Topic: Whoops

I've just had a text conversation lasting two days with totally the wrong person
Trying to cover some shifts at work I texted a locum to see if they could work Sunday night
He replied saying sorry he was in Manchester that night
Managed to rejigg the vacant shift to Tuesday night
Texted him again
Sorry he said out in Leeds that night
Finally managed to find someone to work Tuesday night but then had a gap Tuesday day
Texted him again to see if he could work
He replied he was on leave that day ( which the locum was)
Penny only dropped when I decided to ring him got through to a bloke with a slight Aussie twang asked if it was Joe he said yes
Joe our locum is from Zimbabwe with an African accent so I've been trying to fill a shift with a guy from New Zealand who I met just once last year when I gave him a lift.
First and last names on my phone from now on

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Re: Whoops

Brilliant! Always figured that sorting rotas out was akin to herding cats....

The insurgency began.................and you missed it.