Topic: Red River Dialect

I just got tickets for Red River Dialect in jan next year.

The are supporting The Weather Station.



Bit of folk if that is your thing.

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Re: Red River Dialect

I went to this last night - tiny room above a pub.

RRD  Like them but live, very different.  On the verge of going somewhere but not getting there.  A bit Doorsy with plinky plonky keyboards but then not quite.  A bit JJ Cale with lolloping bass runs and bongos but then deciding to go another way and always on the edge of the waterboys but not the desire to go into full blown jiggy mode.  I think every song was exactly the same BPM, slow.  In the end my wife just said 'they have played the same song seven times'.

I enjoyed them but would not rush back.

Oh - literally zero audience interaction until the end when the singer informed us they were selling copies of the new album at the back of the room.

Aim Low and miss...