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LOVE SONGS / #2 / SONG TO THE SIREN … the-siren/

“Did I dream you dreamed about me?”

Matt`s mum always seemed pleased to see me & Dave. I understand now why the introduction to a child`s new friends brings happiness. The comfort that they are liked. That they are not alone.

I put the tape into the player in Matt`s bedroom. Neither a ghetto nor a blaster. Matt lived on a short residential road of `80s new builds, as quiet and community-like as a cul-de-sac. His parents had bought him a car for Christmas. His mum had tied a huge bow about its doors and roof which he`d had to ceremoniously cut. I didn`t own a car until I was over forty. I`ll shrug and say that in London I never really needed one. Where I`d walked from it was easy to “borrow” one. Hot-wired like a punk heart. I was thirteen the first time I sat in a stolen car. I can`t comment on the size of their house because I would only make it as far as Matt`s room. Where we`d take the piss out of each other. Fine hone our wits and routines. Matt was cute. Too cute. With a confidence that had yet to be knocked.

suck'ahs to the side I know you hate my 98'



One of the few tunes to get the waterworks going for me.Not many songs talk about death let alone calling for it and there was something about it that reminded me of a dream I had after my dad had died.  He was sitting in my bedroom  just looking at me and I couldn't work out why /how he was there and asked him. He never said a word but  his look told  me he knew he was dead and that it was final, utter sadness. Damn, I'm off again.