Topic: The Man Who Came Uptown-George Pelecanos

His first book since 2013, been really looking forward to this.

Going uptown is prison slang for getting released. Michael Hudson has been released and is trying to go straight. Phil Ornazian is the PI who got Michael released, and he works both sides of the law, occasionally doing criminal acts to supplement his income. Anna Byrne is prison librarian who introduced Michael to reading, a central theme in the book.

I love how Pelecanos gives the reader a feel for the place where the book is set. In this case Washington DC, I’ve only been there once, but his writing brings it alive. Even down to the food that the characters eat and the restaurants they visit. Similar to how James Lee Burke brings New Iberia & New Orleans to life in the Robicheaux novels and how Michael Connolly does it for L.A. in the Bosch ones.

As Stephen King says on the front cover “Perhaps the greatest living American crime writer”

Worth checking out Pelecanos’ website, if only for the music playlists that he puts up to accompany some of his earlier books

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