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Walked into local theatre bar to watch a comedy thing in their sideroom.   Bought a drink and sat at the only available chair.  Found I was face to face with someone who looked like John Otway.  Then someone asked him for an autograph so I though it must be John Otway.  Caught his eye and he said hello.  I said something like "Areet.  Are they keeping you busy?"  He looked at me like I was insane.

Put my glasses on and found the whole room was covered in "Tonight - John Otway" posters.

"Ahhhh" I said as the penny dropped.  Me being a blind cunt I'd walked into the wrong room.

I beat a hasty retreat without doing the full Fulmine.

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Re: John Otway

Saw him a few times down the years. Always seemed a decent chap.

Call me up in dreamland. Radio to me man.