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FC Halifax Town 1 - Macclesfield Town 4

I've mentioned before that my daughter twigged fairly early on that refs can be, in her words, 'rubbish'.
Well today confirmed her initial view. Let's be right about it, even with a genius in charge, Town would have lost. But today's man in black was shocking. We knew the kind of afternoon we had in prospect when he booked Garner, Town's centre half and captain, after a couple of minutes for daring to win a tackle.

I think he summed his performance up when Macclesfield took off their number 9, Wilson. He practically crawled off the pitch to kill time. The Town players were rightly livid and Wilde started to literally push him off. The crowd were baying for blood and yet the ref just stood and watched. One of those situations that can lead to stuff getting out of hand when quick action could have diffused it all. People in the stand were calling Macclesfield the Man Utd of this division for the decisions they get. All I know is they got everything today and Town got nowt.

Whatever the ref's failings, Macclesfield are top and you can see why. They retain possession brilliantly, have great movement and a team with people comfortable on the ball. They brought a few (321) that meant a healthy crowd of 1962.

Halifax had a few players missing and it showed. Connor Oliver started in midfield and had a better game but they gave the ball away so cheaply and regularly that they were never going to get anything from today.

Macclesfield scored in the minute of added time that never was on Boxing Day. They scored just before halftime today. And then doubled their lead a few minutes into the second half. Hancox got a hat trick and looks a class above this division but he also looked a mile offside for their first. I know players will appeal all sorts but the Town players were going mental after the goal.

They were 0-3 up at one point.. Town gave away a penalty (I and a few hundred others have no f***ing idea what for) and then got one later on. Which Tomlinson skied over the bar (something I predicted he would do the minute I saw him claim the ball to take it). That meant to stayed 1-4.

Waring, the lad on loan from Tranmere came on to replace Denton which raised a few eyebrows. They carry out a similar role as big target man up front, but 'Dents' as she knows him is usually a permanent fixture for the 90 minutes. Waring scored and showed some promise again, he nearly scored with his head almost immediately, but Town were just second best.

Nice to see Shiraz Khan make what I'm pretty sure was his first team debut. He only got a few minutes and barely got a touch but there aren't enough Asian players in football so well done to him and Town.

The rain for most of the match was truly biblical. It was freezing in the main stand. And they got fairly comprehensively beaten. But she was still down by the tunnel at the end clapping the players off. I think we've created a football fan.......

She’s the main man in the office in the city and she treats me like I’m just another lackey, but I can put a tennis racket up against my face and pretend that I am Kendo Nagasaki...

Re: Macclesfield at home....

Good on her - taking the shit with the even shitter

Good on you too mate,  not easy parenting some time I can imagine......

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