Topic: cowboys & indians & punk phylosophy

This is a exert form a letter a wrote to a friend about my  punk phylosophy

I don't think staright ,normal nights out changed that much in the 60's & 70's
I have always hated weddings.
It's the only time i was ever socialising with so called "normal" people.
I would usually be the only one , unless it was a punk wedding.
I would sut there & take all the funny comments.
My old punk mate 's parents were obsessed with the wild west .
His dad used to go to the local dressed as a cowboy with the guns on & everything.
He was in this cowboy & western club .
Me & my mate went one night [1977] dressed in our punk clothes.
We sat there & all these people dressed in wild west gear were laughing at the way we dressed.We started laughing to each my mate's dad said "what you laughing at"
we said "were 16 yrs old ,you lot are in your 50's dressed like cowboys & Indians & you think we look stupid"?lol!
We were never taken!

It really annoys me how punk is perceived these days.& what it became when OI! came along. Punk was very aggressive & very energetic but in a possitive way.It got people of there arses trying to change things for the better of everyone .
indealism in practice!
.It Gave a lot of people like myself who come from working class backgrounds the confidence to change your life for the better.
You felt you could do anything.
Before that  you knew what to expect from life it was mapped out for you.You would either follow your dad into his trade or you went down to the local factory for a life waiting for the weekend to come. I was able to mix freely with people of different genders & culture's without there being some perceived ulterior motive. Everyone was comfortable with each other.
I left school with no qualifications, although i was n't thick.
I had no motivation for learning.
I learned everything i needed to know about life being involved in the punk movement.
It was a great learning process & the great thing was ?it wasn't forced upon you .
you just learned as you went along. It had a very powerful effect on me.
It was Life changing & gave you the confidence to revaluate everything you had been taught
keep what was useful & dump the rest. It also gave you confidence to explore life & find out about things for your self .

My two philosophies which i lived by which i learned from those days are "live life your self ,not through others ["do it your self! don't read about other people's adventureā€™s]
& " do what ever you like in life ,as long as you don't set out to hurt anyone"
This more of a life styles option.
This is what is meant by the punks version of "Anarchy" it meant "personal anarchy" destroy
the person the system as created & re create yourself. It was about individualism , not the selfish type.a world full of diverse individuals all working for the better of everyone.
Nowadays Punks history starts with the sex pistols,Clash  then jumps to all those OI!, punk bands. All the other bands from 77/79 have been araised from memory
The OI/punk movement was predominantly working class.
But they wanted the working class to enprison it's self ,they didn't want people to escape & better them selfs .They celebrated everything that was crap about being working class
The violence ,poor housing lack of job opportunities & they wallowed in the self pity.
They became the media's perceived version of what punk was about.
It was" inverted snobbery"

Musically it all became was all 9omiles an hour & everyone dressed the same
it became a uniform mohawks ,leather jacket,boots tartan bondage trousers.
all this was exacatly the oppisite of what punk was about
All the 77/79 bands sounded & looked different..
iam stopping there in fear of wearing you out trying to read this essay lol!
you get the idea?

I like dead musicians ,not live music.