Re: Grumpy Old Men

fuzzy dunlop wrote:

I'm not a fan of halloween but our 3 year old had fun dressing up and going to a party and I enjoyed a few beers and that so I'm not dead against it. What blows my mind is this - Some friends of ours have been doing the reluctant church going thing to get their young un into the School they want. Something I just would not do but anyway...Couldn't believe that they got a letter from their church last week telling them to not let their kids take part in halloween celebrations. They think its the thin end of the wedge to occultism or summat. You lot fucking invented the devil to scare people you melts! I just find it bizarre that organisations like this can have so much power and influence in the 21st century and fill people's heads with such cack.

Mischief night was mint. I always enjoyed the grand national all the way down streets through people's back gardens. Struggling to run cos you were laughing so much, falling in ponds and what have you.

I'd forgotten that! lol

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