Topic: A life in song(s) / LOVE SONGS / #1 / OCEAN RAIN

So a good friend of mine writes a bit, writes some interesting pieces online as well as helps write some linear notes for independent releases.

He's written some autobiographical pieces around songs / bands and is starting to publish them on his excellent blog Ban Ban Ton Ton (no relation to Ton Ton from on here..)

First up is Echo and the Bunnymen with LOVE SONGS / #1 / OCEAN RAIN, I thought it might be of interest to a few on here..


“All at sea again.”

The song comes out of the cassette-player. A dirge my Mum would have called it. Despite her Scott Walker records. It fills the silence. Four of us are squashed into the back seat. Debb Lello being groped by whoever`s turn it was tonight. In the post-midnight blue, Gary, driving, mimics McCullough and sparks up. Seventeen and heading back on empty roads from Leicester Square. A Saturday night spent making amateur passes at strangers in The Empire Ballroom. Passed out between tables at Cinecitta Roma. Drunk and in search of excitement in the alleys off Oxford Street. Sporting shined shoes, jacket and tie. Trying to look twenty-one. Red embers. Tomorrow`s papers the only prize.

Full piece … cean-rain/ … cean-rain/ accompanying mix-tape

#DoTheDai \o/


Re: A life in song(s) / LOVE SONGS / #1 / OCEAN RAIN

Good read that.

though it might worth asking your mate to learn how to spell McCulloch's name correctly roll