Topic: Dark Sacred Night-Michael Connolly

Latest novel where Ballard & Bosch collide. Ballard appeared in his last book The Late Show, where she works the night shift at Hollywood Station. Bosch is now retired from the LAPD and works for San Fernando PD

This book centres on Bosch’s search for the killer of Daisy Clayton, 9 years earlier. An unsolved murder that Bosch takes an interest in after meeting her mother. Ballard finds Bosch looking through some files and after confronting him decides to help him in his search.

While the search for Daisy’s killer is the main storyline I like the way Connolly describes the other cases that Ballard & Bosch deal with on a daily & nightly basis. Like the best writers he brings The city alive. I’ve only been to LA once but feel I know it from reading his books. Coincidentally when I was there I went to Angels Flight, the title of one of his books, a cable car in downtown. Probably my highlight of LA in all honesty

Think I’ll start re reading the whole Bosch series, think I missed a few first time round. Master story teller

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