Topic: The Reckoning-John Grisham

417 pages long, of which 400 tell a good story, and the last 17 odd reveal an anti climatic explanation of the events.

Story of Pete Banning, a US WWII hero, who inexplicably kills the local preacher, and will not explain why. The book is split into 3 parts-the first details the killing & Pete’s trial, the second is about his life and particularly his experiences in the Philippines fighting against the Japanese, and the third part is about the after effects of the trial on his family and his estate.

The book itself is good, like any of the other books I’ve read by Grisham you don’t want to leave it down, but the ending is shit.

Got it as a Christmas present and seen it cost £20; not worth that, if you pick it up for a fiver it’ll be money well spent

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