Topic: The Foundry, Water Lane

Went here last night with the sp and as much as i wanted to like the place i don't think i'll be going back. Nothing seriously wrong just a few little things that i personally didn't like.

Food was nice enough, i had a good portion of pork belly to start with followed by a duck main. I've eaten a lot of duck in a lot of places and while there was nothing wrong with it, i thought it was just ok. Sp had goats cheese in filo which she said was a bit bland, and a beef stew with dumplings for main. This was very nice and very filling. So the food was nothing special but maybe i ordered the wrong dishes. However it was the other little things that spoiled it for me. 

Firstly, on Saturday's they have a 7.30 and a 9.00 sitting. This might be great for ensuring that they turn all the tables twice a night but i don't want to eat at 7.30 and spend all my time feeling pressured and looking at my watch. Neither do i want to eat dessert while the next sitting stare at me while waiting for the table. I didn't bother with dessert as it was 8.50 and the staff were already setting up tables around us ready for the next lot. If we'd have eaten at 9.00 i'd have filled up on crisps and biscuits at home waiting till it was time to go out. I can't see Uncle Ken standing for that when he goes.

Next was the staff. We walked in and they all avoided eye contact. I grabbed a guy who i think owns the place and he showed us to our table and took our order. A waiter took our drinks order but that was the last time we saw him. I had to grab someone as they walked past to get another drink. I know on the other thread some have complained about over-attentive waiters but it's not difficult to keep an eye on your glass and come over when you see it's nearly empty. The table next to us had to go to the bar to pay as nobody approached the table to take any money and i'm sure our bill would have sat there even longer if they hadn't wanted the table back.

Finally on leaving we passed quite a few staff and again they avoided eye contact. It would have been nice for someone to say say thanks or goodbye but nobody did. We never really felt welcome all night to be honest. 

So the food was ok but the overall package didn't do it for me.


Re: The Foundry, Water Lane

Went for lunch in here with a customer. Still Leeds' best kept secret.

No starter, had the roast chump of lamb served on baby onions, carrots and a bit of cabbage and enough gravy to flavour each mouthful but not drown it.

The lamb came in 4 good chunks and was cooked to perfection. Pink on the inside and brown on the out, hardly any fat on it and no sinew whatsoever, which I know you can get on Lamb if not prepared correctly.

Punter ordered roast breast of duck with mash, I didn't have any but said it was really tender.

Chips were ok, used to do the chunkier ones which I liked these were more like fries twice cooked. Serves me right for not getting minted new potatoes.

Great English cuisine. 8/10

Cellino was in there few weeks back, eating roast beef with Yorkshires according to the owner. Said he hired the whole place out.
I had chips with mine