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LOVE SONGS / #2 / SONG TO THE SIREN … the-siren/

“Did I dream you dreamed about me?”

Matt`s mum always seemed pleased to see me & Dave. I understand now why the introduction to a child`s new friends brings happiness. The comfort that they are liked. That they are not alone.

I put the tape into the player in Matt`s bedroom. Neither a ghetto nor a blaster. Matt lived on a short residential road of `80s new builds, as quiet and community-like as a cul-de-sac. His parents had bought him a car for Christmas. His mum had tied a huge bow about its doors and roof which he`d had to ceremoniously cut. I didn`t own a car until I was over forty. I`ll shrug and say that in London I never really needed one. Where I`d walked from it was easy to “borrow” one. Hot-wired like a punk heart. I was thirteen the first time I sat in a stolen car. I can`t comment on the size of their house because I would only make it as far as Matt`s room. Where we`d take the piss out of each other. Fine hone our wits and routines. Matt was cute. Too cute. With a confidence that had yet to be knocked.

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