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Well that was a pleasant surprise. I can see this place from my window at home, halfway up the hill towards the Castillo Santa Barbara in the Parque de la Ereta.

Even if the food was cak, the views would take your mind off it.

But it wasn't. Easily the best meal I've had in Spain. How they don't have at least one Star is something I'll never understand, especially when the Monastrell in downtown Alicante has just gained one (its shit and outrageously overpriced - Clams like old knicker elastic and suckling pig with crackling like a slab of lard that someone has run a blow lamp over).

They have three set menus. We went for the middle one.

Started with a popadum and a beer with a mushroom and an escabeche sauce. Followed by tapitas - 4 very small tasters to get the taste buds really going, followed by Tuna sashima with various juices, then a very lightly poached (almost raw) egg topped with a cod row foamy thing and a piece of crispy cod skin. Next up was Octopus - a fat tentacle with the suckers nicely crisped and the flesh almost lobsterlike. Followed by a blackpudding and something else paella, then a couple of slabs of fillet steak perfectly cut and melted in the mouth all washed down with a bottle of Alfynal - a very fine Alicante red wine. Two deserts followed that were equally sweet and sour and balanced to perfection. These washed down with a class of Alicante desert wine of which there some spectacular examples.

Finally a coffee on the terrace and a glass of brandy 1866 Gran Reserva.

All that lot came to 181 euros for two. I was full and very very satisfied. Pricey by Alicante standards but you get what you pay for. I'll be back that is for sure. Very highly recommended if you're ever down this way and looking for something very special.

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Sounds ace that.

He spent all night staring down at the lights of LS. Wondering if he could ever go home.