Topic: The Owl - Lichfield

Went there last night as down at the mother in law's. Nice pub/restaurant, good atmosphere, great food.

I had a skewered kebab hanging off a rack. Big chunks of minted lamb, chorizo and roasted veg on one skewer, the same but with chicken on the other. Mrs Harvest (real name) had a creamy chicken curry. Mother in law who's never happy wherever you take her had plaice with sautéed potatoes that looked ace. She was taken aback by how nice it was and we barely heard a word as she troughed away. My lad had a huge pizza with sliced meatballs/sausage which got a thumbs up.

One for the Midlanders.

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Re: The Owl - Lichfield

Cheers for that, not far from me, I'll give it a go.

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