull keeper made a great save , but parried it to adiamy , silvestry style.
2nd half back to default . Couldn't keep the ball for more than 2 passes . Every cross coming in looks like a goal , which is how we conceded and they should of got an equaliser towards the end   . We have got to stop the supply of crosses coming in or get a keeper that dominates his area . I prefer the new keeper option .
Byram can fuck off as far as I'm concerned  . Get a few quid in jan if poss , if not fuck him he cost us fa . We've lost far better players than him and are still hear to tell the tail .

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