Topic: The Lovely Bones

I am going to make myself sound like a cunt here, I am a cunt, but I like to think in the unconventional sense.

However - I have a thing about books and female authors.  In that I generally steer away.

However after reading Girl on the Train and being completely hooked and reading it inside two days I have decided to give a few more a go.

Thus I am currently half way through The Lovely Bones - beautifully written and all that but still a little bit, er....girly I suppose.  For want of a better word.

I am enjoying it though - don't get me wrong but for me the action is a little bit too slow.

I'm 175 pages deep of 328 so plenty left to go.

Aim Low and miss...


Re: The Lovely Bones

Finished this - it made something catch in my eye - but it was a happy thing at a happy moment, not the bleak stuff that pervaded the story.

Felt a tad rushed at the end but they way it dealt with what you wanted to happen was good and delved into grief and families unraveling and re raveling (is that a word) was excellent.  In short I recommend.

Aim Low and miss...