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Halifax Market. Inspired by that lovely youtube video put on here by Fullmine or Zico.

Went to Piece Hall today for a mooch about, had to prize the kids away form the x Box. Walked around the Piece hall which looks fantastic and certainly a World Heritagesque building. Sadly not a right lot of shops in it. Wife bought a nice Bowie Picture though from the record shop - Loafers I think.

Went across the road to the Halifax Borough Market. What a great little gem, beautiful old Victorian Market Hall. Just wondering around aimlessly and found this Russian Cafe with a wall of teas. Lovely old Russian lady serving. We had Veg and a Beef Borsht and Lamb Perogi (like big Dim Sum Steamed Dumplings)

The Borscht was really really nice. Light, tasty, healthy.  The Perogis were great too but were quite heavy. I had to have a kip when I got home. Well tasty though.

If you're in Fax, get yourself to Babasuka and have a go at something you've not tried before.


Re: Babuska - Russian Team Room

Fax went downhill when this place shut