Topic: The strypes - brudenell

They blew the roof off the place.

I'd forgot about these lads... forgot how good they are, in fact not good, crazily good  musicians.. and they gel so well and feed off each other..... great to watch.

I first saw them in 2013 at leaf in Liverpool, they're first ever gig in Britain.  They were 15 and 16 years old. They were already fully formed amazing musicians even back then.

Glad I went last night.

Man and the echo were quality as usual too... liked their new songs.

And the strypes bass player remembered me, pointed at me mid set and then came for a quick chat after the gig. Nice touch... he's a nice lad and plays bass like a star

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Re: The strypes - brudenell

What a great band. They've certainly come a long way from simply aping Dr Feelgood and Nine Below Zero as they did when they were schoolboys.

Man and the echo put in a solid performance. Clearly a good band, just not my cup of tea. Judging by the excited jigging about by several people of rather mature years, I think I must have been standing either in the middle of the older elements of their families or their Darby and Joan fan club.


Re: The strypes - brudenell

I was right at the front, stage left, always a good spot. Just in front of the bass player.   Great view

Crowd was a decent mix of old farts and young spunkers

I loved the young kid, must-have been about 13, jumping up and down on someone's shoulders, crowd surfed to the stage and then stage dive back in

On a school night

Ace to see